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My name is mert, I’m 41, my wife is 36 years old, we were married for 16 years , we
didn’t get along much about sex in the first years of our marriage.
I’m a sexy and fantasized person. One day,
I bought a porno cassette and watched it with my wife, even if it was
forced. He started to ask for positions . Sometimes
while watching the tape, I would ask if we would enjoy
doing this collectively, the room wouldn’t make any noise and this situation
pissed me off.

I thought of a friend of mine that I was seeing as a family and I
believed we would have this fantasy with them and I made a plan and
invited them to the house we continued drinking at dinner and after dinner I
used to focus on sex and that’s what I wanted because now we were
talking fantasy while I was talking about how important sex is
I clung to my wife’s lips, I said look what’s up, when I said that again, I
went to a porn site on TV and at that moment everyone was silent and
froze, nobody was watching without saying anything, as if everyone wanted this
I slowly started stroking my wife’s legs and on the one hand
I was watching my friend dolphin and his wife heather stepping things up a little
I started to lick my wife’s beautiful big cunt by lifting her skirt,
my wife was almost moaning, I slowly took off my wife’s skirt and panties, Yunus
and his wife were almost frozen, I came back for a while, I
said come on, keep going, they started too.

I was now completely undressed, my wife was behind the hand and I was fucking her big and fire
-like pussy. Now the atmosphere was relieved because it
started with the dolphin. His wife was medium-sized, thin-flecked, and her legs
were well apart. The dolphin was groaning as she snuggled. At one point, we came face to face with the dolphin
as if we were talking about changing their spouses, and at the same time we both got up and went first.
We took a glance, I made a magazine to this side with a head movement and at the same
time I was in the heather’s room and my wife was behind the hand, everything was fine now
I took the heather, she had a very nice shaved
pussy under
me . room i fucked my wife so much
It was a great feeling, but the finale of the night was even better. Since Hande’s pussy was
so big and wide, while the dolphin was fucking her, I went to her, the dolphin was
at the bottom and my wife was on top. The dolphin’s little dick was almost lost in it, while I was in that state, I tilted my wife back a little and slowly inserted
it into the same hole , my wife was crazy.
He was eating the cock at the same time, I was
almost going crazy with pleasure. Later, both of us and my wife were finished at the same time.
it was such a great night

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