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Punishment of my stupid sister by drunkard
My elder sister, Öznur, who is two years older than me, had lost herself in an impossible dream. i porn storyI didn’t even expect it to be dragged into something like this. But the fact that he put his family against me and persistently followed that man was the end of him too. I can’t remember how many times I beat up the bastard who was supposed to be my brother-in-law because I didn’t want to hurt my sister. He even resented my first beating and came to collect his buttstones. We are sitting in the park with friends, they are getting out of the tofaş with sticks in their hands. As a result of his yelling, ‘Come here, the bastard that I fucked his sister’, I knocked him down with one head and pulled his already crooked nose out of line. After that, his friends did not dare to enter. We were high for three people, but despite that, he walked away without continuing, looking back. I’m telling you, I did my best so that my stupid sister, who was a drunk, would not be punished.

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Real Reism Belonging to My Bitch Sister.
There is no lie in my sister, she is the most beautiful girl in the world. She flourished towards the end of high school. She had not had a single boyfriend until then, and she had no diapers on those combs. Because she wasn’t in demand. When her breasts got bigger, her hips got bigger, her face got color, that’s when the one who ran after her paid the price. The first to follow him was the vagrant of the neighborhood, his father unknown, his mother a cheddar. So okay, her mother didn’t have a noticeable sting, but her name was also revealed. She drank constantly, teasing him left and right. When he stabbed a few people, his small files began to be straightened. He had few friends and many more enemies. One of his enemies was me by haunting my sister. I didn’t have a problem with having sex. I didn’t want my sister anyway, I just wanted to punish her!

Insistently Ringing Phone and My Sister
Since they crushed us and got married, first my parents and then I deleted it from the notebook. Likewise, he had no idea that my parents would love me and my brother would not leave me. When she thought of it, she would make a home with that drunkard. She had the sex she wished for. Because she probably even hid her maidenhood for that idiot. As soon as he finished his high school, they got married when he came of age. They weren’t seen around for a while. It had been about five months. All of a sudden my phone started ringing, it was my sister who called, although I tried to delete her number many times. I refused, he called again. When I said it again and again, I couldn’t stand it and opened it:

What the fuck is it?
My brother…
His voice was crying, my nerves were gone when I heard him.

What happened, why are you crying?
He beats, he drinks and beats every day.
Did you think you’d be knocking at your door with a cannonball? Deserving of you!
I had turned off the phone. My heart was sizzling but I turned it off. He didn’t call, he didn’t call back that day. Maybe it would have been different if he had called. A month later, something was said to the public: ‘Yasin’s older sister Beyza started to be sold by her husband for money…’

So You Make My Sister a Whore!
Yasin was me and Beyza was my sister. I couldn’t even say it was a lie because everything was expected from my son-of-a-bitch uncle. He borrowed the car from a friend and went to the place where he used to drink all the time. I couldn’t be offended at the place because I knew the man, he was one of the old meyphatic types. Raconuna was angry. I couldn’t take him away from that place. I waited, I waited for hours that he couldn’t get enough of drinking, son of a bitch. It’s finally out. He was having trouble even standing. He had an assstone after him. They were advancing, swaying and shouting. I was walking slowly, following them. I didn’t rush it as I already knew their direction. Finally, they entered the street full of blind people, so quiet that no one could interfere with anyone. I turned on the headlights of the car and cut the front of them from behind as I rooted the gas. No lie, I thought about crushing it, but I couldn’t betray the trust car.

Before both of them could understand what was going on, I gave the son of a bitch, whose name I don’t want to be mentioned, again a big head. When I slapped his friend after him, they both collapsed to the ground. I quickly picked the son of a bitch off the ground and threw it in the car. I shuffled through his pockets and dropped his knife on the ground.

I didn’t know exactly what to do. With that instant decision, I took it to the house where the mother of a bitch also lived. The lights had gone out that it was already 2 in the morning. When he persistently knocked on the door, the lights came on and his mother appeared at the door. I grabbed his son by the collar and threw him inside, on his mother.

The two of them collapsed like bowling balls. I went inside and closed the door and locked it. The son of a bitch was slowly sobering up, but the mother of a bitch still couldn’t understand what was going on. I dragged them both into the living room.

So you beat my brother!
I took off the belt of my trousers and started to pull it down on his head and eyes with all my strength. Mother of a bitch Jade:

Don’t do it son, don’t do it!
He was trying to hold my hand, but with the back of my hand, I knocked him down with his slapped lip. I hit him so hard that his son was completely unconscious. But I thought you should keep your eyes open.

So you make my sister a bitch!
I took off my pants in front of my brother-in-law, whom I had beaten for minutes with his belt. I was only wearing boxers. The motherfucker was wondering what I was going to do but it was obvious I wasn’t going to fuck her son.

He was in his 40s. Part of the reason she got the bitch label was because she still looked pretty. He had pale skin. The breasts on which she nursed her child had already drooped, lost their shape, but were large. He had a cheap nightgown on him. I stood up as I grasped her hair. He said not to, but I was already blinded. I was kissing his lips in front of his son’s eyes, and licking his saggy halva. His son was trying to rise up, but he was not strong enough. I took off her mother’s nightgown in one go. Underneath, there was an abundance of white panties that I can call grandma panties. Her bra also had a white color that wrapped around her breast. Seeing him like that was enough to lift my dick and make me want to fuck .

My brother-in-law was saying ‘don’t do it’ in a vague voice as if accompanying his mother, but I had already tore off her bra. She was left with her saggy breasts and white panties underneath. I was face to face. The more he tried to push me with his hands, the more angry I got. I stripped off his panties and placed my hardened cock in his pussy in front of his son. Her mother wasn’t even crying, she was just saying ‘ahhh’. She seemed to like it whenever she hadn’t been bored, she. I sped up and her mother’s cries of delight grew louder as she sped up. When his son, who was watching us, tried to get up, I kicked him in the middle of his mouth. He fell to the ground again like a sack of shit. I didn’t hit him so hard on purpose that he didn’t pass out. Instead of continuing where I left off, he straightened his mother’s hair and said:

You’re gonna lick my dick! If you try to bite me I swear I’ll kill your son in front of your eyes and make you my bitch until the last day of your life!
I wasn’t fooled by the tears in his eyes and I only heard the word ‘okay’ coming out of his mouth.

He was down on his knees and blowing. She really had a whore, because she licked it with pleasure. I grabbed his head and started to stick it in his mouth hard, and I started to enjoy it. I couldn’t hold back any longer, and I squirted myself into his mother’s mouth and had his son throw the last few squirts left over.

Listen to me son of a bitch! The next time I get close to my sister, not only will I fuck your mother, I’ll fuck you for the whole world in front of your mother. I won’t hear you say a single word.
The mother-of-bitch was crying in her corner. And turn to him:

Bitch! You will have this child or you will. Even if I hear your voice, I will come again and fuck you!
I packed myself up, I had already thrown myself outside the door. But I was not nervous. I also had to settle accounts with my sister. As I hopped in my car, I diverted to his supposed new, but only painful, home.

Whole Sister Who Can’t Get Fucked
Tack, tack, tack! Footsteps could be heard as he persistently knocked on the door. When I arrived, the lights of his house were on, he had not slept yet, as it turned out he was experiencing erotic feelings. The sound of slippers hitting his feet stopped, and the door opening was heard. Opposite me was my whore sister Öznur. He was wearing only a men’s shirt, and it covered his body up to his hips. His eyes were old. He was surprised to see me, but tears fell with him. As he stormed into the room, there was a half-naked man in his forties wearing his trousers. I looked at her and then at my sister.

You whore!
While slapping my sister ‘Stop what are you doing!’ I also gave the man in his forties trying to intervene with my fists. His mouth was covered in blood. Öznur was just crying and watching what happened.

Get the fuck out of here! If I ever see you pass by this street again, I will come and fuck your seven family son of a bitch!
I threw his shoes and all after him and kicked the man out. It was time for his redemption and punishment. I grabbed their hair and dragged it to the middle of the living room where they had just fucked and had napkins full of cum. I sat on the sofa opposite.

I’m coming from your son-of-a-bitch husband. I took it to his mother’s house. I beat them both. I was so angry that it wasn’t enough. I also fucked the mother of a bitch in front of your husband!
I was very angry with my bitch sister who was looking at me with tearful eyes.

Speak up bitch! Was it worth all this?
I was in love!
Fuck your love!
I had another angry slap. A little blood came out of his mouth, but my anger was still not gone.

You’re a bitch now huh? Are you giving for money?
He has debt. Whoever has debt has come. Even though I said don’t do it, they did it. I called you, asked for help. Are you asking now?
He was upset, angry. It made me angry as well. I grabbed her hair and placed her on my lap. I found myself sucking the blood from his lips. His warm ass was touching my dick as he continued to kiss. Even though I had just ejaculated, I was hard. I was blinded again, my sister’s fucking story, reluctantly, started exactly like this.

So you’re a bitch now, so you give money to whomever your husband owes.
He wasn’t answering. He was just looking into my eyes.

From now on you owe me for the rest of your life!
I ripped his shirt off. Her breasts were exposed. There was nothing inside anyway. He reciprocated as I continued to kiss his lips. While they were kissing like crazy, I pulled my hard dick out of my pants again. I quickly rooted my dick, which got up and spread my sister’s legs, who had her back on the sofa. Tears were falling from her eyes, but:

OHH! Fuck, you too, relax, fuck!
As he shouted, my anger diminished, and as I came to pleasure, the hot oils in me were extinguished. Her big breasts were swinging so much that it broke my hand. I lay down on the sofa to lick the nipples between my fingers. The echo of rooting in the cunt of my dick engulfed the room as I slowly came back and forth in his cunt. As he accelerated, his breathing stopped, and he began to breathe even more deeply. I kept coming back and forth inside, connecting his lips to mine, and we both had an orgasm. Whatever remained of the offspring I left for her husband’s mother was now in my sister. I was blinded! I didn’t know what to do when I left my house. Fucking my sister was all for punishment. At least in that moment…

Do you forgive me bro?
After that, neither the creator nor the servant will forgive us both.
Let me know, did you forgive me?
I forgive you my sister…
My brother…
He hugged me tightly with my dick still in his cunt.

From now on you are with me, you are nobody!
Okay, whatever you say will be done.
The punishment for my stupid drunk sister was to get my dick in it. He got smarter, he started to do what I said, so we established a new order. There is no continuation of the story, but even writing this much forced me…

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