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Hello, I’m Mesut from Trabzon. I’m an 18 year old boy. I want to tell you how I fucked my aunt. My uncle is a person who visits his house once a month because he is a truck driver. Even when he is not on a cruise, he has little to do with the house. My aunt, on the other hand, is a beautiful and sexy 31-year-old blonde woman with big breasts and very large hips. Since the first day she married my uncle, my aunt had begun to decorate my dreams. I was secretly depressing my aunt and fucking my aunt in my dreams. I just took the pillow under me, and ejaculated as if I was going to fuck my aunt. I just dreamed of fucking my aunt’s ass and hung up on the toilet…

My uncle was on the expedition again. We went to dinner with my family. My mother and aunt prepared and served the meals and we ate them. After dinner, we sat with my father watching TV, my mother and aunt washed the dishes and brewed tea. While drinking tea, they chatted from the old days. Then, when I said jokes or something, the conversation turned to scary stories and stories. Jinn are fairies and such. My aunt was very impressed by what my father told me, her fear was evident in her eyes. Anyway, speaking of words, it was quite late, it was time to get up. I was wearing our shoes outside with my father. I heard my aunt begging my mother in the hallway, that she was scared and that I should sleep there. My mom said, “Sure, go to bed.” he said, with my father’s approval, I stayed with my aunt.

My aunt gave me one of my uncle’s pajamas, I went and changed and came to the living room. My aunt had gone to change and was going to bed. I, on the other hand, lay on one of the sofa beds in the living room, watching TV, and I was going to go to bed in my room prepared for me by my aunt. About 20 minutes had passed, my aunt came into the hall. My aunt was wearing a nightgown (she didn’t wear a bra) and tight-fitting sweatpants that showed the lines of her cunt’s ass.

When I asked what had happened, he said he was very scared and wanted us both to sleep in the living room. I said, “Okay aunt.” I said. We brought a pillow quilt, my aunt sleeps on one sofa bed and I sleep on the other sofa bed. My aunt must have had nightmares because of the stories told, the demons and the fairies, because she suddenly woke up and said, “Can I come near you?” said. And I said, “Come, auntie.” When he said that, he came to my sofa bed and got under the covers. We were both ashamed of each other, after all, she was my aunt. We lay back to back.

My aunt’s big hip was touching my hip. It was warm. Before long, the devil poked me, my cock felt like a stake, and I turned towards my aunt’s hip. I pretended to sleep and hugged my aunt’s waist. My aunt turned her face to look at me, thought I was sleeping, and turned her face to the other side again. A few minutes later, I lowered my hand a little further and brought it to my aunt’s hip. Again, he didn’t say anything, as he thought I was doing it in my sleep. Whether I slept or not, I thought that my aunt was wanted, too, because she was neither pulling my hand away nor disturbing her. This time, I pretended I was talking in my sleep, and started delirious as if I was fucking my aunt in my dream. Apparently my aunt didn’t like this, she tried to wake me up. I pretended to wake up from sleep and pretended like I wasn’t aware of anything. “No, what happened, auntie?” I said.

My aunt said, “I think you were dreaming. You were delirious about me in your sleep, does it suit you at all!” said. And I said, “Aunt, it’s just a dream, what’s going to happen? But even in a dream, it was great.” I said. My aunt said, “Yeah? Really? What is that super thing?” said. And I was like, “You were the superhero, your big boobs, your big hips… It was awesome making love to you.” I said. My aunt liked what I said about her breasts and hips. She smiled and said, “Your uncle finds my breasts and hips too big, he doesn’t like it at all.” said.

I immediately took the opportunity and said, “Okay, auntie, you have a great body…” As our conversation progressed on sex, I was getting more and more encouraged. There is no secret from me, it stays between us.” I said. My aunt “What are you saying?” said. “Aunt, I want you.” when my aunt said, “Don’t be ridiculous!” he scolded me. It was too late now, I spilled my heart, no matter what, there was no turning back, I jumped on my aunt…

My aunt tried to resist, she slapped me. But in vain, I was very horny, I was going to fuck my aunt, even if it was forcibly. My aunt was struggling to get out of my pants, and she would kick and slap me from time to time. I couldn’t fuck my aunt in this situation, so I slapped her. I think I slapped a little hard, my aunt seemed to faint, her struggles stopped. I immediately embraced my aunt and took her inside to the bedroom and laid her on the bed. I tied him to the bed by his feet and hands. My aunt came to herself and was crying. I saw duct tape in the living room, I brought it and glued it to his mouth so that he wouldn’t shout. When I took off my aunt’s nightgown, she had a white body, big breasts like my head, like cream. I started to caress and lick her white breasts and kiss them. I was in no hurry, my aunt was in my hands now, it was midnight, it was more than morning. I started to suck your ears,

Then when he took off the sweatpants that stuck to his hips, he was left with his white panties. My aunt was not doing anything because it happened, she was just crying and staring at the ceiling like a madman. When I took off her panties, my aunt’s hairy pussy was in front of me. A skinny cunt whose lips are stuck together from not getting fucked for months. First I stroked her cunt and played with her cunt hair. Then I parted her cunt’s lips and licked it thoroughly, fingered her cunt. I was tugging at her cunt hair with my teeth, sticking my tongue in and out of her cunt hole. It was obvious that my aunt enjoyed her movements. Finally, her cunt’s juice started to flow, and what a leak. I was licking and swallowing the juices of her pussy. My aunt’s crying stopped, she was moaning with pleasure and muttering something. He wanted me to remove the tape from his mouth with the eyebrow eye sign. The first word that came out of my aunt’s mouth when I ripped the tape off, was “Shit!” it meant. I immediately grabbed his lips and started kissing my aunt. I was very surprised when my aunt kissed me in return…

After kissing for a while, my aunt smiled at me and said, “What a disgrace you are! But damn it, you fucked even your uncle can’t do it, you made my pussy bleed! It’s as if you’ve grown and shrunk, what do you know! Bring on more, fuck my ass like a man, at least you bastard!” she said. My aunt was on the way now, she wanted me to solve herself, I solved it. My aunt straightened, “Come here you bastard!” He took off my pajamas and panties, took my hard cock as a pile into his mouth and started licking and sucking. My aunt’s mouth was like an oven, I started to tremble, I was almost empty, I said, “Stop, slow down…”, but my aunt did not want to stop, “Pump in my mouth, you bastard!” He started to suck my cock faster. Finally, I burst into my aunt’s mouth screaming. How the seed came from me, it comes as it comes. My aunt’s mouth, nose, face and eyes were always fertile.

My aunt knew the job, she continued to suck and lick my cock even though I ejaculated, she wouldn’t let my cock go down. My aunt lay on her back on the bed, spread her legs, grabbed my cock and pulled me on top of her. After placing the head of my cock in the hole of her cunt, she wrapped her legs around my waist and said, “Come on, fuck your aunt’s cunt burning with longing for a cock!” said. My dick was slipping on my aunt’s wet pussy by itself. When I took my cock halfway up, my aunt pulled it to herself with all her might, as if she wanted to shove my balls into her tight pussy.

I fucked my aunt’s cunt for about 5 minutes like this, when suddenly my aunt’s facial expression changed and she started to moan. “Fast, fuck faster!” yell. I started to put in and take out quickly, I was fucking my aunt’s cunt like crazy. All of a sudden, my aunt’s pussy began to contract and relax, and she trembled, saying, “You’ve finished me, you bastard…” My aunt was empty. After 2-3 seconds, I also ejaculated. We were both breathing through our noses, we were tired, we were all sticky…

After resting for a bit, smoking a cigarette and waking up, we took a shower together. We came back to bed and immediately started kissing. We couldn’t get our speed. After a little licking at each other in the 69 position, I tangled my aunt and started to fuck her from behind. I couldn’t take my eyes off my aunt’s asshole while she was shoving it in and out. For a moment, I wanted to take my cock out of her cunt and shove it up her ass. My aunt turned immediately and said, “What are you doing? It’s haram, it’s a big sin!” said. And I said, “Wasn’t our other actions a sin?” I silenced.

I wet the head of my cock and my aunt’s asshole with spit, and pressed on her ass. You should have heard my aunt yelling when I suddenly rooted my dick in her ass to pop it. “You tore, you ripped my ass off, you bastard!” he was shouting. As my aunt yelled and whined, I was getting horny and I was fucking her ass even more brutally. I fucked her ass for a long time, now my aunt’s ass seemed numb, my cock was going in and out very easily. I could fuck my aunt’s ass for hours. But after a while, my aunt said, “Get out now, you bastard, my back hurts…” I squirt my semen into her ass.

Without taking my dick out of my aunt’s ass, we hugged my aunt and lay on the bed in the 66 position. You should have heard my aunt swearing at me… She was cursing me and didn’t want me to get my cock out of her ass. When my cock descended and came out by itself, my semen mixed with blood began to flow from my aunt’s ass along with the fart. My aunt turned to me and kissed me on the lips and said, “You are a very dishonest and mean person, but I can’t give up on you anymore!

If you leave me without a cock after this, I will tell your uncle to kill you! Balance your feet accordingly!” said. So I kissed my aunt and said, “My dear aunt, whenever my uncle goes on a trip from now on, I am your husband and you are my wife!” I said. My aunt was very happy. We hugged each other and slept peacefully. When we got up in the morning, my aunt really was like my wife, she prepared me a wonderful breakfast, honey, cream, butter, milk. Then keep on fucking…

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