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With the closing of schools, I threw myself into my family’s summer house, but is it possible to rest? First my mother, then my father, then my father’s siblings, then my husband’s other relatives. Three weeks passed, literally running like a maid. When it hit my mom for the last time, they said ok ok stay alone a bit, husband and wife, they gathered and left. It’s like what will happen if we are alone, the guy who doesn’t leave ashes in the barbecue will do what he would do even if we are not on vacation. It doesn’t matter whether it’s summer or winter, he will leave his father’s shop on Saturday, he will kick me for fifteen seconds that evening, he will do the same in the morning on Sunday, then he will sleep until noon. It was no different that night either. After three weeks of not seeing him, it seemed like it took even less time for him to get on top of me and get off. Then he will blame me again as usual. He said, “Have you not had any offspring yet, you were going to go to the doctor so that it wouldn’t happen so soon?”

I went and gave pills and it will get better, but you should see what it is. It’s like he went to the doctor and what has changed? It’s the same for two years, all the newlyweds tell that they stay out of bed for hours, they laugh that the pain between their legs does not go away for two days after their husbands came to the summer house on the weekend. I’m sitting scruffy next to them. He said there is nothing wrong with me, the doctor guessed that it might be caused by you and threw it away again. Your femininity may not be appropriate, she started again. I can’t help but think if it’s me or not. He’s been saying the same thing for a year now. He turned his ass to sleep as if he had done a lot of work. I spent my sleepless night wondering if it was my problem because I couldn’t get pregnant with my unfinished pleasure and couldn’t enjoy making love. In the morning, he started to caress me again with the tool he lifted, I got out of bed because I couldn’t sleep at night.

At noon, I entered the small pool made from the ornamental pool in the garden of the house, I went out, my sweating went away, at least I spread out over me and on the sofa by the pool. It’s the only place I can wear a bikini since it’s in the garden. Ten minutes later, I opened my eyes to the shadow appearing in my head. Uncle Kemal, one of my father’s friends. He asked where is yours, I said he is sleeping. He came in to wake me up. I got together and put on a lot of combed cotton. A man over fifty, twenty-five years older than me, but still looking all over me like food. He must have watched it until I noticed it, without being ashamed of his age and bald head. He went away after a little talk with my husband and calling me. What was it I said to my husband. Nothing, I asked for a simple medicine or something, he said he came to give it for a friend. In the afternoon, my husband jumped into the car and returned to the city.

After dinner, the girls called for the beach. I said no, now they will praise their husbands, they will tell each other how they were sweating, one will show their swollen belly during pregnancy, the other will come out of my mouth. I took my book and spread it out by the pool again. Half an hour had passed when I returned to the sound of footsteps in the garden and the rattle of the bottle in the bag. Uncle Kemal again. He asked if your husband was upstairs, I said no, he just left. Come on, I bought a beer, you don’t have a stone-headed father at home, I said we’d drink it without being seen by anyone. My dad is pretty conservative and won’t let him in life, and I’ve never tried more than once or twice in my life.

He took it out of the bag, let me leave you a bottle at least, the lady won’t let me at home now either, I said come, Uncle Kemal sit down, I’m bored too. This time, I have combed cotton on my bikini, I am more comfortable in front of it. Uncle Kemal is funny, he is a good doctor who also speaks words. We drank one bottle each. When mine was asked what medicine he wanted, he did not respond by calling it patient confidentiality. He said look, you are not a stranger, if I add some vodka to the beer, you wouldn’t tell our lady, would you? I said no, he added it to his beer from the small flask he had taken out. I didn’t get it extended to me either. When the conversation deepened, he casually added me the vodka supplement he made for himself. The taste of the beer is more bitter, after a few sips I seem to be more peaceful. When I relaxed a bit, I said again what my husband said he didn’t tell me.

We are looking for a solution to your problem, which you know, girl. I wrote a booster and he said I don’t need it. I said no, I said in surprise, then I regretted it and kept quiet. The important thing is how to say, we couldn’t find a solution for it to take a short time. How he told our troubles. I actually came in the morning to tell him how to use the medicine I gave him in the morning, but he talked about other problems. Don’t be upset, we’ll find a solution to your problem. For some reason, instead of being ashamed of the effect of the vodka beer, I burst out laughing, I said, did he come and tell you all this? I said to whom should my daughter tell the doctor about the doctor. He called in the morning, I think the problem is with our lady, how can I say, my daughter said something. What did he say, “Uncle Kemal,” I insisted, my daughter said it was less.

That’s why I brought a drop for you to give it to you. What an empty throat that man. A small black bottle rummaged through the bag. If you want to try it, drop it into a glass of water, it doesn’t do any fertility-enhancing harm. When I didn’t get up, he got up and brought a glass of water every morning. He said three drops every morning. I said I took alcohol. I said it doesn’t matter.

We talked for half an hour for free, then he asked how long we had been trying for the kid. I said four months. Silence for a while, not much, but anything can happen. “Is it as bad as he said?” he asked. “How bad?” I stupidly replied. Is yours not capable at all? It’s hard for me to talk about these things, and I chuckle at the same time. No, we will solve your problem, trust me, I’m a doctor, if you only knew what’s going on. When I averted my eyes, it got worse, not better for months, I think he should change his doctor, and we laughed again. He clinked beers and we took another sip and finished the bottles. Your husband insists that you have the problem. I, who do not talk to anyone about sexual matters, do not want the subject to be closed. I said no, there is no problem with me. He said it wouldn’t be obvious, did you go to the doctor, are you sure, let’s not put medicine on the man for nothing.

Yes, I said, giggling again, what’s going to happen, let’s try some medicine. Again I laughed unnecessarily. I’ve had a tingling in my legs for like five minutes. If I close my legs, I will groan from the pressure, if I open them, water will flow. I keep stretching them both constantly changing places in my seat. You blushed a little, this is a good sign, now as a good girl, she said, let’s play doctor with you without being embarrassed. I laughed again because I’m afraid of needles. Why did this happen, I have an unnecessary need to laugh and the fire in my womanhood. He spread my legs to both sides with his hands on my knees so that you don’t be afraid, lie down like this. Even a friendly touch on my knees made my muscles tense. I was already half-lying on the large sofa cushion for a while. You may be the source of your husband’s problems, Uncle Kemal is no stranger. Close your eyes, let me see, is it your problem? If you have a problem, don’t let the word spread, this is a small place. You’re young, you can thank me for years. And I said, Uncle Kemal, what should I do? No, trust me, we will solve it, relax.

I looked at my nipples, which were sinking into my bathing suit without closing my eyes, it was obvious even from combed cotton, how they swelled. He said, “Have you ever been to a gynecologist?” I said yes before I got married. Okay, close your eyes and imagine you’re going to the gynecologist. I said I would be ashamed of you. Doctor, I don’t want any objections either. He parted my legs with his hands. He said pick up some pennies. I chuckled and pulled the comb up from my waist. How I am not ashamed I am not bored. The gynecologist I went to was a woman, but even in front of her, I fell into the ground while opening my legs. Now it was a relief to spread my legs in front of our family friend. Relax girl, take a deep breath. His hand suddenly cupped my femininity over my bikini. I said Uncle Kemal, what are you doing? He pressed his palm firmly, saying that there is no pain without reacting.

Hmm, no. “Well, tell me now,” he pressed even harder, rubbing his hand thoroughly. His fingers traveled all over my back hole. Oof, the fire was unbearable, my legs involuntarily closed. The pleasure intensified as he pressed his hand up and down. Did he say pain or pleasure? I didn’t know, I said, bored. I’m not sure before you take your hand, but I think you’re the problem, my daughter continued her pressure in a whisper. While my palms were kneading my femininity, the flame inside me started to rise, I am as wet as I was on my honeymoon, there is a fire down there, only my nipples hurt from stretching. Biting your lips, don’t squeeze yourself, leave it alone and say what you feel without hesitation, he warned. An involuntary groan escaped my lips as She did as she was told and stopped biting my lips. I will ask you something, he said without taking his hand, lower the combed cotton, cover your hips and take off the bottom of your bikini.

OK, my daughter, you are young, you have many years of life ahead of you, I want you both to be happy. I’m not looking, relax, cover your hips. He pulled his hand away, would it be better if he didn’t pull it off, if it took a while, I would not be able to stand it, I would leave myself to your hands. I opened my eyes. He turned his head to the side and said come on, let’s solve this week, when your husband comes next week, he will make you groan under him. The man is lucky to have a wife like you. See how it is to be a woman, shame on this beauty. I laughed again, “Am I really beautiful?” I’ve been very sick, you’re like a stone, mashallah. I untied the bottom of my bikini from both sides and dropped it from my hips, I pulled my combed cotton and said I’m ready. He sat down next to me and put his hand in my leg again. I grit my teeth hard as his warm hand swept over my bare skin. Ah, what a difficult situation I am in, If it continues, I will ejaculate and be disgraced, but I don’t want it to stop. He said this is very interesting. I said what happened? Do you always get wet so quickly? Yes, I said I don’t know.

He said, “This is good, very good, look, I’m not looking, relax.” I opened my eyes. He was sitting next to me, grabbing my femininity, and he was looking me in the eyes, not looking for legs. It’s like his old eyes are red. Let me know if it hurts, I’ll try something now. A finger traversed my femininity and entered me. I groaned and lowered my leg slightly. No, she said, keep your legs the same. Doctor man, you need to listen, I curled my legs again like on the gynecologist’s table. His finger stopped inside me. Is there any such thickness as our groom’s? I don’t know, I said. So how did he say that now I had two fingers inside me. I moaned longer. When Uncle Kemal said please stop, he pushed and moved his fingers a little more, it’s almost over.

That’s it, I said. Fingers swirled inside me like my husband’s. Okay then, he said, it’s a little thin, but it’ll work anyway. It takes more of your femininity. As two fingers played inside of me, the palm began to press on my awl. I said Uncle Kemal but you were going to stop. My daughter said, “I need to see how your waist is coming, I guess it’s not your problem, I’m about to be sure.” My eyes are getting dark now, it’s like water is dripping from me. The palm that pressed against my buzz as much as the fingers tickles me. His other hand squeezed one of my breasts over the combed cotton. Is there pain here? I said no, no. Two fingers have let go and are crushing a part of me that has not been crushed before, which is hooked inside me. Palms on fire. The breathing of the two of us and the clatter of voices in and out from below.

The point it touches is as if my on/off button makes my waist lift as I press it. His left hand roamed around my chest. With my eyes closed, I felt his lips near mine. His tongue swirled around them. You killed me, Uncle Kemal, I’m done, my legs fell, saying oooo. This must be the orgasm that the girls talk about and say they are exhausted. It’s like half-death. Butterflies in my stomach, lightning in my closed eyes. His hand came out of me. I heard him whisper next to my ear, it was so good, you have nothing, now let’s measure one last depth of your pussy. Then we’ll have another beer. You close your eyes and rest. He said cunt. Yes I do have a pussy and it still burns, my nipples seem to get bigger as they rub against my bikini.

Opened with both hands, my legs curled up again, combed cotton gathered up to my breasts. There’s no problem with you, girl, bite your teeth a little, your troubles will end in five minutes. When was your last period? Today I said I think I will be tomorrow, he said well well. Then my scream made the garden moan. His hard-hot masculinity entered me so quickly that my recently ejaculated femininity convulsed with pain. What did you do? I actually knew what he was going to do with my legs apart, and I would have begged him to do it if he hadn’t. I’m going to see if the sperm channels are open, I don’t have a tool with me, he moved his waist. Now he was groaning, too.

“How is it not a leak?” he whispered. I was so full, but I said. I guess mine is a little bigger than your husband’s, but it’s okay, you can buy bigger ones too. While she was wiggling her waist, she exposed both of my breasts from the top of my bikini. He squeezed the ends of his fingers with his fingers. “Is he playing with these?” she said. I said noook very little. I will also teach you how to play. I’ll teach you to be a total bitch in bed. They will be filled with milk, they will grow even bigger, you will shake it because it is not my problem. I wrapped my legs around his waist. He started hitting me harder. I wanted to get fucked, it doesn’t matter if it’s part of some crazy game or not.

While I was going fast, it was a full womb inside me, this pussy, every year a child will come out of here. Intermittent noises came out of my mouth like I’ve never had sex. He bent down and stuck to my lips. I said come back. What to come. He said, “Come on, let’s go inside, you’re screaming a lot here.” I’m not aware that I’m shouting. When it came out of me, a wind blew towards my legs. He was in the front and I in the back we went through the kitchen door. He went and sat on the double seat inside. The first man I’d seen naked besides my husband was watching me, with his half-bald head, belly, and masculinity taller and thicker than my husband’s standing in front of him. You are very beautiful girl. You have a body to be fucked for 24 hours. Come to my lap.

If I could, I would run and jump on him, how I want to be fucked. As I sat on his lap, I touched his manhood for the first time. I chuckled again. He said it’s not too big, you didn’t see it, but we’ll do our job today, let’s finish this treatment. He was frowning, but he still didn’t stop playing. Once I settled in more calmly, I had sex with my husband in this position a couple of times and had taken it off in ten seconds. I groaned again when it hit my bottom, like a thick, hard, filling hot log. He buried his head in my breasts, his tongue burning between them, his hand on my hips until he settled on his balls. We started to sway slowly. Oh man, you were going to fall when you were young. Even that is too much for me, it seemed as if my calm treatment in the lap lasted for minutes. My hardened nipples were crushed under his hand. It’s the first time I noticed that my breasts and legs are so connected to each other. I enjoy both.

Shout girl, relax, shout. I’m screaming yes how loud my voice is. He threw himself back a little. Come on, get off quickly, I’m tired. I started managing the tempo myself. My eyes are open but my surroundings are blurred. I’ve had a hard, long, hot dick inside of me for minutes. Aaaa yes there is a dick. Fuck me. Fuck me. Slowly, the girl pressed my hips to herself so that she could break her dick. My discharge in the garden was nothing. Tears are flowing from my eyes. My nipples are stinging, but he bites them without hesitation. I’m dead again. I remained motionless. My femininity contractions will almost turn into pain. The fifty-year-old man has been fucking me for longer than my husband could have imagined. His fingers dug into my hips, his neck dropped back. The first fidgety hot cum that really fills me up is leaving me deep inside.

We fell side by side in the chair. He got up and drank some water. He dressed. Call when your period is over. “Let me put you through a longer test,” he said. I watched her go, locked the door and crept up on the sofa, feeling for the first time that sweet ache girls always talk about between my legs.

I awoke to the intense wetness on my legs. It’s night, I’m thirsty, my mouth is dry, but I want sweets. I got up by force, I got my period. Uncle Kemal sent a message to see if you’re okay. I didn’t answer, I cleaned up, ate something and went to bed. Three days passed with unnecessary joy. In the evenings, not knowing my father, I bought a beer from the grocery store and finished a bottle each. Another message came from Uncle Kemal on Friday evening. If you’re free, call. Even though it started like a game, I fucked myself willingly. I tried not to think about what happened as if we would never meet again, but as the days passed, the distress and regret inside me increased rather than decreased. I called back so that this torture would end.

After the “Hello, how are you” chapter, he asked about my health. I said I’m fine. He said it was the way I guessed, and not being able to have an orgasm made you nervous. When your husband comes, get close and flirt again calmly. I said that my particular day is not over. Make him feel that he is a man, not an obstacle for him to ejaculate, next week will be much more fun. We tried a lot of energy in you, but we have thrown it out, if we relieved your husband, it’s okay. The jackal was still playing. Uncle Kemal, you used me, leave me, I regretted these games, then I said. Didn’t your treatment go well, but he said, you were in a good mood this week, right? He continued the game persistently. He was right, I didn’t answer though.

You’ll be even better, becoming a woman indeed. When your period is over, start taking three drops in the morning from the drop I gave for fertility. There is another doctor on Tuesday, he said, “We’ll go to him with you, all your troubles will be over.” When I say I don’t want to go somewhere, you will come to the summer house with your baby in your arms next year, if we finish our treatment. She hung up the phone before she could answer. My husband arrives at noon tomorrow, how am I supposed to ejaculate when I have my period? Unfortunately, he’s the only person I’m going to ask. I sent a message and asked Uncle Kemal. He said, “Don’t you do it on your certain days when you want it?” I said no, he never wanted to. Now he misses you, don’t send the man here empty-handed, just empty it with your back.

Embarrassed. When you didn’t reply, I realized that you didn’t do that either. Empty your wife with oral or something, then. When I didn’t get a response from me, another message came, asking if you didn’t do that as well. He wanted a dirty thing, once I wrote it, I didn’t want it. If I were the guy to send it without doing it, I would divorce you girl, be a little flirty. We’ll talk about that on Tuesday. This friend of ours is very knowledgeable. Divorce, being known as an infertile widow, and being a cheating bitch, it was all too much I couldn’t help crying.

When my husband arrived on Saturday, I had some uneasiness. I cheated on him out of naivety, curiosity and rage. The first two were mine, but the third reason was his fault. When we said I was not available, we slept on Saturday night. Half an hour after taking the fertility pill on Sunday morning, the sweating and the fire in my legs started again. Uncle Kemal’s words came to my mind, I went upstairs next to my husband, who was still sleeping, only in my panties. He awoke when I bent over him and kissed him and looked at my swaying breasts in amazement. He said you were not suitable. I guess it’s over today, but I didn’t want to send you like that, so I patted your sewing tool. My nipples were on fire without touching them, and I moaned when I touched them softly. He took off the shorts he was wearing while sleeping and put my hand on his tool.

His lips touched my breasts offf we haven’t done these love games since honeymoon. Be courteous, he pressed my breasts to his mouth, sucking calmly without biting like a child. Even in this state, there is wetness in my femininity. I bent down the tool warmly and kissed the tip. With the effect of Uncle Kemal’s promise not to divorce you, I ran my tongue on my husband’s dick for the first time. Oof my love he moaned. He hadn’t said his love for months. I put the head part in my mouth for the first time in my life, it’s nothing to hate, it’s beautiful, the head part is warm, like velvet. I took it out of my mouth again, the surprise in my husband’s eyes turned into rage. For some reason, Uncle Kemal’s came to my mind. His tool was definitely bigger.

I took it in my mouth again, and when I put it in a little more, he said, ahh attention, I think your tooth was worth it. I calmly go and come and run my tongue on his head. I came to my senses to say “Oh I’m coming” and backed away, but their semen came a little on the inside of my lip and a little on my nose. Hot, hot, slightly sour, dripping from my lips. I rushed to the bathroom. The scent and the semen I tasted on my lips did not disgust me. On the contrary, my untouched womanhood was as wet as the day Uncle Kemal fucked her. I took a shower with water close to the cold, and the fire in me did not go out.

My husband, who said sorry my love, went into the bathroom after me. When he came out, he came up to me with his dick upturned. I said what is this? The doctor gave me a medicine, I bought it from him last night, and he said that we can make love, and he caressed my breasts. Even the touch of my breasts again made my body tremble. I opened my legs to see that I washed it all over. He bent over me, years later, while he was sucking my lips for a long time, his device slipped into me easily. I threw my head back, tucked my husband between my legs. It was faster than the pace I was used to. I was moaning like I wasn’t used to it. My neck tensed and trembled, he said in surprise, “Your cunt is shaking.” Years later, he ejaculated for the second time when we made love. It was quick again, but it took even three or five seconds and the medicine made me ejaculate too. It’s as if I’ve watched your offspring walk through me, millimeter by millimeter. We fell asleep hugging.

On Monday morning, half an hour after taking the medicine, the same problems started again. What if I don’t take this medicine what it’s doing to me? I stayed at the beach for hours with the girls, but if someone touched me, I would ejaculate. That’s what happened. Under the warm shower at home, every drop that touched my body electrified my body. While washing my femininity, I stuck my hand in my thigh for the first time since I got married, and as one finger entered me, I searched for the spot that Uncle Kemal had sought and found. I was so wet I didn’t even have to find it. Sitting on the shower floor, I squeezed my nipples painfully and sighed. Sitting on the floor panting, I was stunned by the orgasms I had experienced in a week.

Tuesday was no different, I tried to get rid of the post-drug rage by cleaning the house and swimming in the sea, this time in the evening, two bottles of beer were able to put me to sleep. Wednesday morning I woke up in a soaked panties. I did not take the medicine, this time Uncle Kemal called at like eleven. I couldn’t call yesterday, he wasn’t available, he said, I’ll pick you up in half an hour, we will go to the door in fifteen minutes by car. The journey passed with conversations as if what happened between us had never happened. We walked along the side town’s dock and stopped when we got to a small boat. Okay that said. I was surprised if it was a boat. A very famous marriage proposal, my daughter also said that my friend of 20 years helped so many celebrities that you wouldn’t believe it. He phoned that we were here, he was here in half an hour, let’s sit, we jumped on the boat and sat on the cushions.

He rummaged through the cabinet and pulled out two bottles of beer. I said, “The drop you gave me a little bit of fire is suppressing me.” He said it’s normal, your fertility is increasing, you can leave it in two weeks. He got angry when I said I didn’t get it this morning, take it quick, hold man. When he said he is not with me, he called his next friend, he said he did not bring it with him. I replied, “Is it male or a doctor?” What will happen, my daughter, I’m with you. In fact, I knew so well what could happen that I just didn’t want to give up on the woman I had become for a week. Half an hour later, instead of a half-bald-bellied man like Uncle Kemal, a charismatic sporty person similar to the tall gray-haired men in the movies arrived on the boat. We met. She looked at my wide hips without hesitation, saying that she looks beautiful fertile.

While we were discussing where to have lunch, Uncle Kemal put the drop that Erkan Bey brought into my glass. They decided on a fisherman close to the aquarium bay and untied the boat.

While Erkan Bey was at the helm, he had Uncle Kemal prepare a glass of gin and tonic by saying what a beer and we left the beach accompanied by my rising femininity.

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