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I want to talk about a very sad situation, more precisely, I want to make a sex confession, I can’t say that I cheated on my wife with her boss, but I did it at my husband’s request, whether it’s prostitution or self-sacrifice, both are present. This is how the events started. When my husband comes home from work, he said that the boss might fire him, and I said that you must be curious about him, and I have been feeling it for a long time. He said, “I’ll invite you to dinner one day, and then I’ll go out with something as an excuse, you make a little flirt, give a little compliment, maybe he’ll give up.” We had a 5 year old child. it was hard for my husband to find a new job, he was getting paid well, I had to admit.

Our sex life with my husband was not going well, he went to work early and came at ten o’clock, even though I wanted to, he couldn’t fuck me, and on the days he did, he ejaculated in ten minutes. I immediately ran to the kitchen, took a cucumber from the iris, lay down on the bed next to it and satisfied myself until the morning. He was listening to my moans even though he wasn’t looking at me, so the suggestion would be different pleasure for me as well. Meanwhile, my name is Aysun, I am 27 years old, I have a straight physique, my breasts are ideally large, my hips are wide, my waist is thin, and my lips are thick enough to attract any man.

When his boss, Altan, is 42 years old, he looks at my half petite type with a huge building, and he is also considered handsome, like the type who will squeal, whine, whine and fuck. When I think of his wife, I agree with how right he is in wanting me. 3 days later, my husband called and said that we are coming in the evening. I went to the hairdresser, got my hair done, did my make-up done, and wore tight pants without wearing panties. It showed my full hips. the cleft in her pussy was conspicuous. I wore a thin stretch blouse with a bra that was steep to my already steep breasts. I gave the child a light sleeping pill and put him to sleep. I ordered the food from the restaurant and waited.
There was a knock on the door, I opened the door and said hello to my husband

Saying welcome to Mr. Altan, I stretched out my hand and shook his hand and looked into his eyes with glee. After putting the food on the table, I went to the kitchen and made my husband’s phone ring. My husband said ok mom I’m coming right away, he called me and said, my dear, my mother is sick, I’ll take a look, you welcome Altan Bey. Altan wanted to get up, I stopped saying Altan Bey, and while I was eating, Altan couldn’t take his eyes off my breasts and my pussy. When I went to the kitchen to remove the table, I put my hand on my pussy and stroked it and puffed up my pussy lips. I also stuck the pants inside my pussy from the outside with my fingers and tightened them. When he looked at my pussy, it was obvious. When he entered, he couldn’t take his eyes off my pussy. I went into the living room and sat on that single seat, and I sat on the double seat opposite. I asked Mrs. Emine how is her health, but she started to talk, I wet my lips with my tongue from time to time.

I was listening to him, trembling, he replied, “Is it so?” He was talking about his wife not taking care of him, not demanding it. “I wish you were as well-groomed and attractive as this one,” she said. I immediately got up from my seat and sat on his lap. This is what I wanted best since he came, I hugged his neck and don’t be sad, Altan, my dear husband, he doesn’t know my worth. His cock was like this, it was tickling my hips from the bottom. So I started rubbing my lips, he was sucking, licking, putting his tongue in my mouth and making me suck. he was holding my neck with his left hand, he was squeezing me, he was stroking my cunt from the outside of the pants with his right hand, he was grabbing me. her breathing was heavy, she was moaning ohhhhhhhh you are a wonderful woman Aysun was saying. I had an orgasm and ejaculated with the magnificence of the passionate voice.

The leg of the trousers was 100% wet, but my hand was on the dick, I guess it was because of my orgasm effect, the wetness in his trousers came to my hand. I was disappointed and this is my husband. It was bigger than my husband’s. There were as many cucumbers as I inserted, but this one also had a large cap. I ejaculated again with this feeling while I was eating, I immediately stood up and said that this time I would lick their water and drink it, he ripped the pants off and hung up on me. He was sucking, so I didn’t stay idle, I took off his shirt, I was taking off my own robe and stroking my breasts, kissing and squeezing his shoulders. he was squeezing my hips and sticking his finger in my ass. I couldn’t stand it, I ejaculated in his mouth again. I couldn’t stand to stand up.

On the other hand, I took my dick out of my dick and put it in my ass, I took it out of my dick and put it on my ass with my hand and sat looking at my husband, I sat on the dick like a aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my husband’s mouth remained open. I was saying you come home and feed your wife’s pussy and ass until the evening. my husband was looking at me with his mouth open, come on, my Altan, I took the big cock out of my ass and put it in my ass again, I squeezed his head with my arms and pressed it to my breasts, he was taking my huge nipple in his mouth and sucking and biting it. lets

Porno story Altan dear, let’s ejaculate together, burn me with your hot cum I said, it exploded like a volcano, looking at my husband, I ejaculated screaming. he said, ‘Mehmet won’t come, let’s go.’ His boss fucks me whenever he wants, my wife’s salary got better and she didn’t lose her job. Of course it would be like that, I’m fucking Altana so much that if he looked for a prostitute, he wouldn’t be able to find such a thing. I love you all my readers

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