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One day, I am in the company and we have a female client that I
keep in touch with. It was a warm but friendly meeting at the beginning, provided that it was at least twice a week. When the
meeting times started to increase,
Yeşim wanted to talk about her problems with her husband and to have fun with her from time
to time.
I brought it by the end of a weekend and was going to take it to entertain
. When I went, he had one or two patients and he examined them. Then he called me to
the practice. He said to the secretary working next
to him that you can go now and sent him as well. All of a sudden, I’m going to ask you a question, but he said be honest
with me (Do you want to have sex with me).
I was stunned and he asked the same question again and if you’re sure I would say a big one.
I approached him with pleasure and took
the second step towards him, immediately grabbing his lip. He suddenly stood up and had me
lie in the patient’s chair where he examined his patients. (Dentist’s chair).
He suddenly attacked my zipper and took my tool and
started saxophone saying I wish my wife’s would work too. He made me reach my first orgasm with his vacuum like lips.
Then I got up and laid her on that chair. I hurt her lips, her
earlobes, her neck and when it came to her breasts, I unbuttoned
her doctor’s dress. I opened it, but what can I see
, there was only a bra and thong on Yeşim lady .
I started to suck slowly.
The lady had already begun to pass out
when she was in her earlobes. When I went a little further down, Ms. Yeşim.
She had had her first orgasm before she even went inside. I took off the thong underneath
and played with my middle finger a little bit. But I
had just started to carve the jade with my finger so please come in! please come in! she
started screaming while I was
looking forward to getting into that fresh unused cunt and immediately I was lying on that sick chair and .
I started to slowly insert the
jade, which was screaming just in case, the jade began to pass away
Don’t ask me, I flew too, it’s narrow and little used with jade inside
Moment and moment remained to reach orgasm together. Jade
was running her nails on my back, she was driving crazy under me, her voices were driving me crazy, her pussy was
burning like a furnace, we both ejaculated screaming. But
jade still couldn’t
get enough of it. She took my dick in her mouth again and woke me up and once again I made jade happy. when it was over
, she wished that my husband was young and fit like you. It turns out that her husband was 17 years older
than that, and she chose him just for a better life, but what she told me is.
I wish I had thought about sex at the time and hadn’t been stupid,
I’d live all the time, not for a moment right now
I make jade happy once a week at a time.

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