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I am Kemal from Germany. I am 21 years old. I have an older brother who is 3 years older than me. I have
a sister named Hüseyin and a closed sister who is 1 year younger, her name is
Aleyna. The story I am going to tell you happened 3 years ago. Our family
is a very religious family. We pray and try to live according to Islam
My brother was 21 years old and said that he wanted to get married now because he has a solid job
. He has a daughter he loves, she is a very religious and closed
girl. My father and mother finally went to want her because they saw her fit
. They were also a very religious family like ours. After 3 months
, the wedding happened. Since our house was big, my brother and
aunt stayed at our house. After all, we had 3 bedrooms.
He was going to the assembly. But he was coming home on the weekends.
Sometimes she came home once a month. As the days passed, I started to see strange things in my aunt. By the way, my aunt’s name is
nurgül . He didn’t listen at all and because he had a very sweet language, he almost fascinated my father and mother with his sweet language, and in the end what he wanted came true. Because my sister, Aleyna, adored my aunt, the room started to dress like her, after all, she was a younger girl.

Evil things started to come to my mind. I wanted to shoot 31, but I was looking
for an excuse to shoot 31. At that moment, I thought of messing with my aunt’s room.
I thought it was wrong, but I couldn’t control my self
I started to poke around in my aunt’s closet and what do I see. She had
thong panties of all
colors. So I thought if my aunt was wearing these colored thongs under the tight skirts she was wearing. I took one of the red thongs in my
.the front of it was something as small as the inside of my
palm. At that moment, I became very strange and I started to smell
the panties . It smelled delicious
After I checked 31, I wasn’t sure that my curiosity was satisfied and
I started looking for something as if I didn’t know what I was looking for in the room. I suddenly
wanted to look under the bed. I saw a black box under the bed. I took the box in my hand and looked inside. Oh my God, what is the room, I could n’t believe my
he used a plastic dick to satisfy himself.
When he saw that plastic dick, my dick started to get up again and I stopped to
smell the plastic dick, after all, my aunt was doing it.
My nose smelled very nice. It was as if I hadn’t had a 31st month in a month.
My fertilization came immediately. It was evening and our folks came home. I
started to look at my aunt in a different way.
I was going to fuck. Everyone went to bed because it was late. But I could
n’t sleep. I still had those plastic tight and very sexy thongs in my eyes. I got up from my bed and when I
was going to the television room,
I saw the light on in my aunt’s room through the door hole.
I thought of spying on my aunt. When I looked through the door punch, it was shock. My aunt
wore a very short nightgown but she didn’t take off her turban. I could see
her red thong under the nightgown because it was too thin . She bent
down to get the box under the
. he took off his thong and started to insert his plastic cunt.
He was stroking her breasts. As my aunt groaned, I was getting more angry . We both ejaculated
at the same time.
After that incident, I went to my room and
started to plan how I could fuck my aunt. But I realized that it was very difficult to do this
. I thought that I could only do it by finding an opportunity and I just fell asleep . The next day I was looking for some clothes
to go to a friend’s wedding . He said that
my suits were hung in the basement to dry. When I went down to the basement, I heard my
aunt talking to a person . My aunt coyly was making noises that no one would see her. I wondered who my aunt was talking to. A man.

He had a more voice. But that voice was not foreign to me at all . I started to listen from the side of the door. Finally,
I realized that that voice was my father’s voice . When I looked at the side of the door, I was surprised at the sight I saw . He said he was touching my aunt’s breasts with one hand, and he was stroking my aunt’s butt. My father compliments my aunt and talks about my beautiful daughter -in-law , I’m glad my son bought a sexy girl like you .

When my aunt bends down, my father can’t stand that position and
lifts my aunt’s skirt up. My aunt Nurgül stays like that for a while. Your father
takes his dick off and starts to fuck my aunt from behind.
My aunt Nurgül makes a sound like ohhhhhhh when my father gives
them from behind. I get shocked when I see these. I watch them with excitement. So my aunt, who is wearing a headscarf and never stops praying, is having sex
with my father . .Because my father is old, he takes his dick off my aunt’s pussy without saying a minute and pours his sperm into my aunt’s ass. My aunt doesn’t like this situation at all.

and he still complains that I couldn’t come.
My father is also a daughter, I am an old man. I can’t be as good as your husband Hüseyin or my son
Kemal . They both said in the same voice that you were watching us . I said to my aunt, yes, I watched you and I want to fuck you. My aunt and dad looked at each other and my dad nodded at my aunt in approval. My aunt looked at me and said fuck me if you didn’t come as fast as your saddle father. My aunt lifted her skirt and told me the hairless one.

He showed me his cunt. Aha come here you will fuck the hole, if
you can please it, he said, I will fuck with you every day. My father said to me what are you waiting
for, come and please your sister-in-law. I approached my aunt excitedly.

I thought my heart would stop when I got closer to him. My aunt said to me, come on son
, don’t make me wait. My pussy is on fire. Give me
your hose that will put out your
He licked it. I couldn’t stand that lick . I said ok, I
want to fuck you in real life. My aunt replied, “No, you’re going to fuck me in the ass first.
But this is not a sin.” I said.
My aunt, my son, you will fuck your aunt, and this is not a sin, I said, okay,
aunt, I will fuck you in your ass
He was making noises. When my aunt said I need another dick, my father
went in front of my aunt Nurgül and put his dick in my aunt’s
mouth. We just fucked my aunt for about 10-15 minutes.
Then I laid my aunt on the floor and she started licking her shaved cunt. When she drinks the
juice of the cunt, my aunt screams like she’s mad and calls out “fuck you,” and then
I answer “Okay, crab, I’m going to fuck you” and I’m
putting my dick in my aunt’s pussy.
I can’t stand it and I explode like a bomb
I pour my sperm on my aunt’s breasts and turban
. After the fuck is over, my father advises us. Don’t tell anyone about this.
Don’t be afraid. If someone hears about this incident, he says, it will be very bad for us.
This is the first part of the story.

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