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My aunt wanted from behind
Hello. The story I’m going to tell is just what I’ve been through with my aunt. I ‘m
28 and I ‘m
married . I was going up to her and suddenly I realized that my aunt’s door was open and I went in without ever ringing the bell and no one was in sight suddenly I heard a noise from the kitchen and I went to that direction my aunt was washing dishes she was wearing a thin nightgown her whole inside was visible suddenly the devil got angry I walked slowly behind her and closed her eyes with both hands behind my back

suddenly she got scared and I said don’t be afraid I said the door was open and I said I went inside
she was ashamed of me when she was wearing a nightgown she went
into the bedroom to change and I wanted her I immediately went to the bedroom and
opened the door then what can I see her naked gorgeous body was embarrassed in the middle
she shouted at me with both hands She hung up I said do n’t shout I just said
I want to be with you she objected I covered everything and
said shout as much as you want At that time I took off my clothes and
put my aunt on the bed even if it was forced I stuck her lips on her but she is struggling under me
but I say there is no salvation anymore I say to my aunt she says don’t do
it I got in between her legs Ban
I was getting very horny, I got into it even though it was by force, now he left himself to me

she was crying, even though she was crying, she ejaculated violently, I
said don’t cry, my wife, I said look, you like it too He came to have a drink and started chatting with us as if nothing had happened and I told him that he could stay with us that night because he was the only one, and he agreed, I got up saying it was late, I’m going to bed, and not long after that , my wife came to the room and went to bed. between the room where my aunt sleeps and the bedroom

I saw a shadow by the door quite far away and got out of bed

I looked at the toilet, the light was on, my aunt entered the toilet,
I opened the door and I entered, she finished her job, she was cleaning the front and back, she said what are you
doing here, I said shut up I said I want you, I said no, here he is, he said, I
didn’t listen to him, I made my aunt collapse on the floor and put it in her mouth, she
pouted so much that my whole cock was disappearing in her mouth He got his foot down and
bent from behind, he wet his ass hole well
, he took it into his mouth again and said come on, I put me from behind, even if it was difficult on the third try,
I put my hand in his mouth so that he wouldn’t shout, it was very nice, I put my hand in his mouth so that he wouldn’t shout, I
emptied his back hole on the way back and forth, he thanked me
and went to his room and after that day we are together at every opportunity this is now
Even as I write the story, he’s mouthing it next to me and under the table.

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