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My name is Emre. Me and my fiancee canan, the mother of canans living
in Istanbul, click and see how many dreams there are on`, CAPTION,
`Search-Find Now`);” onmouseout=”return nd();”> we
went to visit Hülya and Canan’s stepfather Burhan. It’s like two years before we get married.
We live in Ankara. We stayed two days and it was our last night. Since our rooms were next to each other in the last two nights , we were very excited when we heard
the sounds of lovemaking and
dreaming. We made love like crazy.
While the last four of us were sipping our whiskeys, Burhan
asked us if we were making a group. Of course, he said no. “Do you want to see it?” Burhan said to
us. Hulya, don’t be ridiculous, we’re not doing this.
“We are doing it, but right now you are talking to my daughter and son-in-law and you
know it won’t happen,” he said. Where will we see Canan, he said. Burhan reached for the DVD next
to him and put a movie on it.
All four of us started to watch silently, and what we saw
locked us on the screen. While the guy was fucking one of the girls, the other guy
was putting the fucker’s dick in his mouth, and the other girl was licking the girl’s breasts. It was a bisex
group video and it was my first time seeing something like this.
Enough is enough, said Canan , and got up and went to the room. Come on, he said. “I’m going to finish my whiskey,
” he said. Burhan said to Emre, did you like me? I also
came across different.. he said it’s the first time I see it. Then Burjan came to me.
He started to touch my hand. When I said what are you doing to the hula, burhan, burkhan
touched my dick and started kissing me softly. Don’t do it, hulya said. I responded with
a little scruffy, a little curiosity and excitement. Hulya was immediately put on
our press. If he said so, he took off his top. Canan said it was already inside
. She undressed and put her breasts in our mouths. Then I felt Burhan’s hands
on my hips. I said stop when he started to run his fingers.
I’ll go to the canon. Then I said come on.
Hulya does not. After all, my daughter said she is my group, I can’t do something with her
. And he said Burhan will fuck him, will you watch it too? My husband
said he is mine. I said I can handle everything tonight. And to the beast
i went. Canan always slept naked. I snuggled next to him and tried to
touch him. Did you like it, baby? I said as I
started licking her cunt. “Hey huh,” he said quietly. I was freaking out while licking.
Burhan entered inside. There was no Hulya.
He saw Cana burjhan and said what are you doing here. If you want to join us
, I said my lover. I said that the atmosphere has already become quite strange. While looking at me with her legs
apart, burhan started licking her breasts and she suddenly shut up and gave
a deep ooohhhhhh!!!! He did.then they started kissing.
“Where is my mother?” asked Canan Burhana. He said he couldn’t come. I
went to look at the dream, and I saw that he was watching us by playing with himself from the door.
We started to kiss in front of the door so much that our
tongues almost swallowed each other. I took off her panties and started licking her cunt standing up.
“Look at the sun,” Hulyta told me. Burhan was
slapping my wife’s crooked hips and squeezing her. I immediately twisted the dream into the gluttonous
side of the bed. everyone was shouting like crazy. Then burhan put her to bed and
wrapped her legs around her waist and continued to fuck her.
I did the same with hulya. I lifted my feet and stepped inside.
We were very close to each other. Hulya and cac’s legs were starting to touch
each other and their hands were starting to roam each other’s bodies. Burhan suddenly
started licking my neck as well as he fucked me. he said stick out your tongue
to me. Of course, let Cana la hulya hear it too. While we were fucking girls, we started kissing with
How was Canan surprised by what she saw? Ahhhhhhha!!!!! You’re pissing
ahhhhh!!!! She shouted. Afterwards, Burhan made her crooked again, her body was now
on her mother’s dream. I was kissing the canal from time to time. Canan
had gone mad with pleasure. He stuck out his tongue and held it out for a moment.
Sonta hulya, do you want to kiss me baby, he said to the cana. Evvvveeeeet
yesttttttttt!!! groaned canan. Come !!!! ‘ Hulya said and grabbed her chin and pulled
her to herself and mother and daughter started kissing as if they were valentines with broken
annuals while I was squeezing the hula.
they lick and squeeze their breasts once in a while. licking hulya canan
wanted. When Canan wanted it, they added 69. How did they make love? We also slept with a
birhan. He took my dick in his mouth. like a girl or even better.
Every now and then he fingered me. Then he wanted to fuck me, I
said no, I can only have sex. Canan came to me right away. Together with
Burjan, they started kissing and pouting my dick with their
mouths. Hulya was sitting in my mouth and licking her cunt.
Then he got on top of me and started to mouth Burhan’s while he was jumping on
me. We were making love in every position. I realized that I couldn’t take it anymore
. It was like I was going to ejaculate at any moment. Canan and Hulya wrapped their legs around
each other and started rubbing their butts on each other. How
It was as if they had wanted each other for years. Canan
took my dick in her mouth. Meanwhile, she was squeezing her mother’s breasts as if they were going to tear them apart.
While kissing me, Burhan put his dick in my mouth and I
stretched out next to the cana. I was kissing and licking Burhan’s huge dick in my mouth, and Canan
almost ripped mine off. I said enough. Canan
hurt her legs and started making love with hula. So I got behind the
dream and started to fuck on the cana by making it crooked. Hulya was crushed
between us and your canan.
I was pulling the beast’s feet and fucking the hula. they were kissing like crazy
too. Then Burhan put the dick between the two of them.
While I was fucking the hula, they were licking the burhan on my canine.
Everyone was yelling and moaning “yeeeeeeeet eveeeeeeeee”. In the end , I
couldn’t take it anymore and I emptied the dream.
At that time, I saw that the hulay was fingering my soul at the same time. Just
after me, burhan cananala poured into the mouths of the dream. How filled
it had squirted everywhere. I can’t explain…. We welcome your comments and emails.

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