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Over time, we started hanging out on the internet and chatting together. He wanted me to talk to men. Frankly, I didn’t want to at first. His insistence and my excitement as well pushed us to chat with foreign men. Small conversations began to form. Over time, the dose of these conversations and the level of eroticism began to increase.
But these conversations were instantaneous, they stayed there. We couldn’t find the right one to keep it up. Some are very perverted, some hasty, some are arrogant… We wanted someone who would really value me and with whom we could share everything.
In time, we found the person we were looking for, and we started talking to Msn. His name is Mustafa. He was a 30-year-old married man with a job. He was grieving because he hadn’t met a married couple for years. He really wanted us to be real. We opened the window, I was wearing my sweatpants. He was very handsome, very polite. He was in no rush and his speech was very level. We chatted about sex from here and there until the morning.
We were talking every day now. Our conversations with Mustafa continued, with or without my wife. He was really interested in me. He liked me. Everything was going very well. We were also doing some mischief. We went from showing my breasts instantaneously to stroking my cunt without being seen in front of the camera. He also showed us his amazing tool. He was watching and complimenting us while kissing or stroking me.
We were telling fantasies and getting each other excited. I was having sex with my wife when she could just close the window and hear us. Our voices were so arousing to him. We also felt incredible pleasure from it.
These conversations lasted for a year. Mustafa and my wife want to meet now, I couldn’t say it would happen. You know a very difficult situation. I had a girlfriend officially, whom I saw at every opportunity, had virtual sex… My wife also knew this. There were two men in my life… Both of them were really trying to make me happy…
Mustafa respected my boundaries. He knew everything about me now. But my everything… Even what I like to sneeze… And finally, finally, I said to Mustafa to meet my wife’s request. We were in different cities. We were too far away. On the day we agreed, I dressed as usual. My wife and I went to greet her, wearing a sweater, a long skirt, a veil on my head. We never spoke.
Mustafa came by bus. I knew him when I was in the bus. My wife was in a different place and I was in a different place. It was a treat for us. I was still thinking that I might change my mind at the final stage. He saw me but did not recognize me. Because he had never seen me covered. The man who knew where I was on my body, couldn’t recognize me because of my cover.
They shook hands with my wife. The weather was cold. They got away from me and I was on the download platform for a while. They entered the bus station. My wife was calling. He said go to the car. I just said ok. I went to the car and waited. I wanted my wife to come and go to our house as soon as possible. Fifteen minutes later, the two of them were coming from the opposite direction. I couldn’t think of anything.
My wife got behind the wheel. Mustafa sat in the back and I was in the front. My wife was smiling at me, I was very nervous, excited to death. My wife stepped on the gas. Mustafa,
“Won’t you say welcome, Bouquet?” said. I couldn’t even turn my head from excitement, with my trembling voice.
“Welcome” I said. Talking with you and us silenced him. I really don’t know why I said that. We came home. I was in the front, my wife and Mustafa were behind me. We entered the apartment. I was opening the doors fast… As if someone would see us, catch us, we were criminals…
Our flat was on the ground floor. We entered. There we met eyes for the first time. We went into the hall. He took off his coat, I bought it. I had a coat in one hand. extending my hand,
“Welcome Mustafa,” I said. He looked cool. smiling
“Welcome, Bouquet…” he said. We just shook hands with my trembling hand when we were wondering whether to kiss or not, on the cheek or on the lips. I went and hung up his coat, I couldn’t get in again… I was waiting in front of the door with excitement. Finally open the door
I said, “I’ll prepare dinner.” Actually, dinner was ready. The table would only be prepared. I smoked a cigarette in the kitchen. I started to set it on the table in the living room.
“Shall we help?” said my wife.
“It will be fine” I said. We set the table in a short time without speaking. We didn’t talk much while we ate. Except for Mustafa’s journey and the cold weather. We got up from dinner and cleared the table together. Mustafa
“Shall I help with the dishes?” said. I looked at my wife hesitantly, I was still afraid to be alone with her…
“Oh, of course, it will be fine,” said my wife. We were washing the dishes with Mustafa. Of course, my quiet and uneasy state did not escape his sensitive eyes.
“Bouquet, please relax. We’ll have a nice evening. Just like a friend. If you want, I can go right away. I’ll go tonight if you want. I can stay here for two days if you want. I’m not in the mood to upset you. All the decision is Mert and yours…” he said.
I was relieved by his words. Because if we didn’t want to, Mustafa wouldn’t force us. We washed the dishes.
“Aren’t you going to take off your headscarf?” said. I realized when he said it, the veil was still on my head,
“Of course I take it off, it’s not what I always wear,” I said.
We went to the hall. It was eight o’clock. My wife called me and we entered the bedroom. Hugged
“My beautiful wife, how are you, how are you feeling?” said.
“I don’t know, how are you?” I said.
“I’m fine” said my wife
“Then I’m fine too,” I said. We laughed. He placed a long kiss on my lips.
“I see, you are very excited, I know. But relax, do whatever comes to your mind, darling,” he said and returned to the living room. I poured tea immediately.
I went into the bedroom and undressed completely. I didn’t wear anything inside. I had a one-piece red evening dress. It had a triangle neckline and a rope strap. Her back was also cleaved. I gathered my long hair at the top with a hairpin. I put on my nude thin tights. The hem of my dress was just an inch above my knees. I put a bright red lipstick on my lips. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was very nice. My wife was calling
I said, “I’ve poured tea, I’ll be back in five minutes.” It was tea. I put it on the tray, I put it in the cookie. I went to the living room, they were both shocked when I walked in. I was careless. I was trying to be comfortable. I put the tray on the table. My partner
“My love, you look so beautiful,” he said. Back to Mustafa
“Mustafa, did you not like it?” I said.
“I like it very much, Buket, but I’m speechless, I can’t find the words to say” she said too…
I liked being liked like this by two men. I was so excited. My hands were shaking. I turned around and poured them tea. I’m sure they were both looking at my butt. Both of their eyes seemed to pop out of their sockets as they looked at my breasts as I offered the teas.
I sat next to my wife. Mustafa was in front of me. I crossed my legs. Mustafa couldn’t take his eyes off my legs. My husband was talking about what a beautiful, passionate and sexy woman I am. These conversations of my wife made me feel very comfortable.
I asked Mustafa about his relationship with his wife. He told that he had a beautiful marriage from the outside, but that his wife was very conservative sexually.
I couldn’t believe myself. What was I talking about with the man of the hand and in a sexy dress on me, with his legs crossed, next to my husband in front of him… We were talking about the man’s sexual life as if it were very normal…
I just couldn’t get these thoughts out of my head. No matter how much I tried to be comfortable, my hands and voice were shaking. We were chatting. Occasionally, when there was nothing to talk about, Mustafa or my wife stepped in and we kept talking. Time was passing somehow. We were also having sexual conversations.
The tea was over. I got up, went to the kitchen and poured tea again. I entered the bedroom. I wore my short skirt with blue straps. It was so short that I could see everything. I had blue panties and I wore that too. I walked in. They both said with admiration, “Oooo..” I shyly sat down next to my wife again. In front of Mustafa… I didn’t cross my legs, but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t prevent my panties from being seen where I was sitting. Mustafa also noticed that I was not comfortable, I guess, he was trying not to look at me. We were chatting, now I was talking more. They were making me talk on purpose.
I went to the kitchen for tea. My wife was behind me. He hugged me in the kitchen and kissed my lips for a long time.
“My dear, you are still nervous. If you’re doing it because I want it, let’s tell the man to go.” I didn’t say anything. My wife went to Mustafa. I was smoking in the kitchen. I lit the second cigarette. Mustafa came this time… My hands and feet were shaking all over.
“How are you, Bouquet?” “Look, if you’re feeling uncomfortable, just tell me.”
“No, I wasn’t bothered actually… I just couldn’t get used to the situation. I feel so weird. But somehow I said I never wanted you to leave. But no matter how hard I try, with my wife, it’s hard to say it openly,” I said.
“I understand you,” he said. We were standing, he approached and took my hand. He said, “Please relax darling… If you want me to go, I’ll go right away, but I beg you, let me stay, believe me, you won’t regret it.”
I thought I was going to die. I could not answer. He left my hands and went to my wife. He told me he was my lover, he told me hundreds of times on the phone on msn, but this time I liked it very much. Yes, I had a girlfriend, I really lit another cigarette, I had to decide. I wanted him with everything, but even at this point, I was still terrified. Undecided, I went inside.
I was pouring tea for my husband and my lover with all my sexiness. They were seeing my weight, I was aware of my butt. I never cared. I gave the tea. We sat and chatted until a pot of tea was finished, I was more comfortable now. I got carried away. Mustafa was calling me my love darling. I could only say dear. It didn’t seem so weird anymore.
The tea was finished again. The clock was too late. I took the tray and my wife came to the kitchen after me.
“Well?” He said, “Ms. Bouquet, what are we doing? It’s midnight,” she said.
“Do you really want?”
“Are you kidding darling? You know I want this more than anything. But you have to want it too. Mustafa is a good person… If you don’t want to, he will go. But this has come this far, please don’t let it be interrupted”
I was confused as to what to say. I wanted too much. Hugged my husband “Yeah, what are you saying? Do you want?” said.
I was able to say “yes”. “Yes I want”
I didn’t know how I said it, but I finally said yes. I couldn’t look at my husband’s face. However, he had arranged everything. It was my husband who somehow prepared me for this. But I was still very nervous. my wife hugged
“Look into my eyes,” she said, “I love you so much. Believe me, everything will be fine,” he said. I did not answer. My wife went and I washed the dishes. I put on a nice perfume. On the way to the living room, I looked at myself in the mirror and straightened up. I looked really nice. I went to them. There was only Mustafa inside. His eyes were wandering over me. I didn’t have a wife.
“Where is Mert, did he go to the bathroom?” I said.
“No,” he said. “Output. He thought that you wouldn’t be comfortable, that it would be better if we were alone. Whenever we call, then he will come.”
“Are you crazy?” I said. I immediately called my husband. I wanted him to hurry home. My wife was home two minutes later. They were both tense. But I was comfortable. I went to my husband, who was sitting on the couch, and stood in front of him.
“I can’t do without you my love.” I said. I sat on my husband’s lap with my legs spread apart, hugging him tightly. I kissed for a long time with my husband, passionately kissing his lips…
After kissing for minutes, I got up from my husband’s lap and stood in front of Mustafa. I grabbed her hand and lifted her up… We hugged each other… I closed my eyes, I was about to die of excitement. Standing up on my toes, I stretched my excitedly parted lips to him, and our lips met.
It was an incredible thing. We were kissing Mustafa. Besides, it’s not like that… I was sucking his lips as if I was tearing them off. We were literally eating our lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck tightly. He also hugged me tightly. We were licking our tongues and sucking our tongues. His hands slipped.
We started hard and continued hard. Mustafa was stroking my butt, acting as if he had just found something he had been looking for for a long time. I pulled myself back. I smiled looking into his eyes. His eyes looked strange. He was mad man. I sat him in the chair. I came back and sat on my husband’s lap.
It was like stone, I felt its hardness. We were kissing like crazy. He had one hand on my chest and one on my butt. He stuck out his tongue and I sucked it. He also sucked my tongue. I got up again… I went and lifted Mustafa again. He started kissing my lips. It was hurting and biting. I stopped.
“Let’s calm down a bit,” I said out of breath… He apologized. He had a sweater on. I also removed the athlete. Her body was nice. I kissed her lips slowly for a long time. I sucked your tongue. I sucked on his cheeks a little bit. I sucked his shoulders. My hands were not empty, I was stroking his belly, his stomach, his breasts. I was sucking on her breasts. He was enjoying it very much.
We were still standing. I turned it back. I caressed his neck, shoulders, back, licked. My husband was stunned but I didn’t care. I liked it. Actually, I love being petted while having sex. I don’t do this to my husband much. But I wanted to drive them both crazy.
Mustafa turned to me again. We kissed a little. We caressed each other. He wanted to take off my nightgown. I quit. I would set it up. I took off your pants. I was left with only a tight boxer. I knew it was big. I’ve seen a lot in the window. I wanted to touch it but for a moment I couldn’t. I sat him in the chair. I went to my wife.
I undressed my wife, too, and she was left in her boxers. But I touched his dick. I stroked a little over her panties. I was staring into your eyes while stroking. My husband was averting his eyes. He was getting nervous. I picked up Mustafa, stopping him in the middle of his hall. to my spouse
“Mert, come on,” I said. The two of them were standing side by side now, looking at me. I took off my husband’s boxers. I started licking his dick. I was stroking Mustafa’s dick with my other hand over his boxers. I stared at my husband. I was stroking my husband’s eggs. He is stroking my hair too. Sometimes it hits my head.
Back to Mustafa. I downloaded the boxer. Huge instrument stretched like a spring. It looked like it had come out of the laundry. I caressed it with both hands, loved it. I closed my eyes. Between my lips was the man’s cock. I felt your veins. I was stroking his testicles with one hand.
Mustafa started to moan too. The scar was getting bigger and bigger in my mouth. And it had hardened. I was sucking slowly. I was putting it in my mouth as much as I could take it, pulling it back again, and inserting it again. I was kissing her head. I really liked it.
I left Mustafa and took my husband’s in my mouth and started to lick it. I could put my husband’s in my mouth more. I licked it well too. I put them on the seat. I started to dance by curling in front of them without music.
After a while, I took off my nightgown. I also took off my panties, wiggling my hips. I was standing. I brought my middle finger to my mouth in sexy gestures. I was licking my finger like a dick. Then I caressed my breasts with both hands. I leaned back. I parted my hips and showed them my holes.
They both had their dicks in their hands. My husband must have been very surprised by what I had done. I was very surprised myself. I was doing amazing things. I went back to them. I sat in the middle. I clung to Mustafa’s lips. My husband was stroking my legs. Then I turned to my husband. I started kissing him.
Then I told them both to do the same things. It was an incredible thing. They were both sucking on my earlobes at the same time. They were stroking my legs with their hands. I leaned my head against the seat. They were sucking my neck and shoulder. They kissed and licked my shoulders.
Now I was having one of the great moments. My husband was licking my left breast and my boyfriend was licking my right breast. I was starting to go crazy. I held both of their hands. I touched my pussy. They both stuck their fingers in my ass.
They were licking my breasts and their fingers were inside me. I was enjoying it so much that it is indescribable. They continued this a little longer… Then I withdrew from them. I stood up on the chair. I bent my knee and placed my knee on the top of the seat. I put my other leg on Mustafa’s shoulder. His head was between my legs now, right at the level of my cunt… I grabbed his hair and put his head on my cunt. He started licking my lock. My husband was behind me, parting my hips and rubbing his tongue against my back hole. I couldn’t stand it. I was having a screaming orgasm. I ejaculated screaming like animals. Mustafa’s face was wet with my waters. I kissed your lips. I got them both up. I was having both of them stung, looking into the eyes of a husband and looking into the eyes of a lover. That’s how I was going to empty them first.
My husband started ejaculating first. But what an ejaculation… It was the first time I saw him ejaculate so much. His lascivious moans must have aroused him, after which Mustafa ejaculated. My face, eyes, breasts, hands, everywhere were filled with sperm. In fact, it used to be very unpleasant to me. This image used to bother me when I was watching porn movies. But now it was as if I had no boundaries.
The three of us went to the bathroom together… They both washed me first. Then I washed them in order. I was a little cold. We were dried but not dressed. We went into the living room naked, I lit a cigarette and I lit it myself. My lover was sitting at one end of the armchair, and my husband was sitting at the other.
I lay my head on my husband’s legs. My legs were also on Mustafa. We were smoking. I was kissing my husband’s lips every now and then. My husband was stroking my breasts with his hand… Mustafa was stroking my legs and my ass. All three of us had sweet smiles on our faces. My husband
“How’s it going, wife, do you like it?” said. I stuck to his lips like a suction cup. withdrawn
“Isn’t it obvious, my love?” I said. We were laughing.
“Shall we continue in bed, shall we?” I said. When they both agreed, we got up and went to the bedroom, holding hands. I lay in the middle of the bed and both of my men lay on my sides. My husband was kissing my lips. After a while, they did that amazing thing again. They were both licking my breasts.
“Come on, be tougher this time…” I said. It was incredibly enjoyable. Two men were sucking my breasts from both sides like crazy, tugging at the ends with their lips. Sometimes they hurt, but I didn’t care.
My husband went downstairs. He was licking my pussy. I wrapped my legs around his neck. Mustafa was stroking my breasts and sucking them in turn. After a while they calmed down a bit. Their movements were calmer now, both of them… We were kissing Mustafa. His hands weren’t empty, he kept squeezing my breasts. My husband kept licking my cunt too. My husband got up.
“Which of us would you like to taste you first, darling?” said.
“How would it be if I tasted you a little more, my dear?” I straightened up and sat on the edge of the bed. They also stood in front of me. I started licking my husband’s cock. I was stroking Mustafa’s dick with one hand. After thoroughly licking my husband’s, I turned and started licking Mustafa’s huge cock.
He had a very nice tool. It was sweeter than my husband’s. I think those who say it is not different are those who do not know the taste of their mouth. I learned that night too. So every dick has a different taste, I said to myself and thought I should taste every dick from now on.
They were both like stones. I went to bed with my husband
“My love, come…” I said. We were so comfortable now, we were acting like we were comfortable. My husband came. I parted my legs and wrapped them around his waist. He licked my dick, he slid it into me easily… He was inside me all the way in a single move. I was very wet. My pussy was burning it. My husband was coming.
After watching us for a while, Mustafa couldn’t stand it and came to us. He sucked on my lips a little. He knelt down and put his dick in my mouth. I licked it hungrily too. But it was huge. It was in my throat when I forced it. But hey, I wanted to give him pleasure.
Mustafa’s hands were not empty, he was caressing my breasts. I was enjoying it very much. My husband was fucking me fast. Mustafa
“Let’s try a position. You will enjoy it very much,” he said. When we said yes, we got up, Mustafa put my husband to bed and made me sit upside down on him. I turned my back on my husband and sat on his dick. With Mustafa’s recipe, of course. I was bouncing on your lap. I felt my husband more this way. We’ve done this hundreds of times already. I laughed inside of Mustafa. Mustafa came and kissed my lips for a long time.
“You’ll be thanking me for what you’re going to experience soon,” she said. It got ahead of me. It stopped me. He said to my husband, “Come on Mert, you go in and out now…”
I was standing still. My husband was coming and going inside of me. I understood what Mustafa wanted to do when he bent over. He started licking my lock with his tongue. Oh my God. What was this like? I couldn’t control myself. There was no way the people upstairs couldn’t hear. I was screaming. I couldn’t restrain myself, I couldn’t control myself. I’ve never experienced anything so enjoyable before.
I had a crazy orgasm. Just two or three minutes later, my husband’s cock, who was licking my clitoris, and Mustafa’s tongue, which was going back and forth inside me, started to experience the third orgasm of the night again. The time between my two orgasms was never this short. It was very enjoyable.
My husband couldn’t stand it either, he came out of me, I got up, got down on my knees and licked him. Again, my husband was experiencing an incredible ejaculation. Again, all over me, my mouth, my eyes, my breasts were semen. I was tired. But I had to evacuate Mustafa as well. I went to the bathroom and took a quick shower. I came set up.
Mustafa was sitting on the armchair next to the bed… He was looking at me expectantly, stroking his stone-like dick in his hand… I knelt down on my knees in front of him, I hardened his beautiful dick as much as I could… The huge cock couldn’t fit in my mouth, so I was pushing.
I climbed into his lap, but this time I did not sit upside down. I moved my lips on his lips, licked his fleshy lips with my tongue… I kissed a little. He hugged my waist. He and I both wanted that dick inside of me. I was a little stumped. I got wet again… I fixed his wound with my hand.
“You stop my love, I’ll sit down” I said.
“Are you scared?” said.
“Yeah, it’s huge…” I said biting my lips… He smiled.
“Don’t worry, you’ll take it easy, you’re a great woman,” she said.
I just sat down. I stopped, took a breath. His head was inside me. I sat a little longer.
“Of…” I groaned. It hurt a little now. I was actually wet. But Mustafa’s dick was huge. I started to get up and down. I could still have some. I was afraid that it would hurt… Something involuntary. Otherwise, I wanted it to go to the root. Now I sit a little longer. I was increasing each time. It hurt, but not much. I continued. I guess Mustafa couldn’t stand it. He hugged me tightly. He looked into my eyes. Understood.
“Okay darling” I said. “Fuck me however you want.”
He seated me quickly. I screamed sharply. It was going in and out fast. He was fucking me bad. I was enjoying it very much.
I was shouting, “Of my lion… Fuck me… Faster… Harder… Fuck… C’mon…” “Ohhh.. Your cock is amazing my love… You have a beautiful cock baby… You make me so happy. My love… My darling… My husband… Fuck me Mustafa…”
He was hitting like crazy from the bottom. He was fucking me fast like a machine. I started to orgasm again. But neither orgasm nor contraction… It was the fourth orgasm of the night. I’ve never been so ejaculated in one night. I was bellowing while having my orgasm. Mustafa
“Uhhh… I’m about to cum, my love, I’m coming,” she moaned.
“Empty my darling. Empty inside my love… Don’t worry, I’m protected” I said.
Uff… His sperm was pouring into me. I could feel the intensity of his warmth. I hugged his neck and kissed him. I was kissing your lips, your face, your eyes. Thank you. I got up and wiped my pussy with a cloth. My husband was in the opposite seat, delirious with pleasure. I went and hugged my husband. how much i love him. I said I was grateful for giving it to me. We hugged each other tightly.
We got in the shower together. Again they washed me, then in turn, I washed them. They went in. I kissed both of their lips. We were hungry. The hours passed quickly. I poured tea again, prepared something for breakfast. We sat naked in the kitchen and ate. We chatted. Everyone was satisfied. All three of us were very cheerful and happy.
When we got our fill and came to ourselves, we went back to bed. I turned my back on my husband. He also hugged me from behind. Mustafa was in front of me, we looked face to face, we kissed for a long time. It was about to be morning. We fell asleep.
I woke up at noon. I went and washed my face. My fatigue was gone. I felt refreshed… There was a relief on me, I was very light. I looked, mine are asleep. I got up and went to the kitchen and poured some tea. There were breakfast dishes left over from the night. I washed them. I prepared a delicious breakfast table for the kitchen table. I brewed the tea. Had to buy bread. I got up and put on a dress. I went to the bakery. The shop assistant at the bakery is smiling,
“Sister, you are so cheerful today…” she said. “You are smiling, there is a sweetness on your face…”
I said, “I don’t know, my usual self…” and went out. I mean, I was happy.
I went home and took off my clothes. I went to the mirror and looked. My face was really beautiful. I laughed to myself. I spread a piece of margarine on a slice of bread. I also poured myself a cup of tea. I ate the bread and immediately lit a cigarette. I was not unhappy. I was not restless. I was very afraid, actually I thought we would regret it, but I wasn’t. I hoped it wasn’t my husband either.
Both my cigarettes and my tea were finished. It had been an hour since he woke up. I entered the bedroom. The sun was hitting the window. It was hot inside. I looked out the curtain. No one was in sight on Saturday morning. They were both asleep. I watched some of them. Mustafa was a beautiful person. He was a nice man. Her body was nice too. They slept in the same bed and they looked so funny. They were both naked. Their tools were asleep.
I went to my husband and kissed his lips, he woke up. He looked like a sleeper. He smiled and I smiled at him. I kissed again.
I said, “Breakfast is ready dear…” He got up and went to the bathroom. He looked at the door again and smiled. This put me at ease. Everything is so delicate that the smallest thing could break us. I think my husband was aware of that too. I lay next to Mustafa, his face turned towards me. I grabbed it with one hand. I kissed your lips. He was unresponsive. It means he was a heavy sleeper. I parted his lower lip, I sucked a little with my tongue, he woke up. He also hugged me. We kissed for a long time. her too,
“Breakfast is ready darling,” I said.
“Okay my love,” he said. He took my hand, kissed the inside of my palm. I went to the kitchen and started toasting the bread. My husband came. He had a shower and got dressed. The two men smiled and said good morning to each other, while my husband was sitting at the table, Mustafa went to the bathroom this time.
“You’re like a flower this morning,” said my husband, hugging him and kissing him. Thank you. I was spreading margarine on toasted bread. While peeling the eggs, Mustafa came. I didn’t handle anything, I served my men, those who made me happy by fucking.
We had a nice breakfast, it took a long time. We chatted beautifully, cheerfully… Nobody was shy. We were very comfortable. Everything was going very well. I washed the dishes, they continued to drink their tea. When I’m done
“Let’s go out and have a look, shall we?” I said to my husband and my lover… My husband said of course. Mustafa wanted it too. I wore my tightest trousers. It was black and lycra. When I looked in the mirror, the scar of my panties was obvious from behind. I also wore a tight t-shirt. Even the lace of the bra under me was evident from it… We got out and got into the car. My husband,
He said, “You go in the back and I’ll be your driver today.”
A new Mall was opened, we went there. Mustafa and I sat side by side until he left, we talked, laughed, kissed and smelled. My husband was looking at us in the mirror from time to time. He was happy, and so were we… It was a big place. We wandered around and looked at the windows. Once upon a time Mustafa
“Mert, this girl has made herself like a peanut, shouldn’t they take it away from us?” she said. My husband laughed. Me too
“Well, be careful, take care of it. They’ll kidnap me, you’ll stay in the middle…” I said. We were laughing and having fun. We ate at the restaurant. We were laughing. Everything was very nice. My jaw dropped, I was talking all the time. We also ate our desserts.
We were passing by the hookah bar. We entered. It is a heavy place with a heavy smell of hookah. The ceiling is low. It was our first time coming here. Smoke everywhere. Like a room, they have made three wall eyes with an open front. The last eye was empty. We sat there. The waiter brought three hookahs. My husband sat on the floor that overlooked the corridor. I’m in front of Mustafa, diagonally. We were chatting and having a great time.
For a while, I was holding the mouthpiece of the hookah with both hands and staring at Mustafa while licking the mouthpiece. Mustafa could not stand it, he sat next to me. It stuck to my lips. The environment was very comfortable. If he had come, my husband would have seen it already. We kissed for a little bit and he didn’t leave my legs and my breasts empty. I put my hand on Mustafa’s tool for a while, it was hard.
“Do you want to lick?” said.
“Is it asked, of course I want it,” I said. He was unzipping
“Wait, are you crazy? “Don’t do it,” I exclaimed.
“I was joking, Bouquet, don’t worry,” he laughed.
“Come on, it seems you’re horny, let’s get up, let’s go home,” said my husband.
We got in the car. Likewise, my husband was in the front and we were in the back. I was dizzy with happiness. I slept on Mustafa’s lap. Before I could caress a little, his tool was like stone immediately… I unzipped it, pulled his panties and took the tool in my hand. It was in my mouth. I really liked it. For ten minutes I slowly, lovingly caressed, kissed, sucked. I was so engrossed that my husband
I continued my work until I said, “We have come to the street, children…” I got up and packed up. We entered the site and parked the car. We all entered the house together. I closed the door and hugged Mustafa in the hallway. We went into the hall. I went out, undressed in the bedroom and applied my make-up. I came back to them naked.
“You haven’t undressed yet…” I said. “Let me know if you’re going to be lazy”
We laughed. They were also stripped. His dick was already up… We were kissing Mustafa standing up. My husband hugged me from behind. He was kissing and stroking my neck. While Mustafa was sucking on my breasts, my husband was kneeling behind me, sucking my buttocks. My moans increased.
We made love like this. I was torn between them, all parts of me were being caressed and licked by the two men… I was passing out with pleasure. Then I started licking my men’s tools. I was licking a little one, a little the other. While licking one, I was pulling the other one with my other hand. I made my husband sit on the sofa. I was curled up in front of her, licking my husband’s. I thought Mustafa would get behind me and fuck me, but he got under me and started licking my pussy. It licked pretty good. We were very angry, all three of us…
My husband lay down on the large sofa and I sat on it. I was already wet. Mustafa stood and gave it to my mouth. I was making them both happy. My husband hugged me. I was steady, my husband was going in and out of the bottom fast. I continued to lick Mustafa without breaking the rhythm. My husband
“I’m leaving,” he said. I got up. My husband got up too, I started licking his dick. I was rubbing his wet dick with my hands. My husband exploded. I turned to Mustafa and took his in my mouth, the room was ready anyway… It emptied on me too… We went to the bathroom and washed. We returned to the living room naked.
We lit a cigarette. I took one last puff of my cigarette and pressed it into the ashtray. I spread out in the single seat I was sitting in, put my feet on both sides of the seat and separated my legs. Mustafa was in the next seat, he came eagerly and started licking my cunt. He was also sticking his finger inside me while licking it… It was very nice.
He stopped licking, straightened up and hugged my waist, slid his cock inside me. Half of it was inside me the first time. And it didn’t hurt like yesterday. It started to come and go. It was completely inside of me. I couldn’t stand it anymore either. I was playing with my clit while she was on her knees, bouncing inside of me. In this position, I felt Mustafa more inside me.
It didn’t take long before I had an orgasm. He hugged me, he didn’t let go, it was coming and going fast inside me. I was relieved. We calmed down. My husband had been watching us with glowing eyes the whole time we made love, stroking his dick…
“Let’s go to bed…” I said. We went to bed. Mustafa went to bed. I just sat on it. My fire wasn’t over yet. It was inside me again. I kept jumping. My husband got behind me. It parted my hips. I stood and waited. Mustafa was slowly getting in and out of me from the bottom. My husband was licking my back hole. They were driving me crazy again. Mustafa was not sitting idle, he was sucking my breasts.
My husband put his cock against my back hole. I was about to experience what I was most curious about.
“Do you need cream, baby?” said. My back hole was opening and closing willingly,
“No, just get a little wet…” I said. He wetted his dick with his saliva… He was slowly entering. Mustafa was motionless. Soon, my husband was completely inside me. Both moved. They were taking turns. I couldn’t control my screams. Mustafa was wrapped around my neck. My husband was holding my waist with both hands.
“Fuck me… Oofff… That’s beautiful… Fuck me like that…” I was shouting. They also enjoyed a lot. I guess my excitement got them excited too. I was having a screaming orgasm. They sped up as they noticed my contractions. I was cramping intermittently. Mustafa was also ejaculating.
After our ejaculation finished, my husband’s started. They both ejaculated in my holes. I got up and went into the bathroom, trying to hold the semen dripping from me with my hands. I cleaned well, came back to the bedroom. The three of us lay side by side and lit cigarettes again. I hugged my husband and kissed his lips.
“You had a lot of fun, my wife,” he said.
“Yes, darling. I enjoyed it so much… It was unbelievably beautiful,” I said gratefully… We were still naked. We were hungry. My husband
“Shall I make you a toast, boys?” she asked.
“You got used to making toast well…” I said.
We laughed out loud. My husband went to make toast. I sat next to Mustafa. We lit a cigarette and chatted. I put my head on his chest.
“My love, you wouldn’t do anything to upset us, hurt this beautiful relationship, would you?” I said.
“Are you crazy? Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to hurt you. I would never want to lose you… You should have known me by now, my love…” he said.
“I know darling… We trust you, if we didn’t trust you, it wouldn’t have come this far. Everything is so beautiful that I am afraid for no reason that something will go wrong…”
We hugged each other, kissed. He was giving compliments. He was a handsome man. He was close to the beast. And she was making good love. We kissed and caressed each other until my husband came. We’ve had our fill. It was time to make love again. Let’s rest, we made love.
What have we done, what have we done… In the bed, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the living room… They made me toast to each other all over the house. They even fucked me standing up and they both fucked me at the same time… Two dicks were going in and out of my holes at the same time. Oh my god, this was the most beautiful of pleasures. It was the most enjoyable moment of my life.
I was kissing the one in front of me, the man who turned my head and entered behind me…
I was like, “You’re great, you’re both great.”
My holes were starting to hurt now. We took our shower and went to bed naked. I was very peaceful. I kissed my men for a long time. Mustafa and my husband…
These beautiful nights last for almost a year. We experienced very different things. I spent one night with my husbandless Mustafa once… Once we had a two-day vacation together. We exaggerated, we got up and went to visit Mustafa’s house, we stayed for one day, like a family visit. So we also met Mustafa’s wife.
Life is so beautiful… Between two men who love me and admire me… Being the wife of two understanding, loving men at once… Making love with them… I just can’t get enough of it…

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