sexy bigo

My name is Efe, I live in Ankara, I travel frequently due to my job. Again,
on one of these trips, I went to Antalya. After I finished my work,
I started chatting on the Internet. I met a couple on the net. I said that I was in Antalya for business, I was staying at the hillside hotel, and we could meet
in the evening if they wanted .
Murat talked to eda and they said ok.
We phoned right away and agreed on the evening. In the evening, I
picked them up with my car . I said to myself, you are lucky, son today. the hotel is very nice and the mini bar is stocked with excellent drinks. Murat efe what are you waiting for

Your mouth will water now. “You go, I’ll have a beer,” he said.
I said with pleasure and invited Eda onto the bed. Eda is also satisfied with
yesterday; We went to the bathroom first. After taking a shower in the bathroom,
we returned to the room. I started peeling the edi. I was kissing her neck, shoulders,
breasts at the same time. Eda was naked in two minutes. It was
my turn.
Eda took my clothes off first. Then he kissed my breasts and shoulders as I took off my underwear
. I laid Eda on her back on the bed and started kissing and
licking from her neck. Before long, I was on her breasts, belly and pussy.
Eda started to moan. Murat was watching. I called him, you go ahead
, I will watch, he said. I said ok. Then eda was well watered and
their groans increased
I want to beg a little more too. I slowly
lifted Edan’s feet up into the air and started licking her between her cunt and ass, as if eda did.
Later, I started to lick his ass hole with the juices flowing from his cunt, which was
when he started to scream. Come on now, he begged.
So I pulled out my already lifted dick and slid into his swollen and watered
cunt in one swoop. Ed was crazy. At one point, murat efe
said, where did you learn to fuck like that? I said I was born for sex, what should
I do?
Anyway, I’m not a quick orgasm person. That’s why when you hit the bottom
of eda, eda goes crazy. discharges many times. twitches every time
he was screaming and groaning, pulling with his hands like he was going to tear the sheets off. Anyway, it had been 45-50 minutes since we started making love, and he was begging me to
come on now .
I said not yet. I’m going to fuck you from behind now.
I found the crispy chick, we caught it in the air, can I leave it?
Then I tamed it. her ass was already drenched with the juices flowing from her cunt
. I put my dick in your ass and said don’t bother yourself I won’t hurt you.
Said OK. I was a little loaded. Then
I started licking her ass. After I loosened her ass with my tongue a bit, she was ready. And
nowiiiiii had it in his head!!!
I put my whole dick in it with small and rhythmic movements .
And it was clear to everyone that he was enjoying it, not pain. At that time muratta edan
she lay under and started licking her cunt eda was flying and was
looking at herself in the mirrors in the olet room. I was both fucking her in the ass and slapping her
half hard on her hip . They were very impressed and satisfied. We met again later, and we still meet . I can always meet with couples who want to experience this type of relationship and have a fantasy.

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