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Hello, I’m aysegul, let me start my story from Istanbul , we
live in an 8-floor apartment. There was a young man living in our apartment, they had
just moved, he is very handsome yet, he attracts my attention and to show him myself, I went to
his mother to meet him and we met
and so on. I said my name is semih semih, I immediately froze, he looked behind him, he was around 1.85 m. I said I’m going to ask you, I was excited and forgot what to ask, I thought about what to ask, I asked computer prices when I came in the evening

He said let’s talk and I said let me get your mobile number and he handed me his card. He gave me his card. I saved him
as his daughter on his mobile phone. My wife was very jealous .
I called my wife and she didn’t tell me where are you. I’m going to Japan today . I’m going to Japan. When I asked when you will come, my heat will last for a week, if you need something, call our partner, he said he will help you, so I said ok and my wife was out for a week , so I was going to invite her to my house tonight I can’t even think of cheating on her I had such an attractive body, I can’t tell you, I sent my daughter to my moms I’m going to clean the house as the excuse that you can keep the child

I lied and took my mother to my daughter and I prepared dinner
I called Semih I said hello you are my next neighbor Aysegul I said sir your voice was also
impressive today we talked about the computer or bring all the prices I said I’ll buy it I said I
have a computer in my house but it’s so
old then I’ll behave anyway it’s bad
anyway It was Wednesday at 22:00 and someone knocked on the door and came with his mother
broke my heat because she was a lonely woman but I prepared a table like that
, it was great and I wore a dress that would impress her I wore a red bady bra I wore a
red mini skirt her mother said she will get it my son
said yes I said to our guest
We are going, my son is here, he has the key to the house, so I told his mother, okay
, we stayed at home alone, I said, let’s go to the table, we went to the table
and drank a glass of wine and then Ms. Aysegul, I don’t have much
time , my
friends will come to get it, so I said I’ll show you the prices right away, so
I told my friends to wait. today I ‘m a guest, he didn’t say anything, he thanked me and he took my attention, his eyes were looking at my legs without noticing, of course, I realized this
and crossed my legs, he started to look more and I went and sat next to him, I leaned my knee on his knee and it splashed a glass of water

I brought it and I was thinking what I should do to make love while I was bringing it , I touched the glass
where his penis was and I wanted to clean it saying I’d be sorry, his
penis was so hard that my hand hurt , he
said I wouldn’t be clean, I didn’t have the paper and the towel was on the table, I
was rubbing hard and rubbing his towel.
I said it’s the penis in my dream, it’s not like that, take off your pants
, I said, let’s do it right away, I said look, your friends will come, I don’t want them to see you in this state,
I said okay, okay, he took off his pants, he wore boxers
underneath and
his straight penis was easily visible, this was
embarrassing he was playing with his penis when i looked
he hung up when I came, I coughed a little and this recovered immediately so I
went to him to clean the water that touched the floor and I
saw the head of his penis from the side of his leg I can’t tell you it was so thick and now I was thoroughly pissed off I was
going to attack him I would look at him and say I ‘m going to have an orgasm and I bent down and looked at the head of his penis, he said what will you show, my answer said I told him I will show myself and he got up and asked for his trousers, he got up and asked for his pants .

he was almost 19-20 cm in height and the thickness was as much as
my wrist I liked it and took it in my mouth what are you doing Mrs. Aysegul she said what are you doing I said
neither my wife nor
my hanger I emptied her while looking into her eyes and
swallowed the sperm in my mouth she was very impressed and it was my turn
He peeled off my red bra very well and he wanted to take off my red bra,
but I didn’t let him open my vagina and he started licking it so I was going to have an
orgasm I almost started to enjoy it too
much now I want to feel you inside of me I said I want to feel you inside of me and he took
me to the
bed like he took me to the bed and he would come in from behind
I didn’t let it go into my vagina and I took that thick penis inside of me I suddenly screamed because it was
so big I can’t explain and it was so hot it
was having excellent sex I was having both pain and pleasure when I came and
went I was going to have an orgasm now I started squealing and the room would be empty I said no
problem I said I will have a child and I
couldn’t stand it anyway, I felt a heat inside of me, I took
his sperm inside me and I had an orgasm and we sat for about 1 hour , his phone
rang I asked yes he only said his name is sonermis call

I said how did I say I didn’t understand you called me I said yes, the flat said it’s 12
soner knocked on the door my hair was messy from the side of the door
wrong he saw it inside, he said what the hell or something and when I
went inside he started screaming oooooo and he immediately hugged me
I said I want you both inside me and he immediately took off his top and his penis is
thin but it was too long
if you see it is super he
he was going to come over the semih from behind me
I didn’t even give it to soner and my wife from behind, I was trying something for the first time, semih
entered my cimi and soner tumbled behind me and I
felt very painful because I felt so painful at first, but it was going to be so much pleasure
, soner superdied and
we came right next to me. I said it was
so enjoyable that if you only knew, soner immediately put
it in my vagina and he ejaculated in my stomach and I was going to be filled with the sperm of both of them .
I have a chance to get pregnant and I wanted the night to
end with no hiccups.
I dropped the can, that’s why I said come on, turn off my heat
I said I’m in love with my head, I closed it and when I went to semih and soner, they were
chatting ,
yes, my lovers were chatting when I asked them if they still want it, they both said we can continue
and I loved them until the morning, I recommend them to everyone, it was
a great pleasure, it was super and I loved every day, I loved them every evening
. He came and I
tried to fulfill his sexual desire, beautiful clothes, etc.
as soon as he came we went to bed and my wife said she wanted to make love and I couldn’t say I don’t want it actually I couldn’t stop thinking about soner and semih and when my wife was drooling I saw
what blood was in the hole behind me

I didn’t feel you bleeding and your back is bleeding, what happened, I didn’t say anything when you said you have
a problem and I didn’t hiccup from behind I froze when you said what
happened here, I froze when you asked
me “Are you with someone else?” I answered “no”
definitely he went to the doctor and came out with the doctor’s report. Since my wife went, I went to the hot tub
about 20 times
, soner and semihle said the doctor too, I
said let’s go home hungry, I said I’ll tell
, I did it in a limited way. but then it softened

and I took his penis inside me to get inside my vagina and just when it was about to ejaculate he took it out and ejaculated on my

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