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In 2003, I decided to go to the village. Three months before me, my aunt
went to her village. After a few days in the village, I went to my aunt. She
had not seen her husband for three months. One day passed, my aunt was making me horny
by wearing only her pantyhose inside her skirt . He started stroking my hand, of course, I was stroking his middle finger , he liked it, but he did not pass. At night, I was lying on the floor in the room, he lay on the sofa by my bedside, he put his foot in my quilt, I could feel them after he cut his hair . She had a red body on her and a gray pyjamas, she was very sexy.

I half took off her top and put my hand inside her bra, her breasts were swollen
now I put my hand inside her pajamas and it was warm.
I started to caress her over her weight. I realized that she started to ejaculate, it was very pleasurable. I stripped her pajamas
and started sucking her feet, then when I
turned to her underpants, she said to me: “forbidden zone”. I said what, she said it
wouldn’t happen to me.
After I sucked his feet well, I combined the soles of his feet
and started to take them out and insert them into the gap, he was
looking at me with very curious eyes because I was fucking his feet.
Then when I turned to his ass, he told me it wouldn’t be at the rate, and I accepted
I put her on her socks, I put her face
down on her knees, she was very excited when I took her pants off, but I told her I wouldn’t put her in my mouth, I put her one foot
in my mouth, I put my dick in her ass hole and I started pulling,
she was crazy, she said, “Come on, put it” but I didn’t. When I ejaculated I started stroking her cunt
and the room emptied. All night I was stroking her cunt with one hand and
my own dick with one hand.
In the morning I sent her child out and took a bath with her.
Then after breakfast I poured chocolate on her feet and licked
her. I returned to my home village and came to the city a week later.

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