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I would like to start the event that I will tell you by introducing myself a little bit. I am 34
years old, I have a body that comes from doing heavy sports, I am 175 cm, 85 kg
with brown eyes and hair.
In fact , my girlfriends express that I am handsome even though my physical appearance is not important . I lived abroad for many years and
had very interesting memories. Anyway, back to our main topic.
Before my cousin got married when I was 18, his family
invited us to their house. We arrived in Ankara after a long journey.
There was an air of complete happiness when we reached their house. For some reason, I have always been in love with my cousin , I
think these feelings still continue.
She will be in the same room as me because there are not many beds in the house and because of my love for her.
He decided not to sleep. I got up from the bed at night and snuggled next to him
. Everyone in the house was asleep. I remained motionless for a while and slowly
began to snuggle into him. He lay completely still. I tried to calm myself by synchronizing my own
breathing to his rhythm, but in vain.
I crawled under the covers and was motionless again. I didn’t know what I wanted to
do, but my body was guiding me. I slowly
put my right hand on his stomach and he didn’t react. Encouraged, I
slid my hand down. My heart was beating like crazy now. I couldn’t control my breathing
. I slipped my hand into her pajamas and slowly
tried to insert my fingers into her underwear. It began to fidget and my breath
stopped, I froze. He opened his legs. So my hand was getting in more easily
. I started separating that wonderful softness with my index finger.
He opened his legs wide, but his pajamas and panties were getting in the way. I
started downloading them slowly. Now I was comfortably soft and
looking for the spot I adored. My efforts were not in vain and I found it.
I was now concentrating on her breathing while touching her clitoris and
provoking her with rhythmic movements. It’s a great feeling and it was like I was
flying above the clouds. I wanted to go inside and dive into the hot humid world.
I pulled his pajamas down to his feet. I felt he was awake, but
he was pretending to be asleep. I got on top of it and slowly got in.
It was mine now.
As I felt how much I loved him , I started to dance with slower and rhythmic movements. A short time later,
I came into it with a terrible fire, explosion, and lightning flashing in my brain. I put on her pajamas
by lifting them above her ankles.
I hugged him as I dreamed of a comfortable sleep now . After a while she got up and went to the bathroom. On
the way back she got into bed naked and said she loved me and
pressed my head to her breasts. We started to make love. After the passionate kiss, I started sucking on her clit
. His whole body was shaking. He was holding my hair as if he was plucking
it and telling me that he was about to come and that he loved me. When I realized that he was about to come,
I walked behind him and stood up. lightly on my knees
I broke it and spread the wetness on her anus with my penis. It smelled so good I
couldn’t stand it and I started digging into it with my tongue, it was crazy. I got
up again and started massaging his anus. That wonderfully moist and fragrant
flower began to soften and open, and I entered. He whispered that it hurt at first,
but I slowly whispered to him to move on. While I was doing what I said
, I went into it completely and neither he nor I
could hold ourselves anymore. He came in as he burst into it, and we collapsed in sweet relief
. While she was stroking my hair, she said she always wanted to have sex with me but
couldn’t because of the taboo. I still love him and
after years I know that if we meet again we will make love again..

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