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Hello friends. My age is 38. I live in Istanbul. For years, I have always
wanted to be third in doubles. For 3 years, I spent my nights
on the Internet. Another day like this, while surfing the internet
, I met a couple. Mr. Sezgin and Ms. Emel. (Names have been changed.)
They said that they are looking for a friend who is reliable, clean and cares about privacy
. The first day was spent making love. Ms. Emel
was a good woman with her diction. We hung up by giving our phone numbers. In our other meetings, it was spent chatting and starting
sex talks again .
Ms. Emel loved to make love. They started showing their photos
. She was a woman with full breasts and hips. Standstill
He loved kissing, cunt licking and ass fuck. Together with his wife Sezgin
Bey, they wanted to realize a group sex fantasy.
While our talks were going on like this, they called me one night. They said it was late at night
, approximately around 22:00, can you come to us? I was very
excited. My heart started to pound. I said yes and
jumped in the car. Because my way was a little far, and after about an hour
I came to the place they wanted. First, Sezgin Bey came downstairs and greeted me.
Then he said he wanted to take a little ride in the car. We got into Sezgin Bey’s car
and started walking around. Sezgin explained that they were excited.
He instructed me not to do anything that his wife and he did not want. plenty for me
He asked a lot of questions, and I answered his questions. He said he wanted to see my dick
. I showed him he wondered if my body was clean.
He was happy to see that my dick was big and thick. Ms. Emel is
fantasizing about big tools. Then we came to their house, while I was waiting to go home,
his wife Emel came and we got in the car.
I asked if we were going to go home . They said, let’s do it in the car, we have a car fantasy. Ms. Emel was a
very attractive lady, about 170 meters tall, with wheaten, black hair and black eyes
. My dick got huge when I saw it. They got in the car, they were in the front and I was
in the back seat. On the way, Ms. Emel asked me to take out my tool.
When Sezgin saw that I was shy, he said that the windows were filmed.
He said we won’t be seen. I took off my pants and showed my dick.
Ms. Emel : very beautiful
Mr. Sezgin: Emel dear, do you have something you want to show us
Emel: Sure
, she showed her pussy. She wore nothing inside that beautiful tight dress
. her pussy was shaved and plump. He started stroking her pussy. He told us
to caress our tools. We started to caress our instruments. Meanwhile
, Ms. Emel was stroking Sezgin Bey’s instrument. We looked for a place to park the car,
but it was not so easy to find. While Mr. Sezgin was looking for a parking space, Ms.
Emel started stroking my dick. Emel says she is very beautiful
, her breasts are plump and nice. Your pussy is watering and
I was just telling you that she was a very delightful lady. Emel was very excited.
I told Sezgin that he was a very lucky person. A lady like Emel
really knew her job very well.
She licked my dick slowly with little licks . But what I said in the car was very difficult.
She leaned the front seat back and asked me to come a little closer, too.
Then she took the dick in her mouth and started sucking me. We were enjoying it so much,
friends, it is indescribable. He almost took it all in his mouth. Then
Sezgin Bey took his tool in his mouth and started to suck it. Sezin Brain tool was a bit
short and thick. It was around 14 cm and not thick. Sezgin Bey
started to moan. By the way, I’m trying to caress Emel’s breasts.
I started. I was afraid that we would have an accident. Sezgin ben
parked the car in the streets under an unlit street lamp
. It was around 24.00 at night. Meanwhile, we all passed the back seat and I
started licking her cunt. Emel lady Sezgin Bey was licking her dick.
Then we switched roles. Sezgin Bey started to fuck Emel lady in her pussy.
Emel lady was moaning while stroking my dick with her hand. His moans were very stimulating
to us.
He started to get excited and suck my dick saying “Fuck me, make a toast” . I
wanted to fuck too, asking permission from Mr. Sezgin. He said ok and turned Ms. Emel and this time I fucked
her but it was very tight and hot. I was progressing slowly. this moment
I wanted it to be longer. Then I started accelerating. Ms. Emel
was excited. She asked if Sezgin is enjoying it. Ms. Emel was able to say yes
and Sezgin started sucking her brain tool. Ms. Emel
was immersed in the whirlpool of pleasure she entered. This time I started to enter fast
. With each attempt, their moans were accelerated. When Emel
realized that we were close to ejaculation, she took us out and
said she wanted to be toast. She wanted me to fuck her. He didn’t want to fuck his ass with me.
I lay on the couch, Ms. Emel sat on my dick and
started to moan. Sezgin Bey entered from behind. She told us to be slow. Emel lady
took a long time to get used to it. Easy to get in as it is not comfortable in the car
was not happening. Then we started to accelerate, first lady Emel ejaculated moaning
. Then I said I was going to cum. Ms. Emel
told me to ejaculate on her breasts, not her insides. I ejaculated on her full breasts.
I haven’t ejaculated that much in 10 years . Then Mr. Sezgin got into his pussy and ejaculated
. We were exhausted in sweat. Then they
dropped me off where my car was, and we thought of such a fantasy for one night.
They said that we had drunk alcohol before. Another time
, they ordered us not to call us before we call. Well I said

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