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My name is İnci, I’m 27 years old,
I’m 1.80 tall and I’m a beautiful woman weighing 55 kilos.
I work in an Automotive company in Ankara
and I have been working in this company for 8 years
It ‘s been a week since this incident that I’m going to tell you . I couldn’t believe it and I’m still in
shock because it all happened at once. As a matter of fact
, I wanted to too, but I never thought that it would be so
hasty and that I would be fucked by a client
at my workplace
. From my ass!
On Thursday, there was a vehicle delivery
. The person who bought the vehicle was 25 years old,
tall, handsome. After the vehicle delivery process was over, I was informing him
for after sales .
But boy me
he wasn’t even listening at all, his eyes were always on
my body and legs. That day , I was
wearing a super mini denim skirt
and a black open pantyhose underneath me. Since my legs are
long for my height, it looked very
inviting. I kept talking as if I didn’t know anything
Then when I was done, I went to my desk.
The boy who bought the vehicle shook my hand, wished him a good day
, and left the store…
He came back within 10 minutes and said that there was a problem with the vehicle , that the warning lamp was flashing even though
he was wearing the seat belt, that he had left the vehicle to the technical service to look into the problem and that he wanted to wait here until the problem was resolved . Normally the tool

The seller was another friend of mine and he
got up to deal with it.
But the boy came to sit next to me without even giving him a pass . My friend also took
care of another customer and went to his own table
. I offered the handsome boy tea and
started the conversation. While
we were talking about the weather, the boy
started to look at my legs again, unnoticed. I
understood this well and I liked it,
I wanted to give him a free kick. Since my skirt was already 1
inch, it would come off well when I sat down
. But because of the table between us, even though he
couldn’t see much, rest assured,
it was obvious that he was melting…
Then he said that he wanted to smoke.
He took out a cigarette, ??Will you accompany me???
she asked. ??Of course I’ll accompany you…?? We said and
walked out of the store.
He was doing his best to touch my hand as I lit my cigarette
. I could tell by his eyes that he was fucking me
We continued our conversation while smoking our cigarettes . He asked me where I live
and my work hours, and I told him.
But the boy was so quick, he was
complimenting me and hung up on me at the same time. I
liked it, too, so I thanked him and
smiled. Encouraged by this, the boy
looked directly at my legs and said that I was physically
great, especially that my legs were
I couldn’t hide. But the boy continued
the compliments. At this time, they informed that the process of the vehicle was finished
. But the boy wasn’t even there,
???OK!?? He said, and ditched the service
man. Because it
brought me to the right mood… The place where we smoked was in front of the entrance door of the spare
parts warehouse and the door was open, and there were people who bought supplies and left from time to time. The boy suddenly said, “If you are available in the evening, I want to have coffee with you!?? said. Again I was surprised. It wasn’t my habit to have coffee with someone whose name I just learned , but I guess I wanted to too. As the boy spoke, his eyes were on my hips, legs, and now carefully on my breasts. clearly intent

Evidently, his intention was to fuck me. I
understood that, but I
didn’t expect it to be this fast. Meanwhile, the boy’s face was
also swollen, and he shyly
tried to hide it.
He blushed a little as I looked in front of him with a smile. In fact, that’s what the boy
wanted, to show that he wanted
me and fuck me right there, that was his whole purpose
. But that was not possible, it was not
possible for him to kiss me, let alone fuck me

Then the boy asked, ??What material is in this warehouse , Ms.
He said and stepped into the warehouse as he dropped the cigarette in his hand on the ground . Naturally
, I walked next to him. We were inside when he
slammed the door and locked it.
I was scared and surprised, ??What’s going on??? Before I could say it, I felt
his hands on my hips .
“Do n’t make a sound, I want you so badly
, you turned me on so bad!?? When he said that,
I was startled. ??don’t do it please, this is
not the place!?? I got the courage to say, “I know
you’re right my love, calm down, I just want to
touch and kiss your gorgeous buttocks
, we’re going to be in a very short time!?” said.
But I was begging, “Don’t do it, someone
sees it, I’ll be disgraced, I’ll be fired!?”
I was saying. But who is listening?
He wrapped his hands around my hips and caressed, “I
know you want it too, baby, don’t be silly!?”
when he said that i laughed and ??ok i want to but he is not
here!?? I said. ??Be patient my love, you are available
I will make you scream on the ground, I will feed
you, but now you feed
me, you made me horny, what kind of hip is this, what kind of
skirt is this!?? When he said that, I smiled.
I was happy, it was the first time in my life that
something like this had happened to me.
Making someone crave for myself, albeit unintentionally, made me get
wet too. Then all of a sudden
, I quickly lean back and say, ??Lightly lean against the wall,
my doggy love!?? said. I was in a hurry and I
wanted to get out of here as soon as possible, so I
was doing exactly what you said… After
I gathered my already tiny skirt around my waist and pulled my
pantyhose down , I pulled my thong to the
side and licked my pussy and asshole.
Her licking in a mess almost
blew me away. I was holding my breath and
not even making a sound. But what a lick! He was pouting
He was making me horny even more , pretending to stick his tongue in my ass. Then all of a sudden
he started sticking his tongue in and out of my asshole.
I liked it so much that ??Hold me!??
I said. I had no cure, I was going to ejaculate. And as he grabbed
me, I ejaculated in his mouth and face
. I couldn’t stand.
Then he quickly stood up, holding me.
While I was contemplating what had happened, I turned around at the sound of the zipper and the
belt opening, standing with Boxerla with her
pants down.
??What’s going on??? I said. ??I emptied you,
it’s your turn beautiful, take it in your mouth!?? said. Because I was in a hurry
, I immediately bent down in front of him, when
I pulled his boxer down, his dick hit my face so
much that I couldn’t believe my eyes. I said to myself
, (What is this?). There is no such
tool! I used to see it in the movies, nigga tools
just like that. ??Come on!?? I came to myself
when he said, I tried to put it in my mouth, but I
could barely get his head out because I was a small mouth
person. Holding my head, he repeated, ??Come on!??
said. I bought as much as I could, but I
couldn’t help but say, ??For God’s sake,
what kind of tool is this? Anyone got this???
I said…
Laughing, “No way!?? When he said that, I
laughed too. But after a while that huge cock
Of course, I didn’t know you would sting me. He told me
to stand up, I got up. He spit in his hand
and rubbed his dick. I watched in amazement
, waiting for what he would do. When he turned me
around and felt his cock behind me,
I knew he was going to fuck. I immediately
threw my hand back, holding his dick, “What the heck, I can’t take this, it
‘s not up to me, it’s too big and
thick!??? I said, because my cunt is small and if I counted, he
had only been bored 6 or 7 times. ??You’ll get it
my love, don’t get bored, let go, let
‘s finish as soon as possible and go!?? I came to myself with the words
, ??Okay!?? I said… I was startled when he touched my asshole
by throwing his hand on my ass and playing with my water of pleasure , ??Stop,

definitely not from there, are you crazy???
I got angry. But what do you like the boy say
? ??ass is sooooo out there, but
there is no ass like that!?? said. I was thoroughly frightened
and my eyes filled with tears, “I beg
you, let me go, let’s meet outside after work
, do it in a comfortable place!?” I
was trying to escape. Besides
, it had been half an hour since I left the office,
and I was terrified that someone would understand. But the boy
had it on his head he was going to fuck me right there, right in my ass
When I thought of this, I was going crazy with anger …
Then suddenly, when he put his dick on my ass hole
, impressed by his warmth, ”
Do it slowly, please, this will be the first,
please slow down!??? I could say. He said to
my ear, ??Okay my love, don’t be hard on yourself, you
will like it very much!?? he said,
preparing me for my first assfucking. While his hand was poking my pussy
, I became like water and
stopped resisting.
He was making me horny even more by rubbing my asshole with the head of his dick
. He was doing his job very well. I wanted to throw myself forward
when his dick finally got his head in my ass , but he held me so tightly that he had one hand on my belly and the other over my mouth, so he was prepared so I wouldn’t run away. I bit his hand, desperate for the moment . But the boy did n’t say you’re mine, he just stood there. immediately to myself

came and said in a low voice, ??Take it off, I beg you, you took it out, you
tore it up!?? I said… Since the
child was
waiting so still inside me, the pain lessened and I heard again
, “It’s almost time, my love, be patient, we’ve done the hard
part of the job!?” he waited. After 1
minute passed, he stinged another 1-2 millimeters, I felt the
same pain again. But in vain, he did
not leave children. By squeezing myself tightly, “Finish
it now, what happens, it hurts so much, I beg you, finish
it now!?” When I said that, the boy inserted the outside
part of his dick in such a way that
I thought his dick would come out of my mouth and at that moment
I screamed. Closing my mouth immediately,
“Calm down my love! Look, you got it almost to the root
!??? said. My eyes are dark,
Lightning flashed in my brain,
I felt nothing but pain, my ass went numb.
The boy, on the other hand, was holding me on
the one hand and pumping on the other hand
. ??Don’t put them all in, please don’t put them all
!?? I beg.
He couldn’t even hear me , he was putting it all in and
??Ohhh my love, you have a tight ass
, I fucked your ass sooo much, but this is the first time I ‘ve been fucking such
millet!?? He couldn’t stand the narrowness of my hole any
longer and it emptied so much that it was
like a volcano was erupting in my ass.
Warmth was pouring into me, but it was
pouring out. He immediately took his dick out of
my ass, turning me around, crouching in front of him, licking me
wanted. Someone could come at any moment,
I did what he said immediately, I took it in my mouth and
cleaned it well. Then he pulled on his pants, and I pulled
my pantyhose and lowered my skirt.
He thanked me, showered me with compliments,
kissed me, said he was in love with me and
wanted more. But at that moment, my only
concern was to return to the office, to my desk. So I
thanked him and said, ??see you later!?? I
wanted to get out of the warehouse, but I
stumbled at the first step. He immediately grabbed me and
laughed, “My love, I haven’t seen anyone who eats this cock from the ass and walks
right away!??? said.
I couldn’t believe it, as he said, I couldn’t walk,
my ass cheeks were split and my asshole
it was open. And there was such a pain that…
Boy, ??Call me when your ass is gone, my
love!?? He got in his car and left. I
came to my table, albeit by force. When everyone
asked where I was staying, ??We
met an old friend at the door, we were just talking!?? I
passed it off. But sitting on my chair and getting
up was one thing. That day , I spent
time standing in the office all night from the pain in my ass.

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