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We are two children of the house, between me and my sister? difference? After graduating from university, I went to the USA for master’s degree. In these two years, my sister got married. I couldn’t come to the dream, I came back to Turkey after my education was over. We live in a beautiful city in the Aegean, and our financial situation is good. I learned ?severe incompatibility.With my sister . we got along very well, brother? not as if we were friends, we used to talk about all kinds of subjects comfortably. mom sister? Al said go on vacation and said it would be good for you. It was mid-July? We went to a holiday village in the town of Antalya. We arrived at the hotel in the evening. We bought and dressed and went to eat. First, we talked about his marriage. told? He was sad for a while but he said he was divorced for good. then the subject came to my USA education. I told it at length. meanwhile, two brothers? we were rolling he asked whether I wanted to be a man? I was with women? but I liked black people the most? I told me at once what are the advantages of being a hired man? He said that if we did it, it would be a joke if a man did it, he would be a liar. I didn’t answer, I laughed and passed. After the clock ticked, we went to the disco. A slow song was playing. He said get up, let’s dance. He got up and put his hands on my neck. I asked her waist, her eyes were in my eyes, why is she looking like that? Ke?ke karded? He said if we didn’t exist, why did I say, you’re so sweet, every woman wants to be with you, she said, “I’m sorry, I made a funny joke tonight, if you want, brother?” I said let’s forget what we are, let’s act like a newlywed couple, but my sister said that’s only one way, don’t go further, she said, we stuck together and danced for hours, we spoke kind words, but of course, we were brothers and then we went to our room as a single. had a double bed I said I’m going to sleep with one person. I said, you go to bed big. If my sister said we were married, she said, do we break the game, she said we will sleep together, she said we just slept with our underwear? my sister started laughing? I said what are you laughing at, let’s just make love but definitely not get into a relationship said a??r? degree ?uh a woman? We were kissing as if we said I did it to his lips, trembling. I said I wanted to take off her bra, she said take it off I started kissing and licking my sister was passing out and I was thinking about the end of this job. I threw my hand at her woman, don’t do it, she said, please, we’re just making love, my love. At least I said let’s ejaculate like that. I was convinced. I took off my panties. I took off my panties. I started to lick? I started to go crazy thoroughly? I said do you want to lick my dick, he turned and started to lick it? It was obvious that he was a beginner, then I brought him to the 69 position. He emptied mine, his sister emptied? trembling trembling, but we continued, then I turned it over on my back?t?t?t slow? slow? I went up on him , I was kissing on his lips alone . feet? she was straight, she was trying not to give me that position did i think of it slow? slow? When I said a little bit of beer, they were all in it? now we were ?two?ing like crazy, we didn’t have a position we didn’t try? You made me feel, thank you, I’m in love fifteen? snow on holiday? big life? The old holiday is over, I am a senior banker in a big city. I started to work as my sister. Whenever my sister wants me, she hops on a plane and comes. For years, this relationship continues and we make each other happy.

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