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I was with the jeweler
I work as a secretary in a company. There is a jewelry store next to my workplace
. The owner of the shop is very charismatic and handsome,
we greet each morning as we pass by the shop, but we both can’t help but
look at each other. His looks impress me a lot. I can’t wait to tell him about these
provocative feelings I’m feeling.
I was starting to want her so much now I couldn’t take it anymore. One day
, when I was alone in the shop, I went with the excuse of buying a ring, I had to dress very sexy and
attract her to me and it was as I said. I wore a tight mini
skirt and a low-cut bodysuit. While walking on the road,
I realized that everyone’s eyes were on me. In front of the shop door
I was very excited when I arrived and I was so horny. I opened the door and
went in, my heart was pounding, he was very surprised to see me, he said welcome
and shook my hand. I said I wanted to buy myself a beautiful ring, and he
said, take off the rings and try it, if you want, see how it looks on your finger
. While I was trying the rings, I realized that he was looking at my breasts
and I did not give a damn. I liked a couple of models and he took my hand
and put the ring in my eyes, he asked if you like it,
I said of course I will wear it after you like it. Just as I was taking the ring off
my finger, he took my hand and said, “Please keep the ring, let’s have a cold
drink first.” holding my hand, what I thought was a mirrored decor was the place
It was a door to another room.

It was a very romantic room with a dim light inside.
It would be so nice to have sex here . While I was watching the room in surprise, the room was smiling lightly at me. He said, “Are you surprised,” and I said that I saw such a room
for the first time in a jewelry store . The room asked, “Don’t
be too surprised, we’re just getting started, what do you drink?”
I said that I could buy something cold, he said
while I was putting something cold, I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time. I
was very surprised to hear that, it turns out that the room had the same feelings as me
. He sat next to me while I was talking, watching me with his eyes, and he
started to get closer and closer. Now it’s time to open up,
I couldn’t stand it any longer, I stuck to your lips such a passionate kiss
There was, it made me turn on even more, but I wanted it to happen gradually.
Room was running his hand on my legs, then he laid me on the couch and
started kissing me starting from my legs. I was screaming for pleasure, he
slowly came towards my breasts and took off my clothes and
started to run his dick on my breasts, then he put it in my mouth I enjoyed it so much that I
was licking the tool wonderfully, the room was telling me you are awesome
baby, continue and, unable to stand it any longer, it poured into my mouth. I
kept licking and I made the tool thick and it was my turn
, the room started to lick mine with great pleasure, it did
n’t leave a place in my body that wasn’t licked, I can’t take it anymore baby
He said he grabbed me with his strong collor and threw me to the ground and told me to curl up. When I said I’m a
virgin, he said, what, I’m going to fuck this beautiful pussy first
, then after I softened his dick with saliva, he started to enter slowly when
I screamed in pain, he started to enjoy it more and he
held me tight by my arms from pain. While she was writhing, she was mad with pleasure,
now I was starting to enjoy it, I was getting
more crazy as she shoved it, now we both started to ejaculate. She took her dick
out and ejaculated on my breasts, then she collapsed next to me. She said that she enjoyed me a lot
and wanted to repeat it often, and I
accepted it with pleasure, of course.

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