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I’m HAZAL, who reads this story, either start filming or after reading it
, find someone to fuck right away. I’m a sexy 20-year-old university student.
I went to my uncles in Istanbul during the summer vacation. He has a son, Mehmet, and he
is a handsome guy who studies at university. We got on very well with him, but we never had
sex with each other. Birgon,
we went to the taxi together and we were very tired. We went to a cafe. They left a porn magazine on the table. I
bought it, but I didn’t know it was porn
. what did i say, he said he was thirsty when he said it was a pole

I understand she wants me. We went home in the evening. My uncle and aunt came out. Their co-workers were
giving food to them. We were alone in the movie . There were sexy positions in the movie. When I looked, he
said yes, did you ever become a national? I said yes, I said yes . He
said it doesn’t matter to you.
tell me or do you want to fuck i said if you
want i said yes and we started kissing together we
were both naked and
he gave me your dick so big i couldn’t get
Then I ejaculated and he licked me and laid me on his back
and he wrapped my legs around my waist now my ass was swollen and then he
put his huge dick in my pussy and he stretched out and made a hard entrance my ass burned so much
but the pain and pleasure continued together then he
put me in dog position and started pumping flu in my ass from behind it was pretty late my
moans were heard on the street it was enjoyable then we got up and
he put me on my cunt it was a great position then he couldn’t help himself and
emptied into me so hot that I thought my insides folded up and fell
on me I stayed inside for ten minutes without giving a fuck and I licked it again and it was a great position then he could not help himself and
emptied into me in such a hot way
Gotume left I said no I said don’t be afraid he said don’t be afraid and slowly
he stuck his head out it hurt so much I screamed resman then he slowly stuck
it and ate it then pumped it and asked how I am a tile I said I’m great in reality he was
fucking great
I’m happy to appreciate it now we were fucking at every opportunity he straightened me out 34 times now
I’m happy because I’m pregnant

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