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Hello guys, I want to tell a memory that happened to me. This sock
disease in me started when I entered puberty. I say it is an incurable
disease, but I am not complaining. It’s an excellent feeling, of course, even if
it seems strange to others, I immediately get angry when I see someone wearing a nylon stocking
. Especially if they are beautiful and well-groomed feet, those
students are the ones that piss me off the most.
The colorful socks they wear under those pleated skirts drive me crazy.
Anyway, without further ado, let’s get to the moment. I will tell you about my moment when I had a girl arc.
It is completely real. We had a normal relationship
like every ordinary relationship, of course the girl doesn’t know that I have this stocking fetish.
I couldn’t open the subject because of my shyness. My only dream is to do girls ark stocking fetishti
. While I was saying what kind of environment I could prepare, the girl’s birthday came
. We had plans for his birthday before. We were going to spend the night
together at our house. I had to set everything for that day, and
that’s how it happened. :)) We started shopping for the night.
When we entered Ykm, I told her to be very stylish that night, and then
she decided on a mini blouse with a deep slit. All body lines were in the
middle. I was holding myself hard.
It’s time for those wonderful nylon stockings to complete this dress . With a fury, I found myself at the penti stand. The girl
was looking at the suspenders matching the arc dress. Of course I’m done then
The colorful socks worn by the working women under their mini skirts were
driving me crazy. Anyway, she
decided on a black super delicate scented suspenders that she liked the arc garter. I
was dying to go home as soon as possible.
Those great gartered legs should have been mine, she. After we did our shopping,
we went home. While I was preparing the environment, the room was dressed inside. The place
was pretty cool, I was waiting for the lady to come in and
I was surprised what to do in the face of the perfect view when she stepped through the door.
Kissing and smelling…
Her skirt was so short that I almost looked like a garter belt in the slit
. The first thing that crosses my mind is to run to those wonderful legs and kiss them.
I wanted to smell it, but I shouldn’t have rushed it.
We sat down to dinner and were dancing to slow music after a glass of wine
. I was doing everything quickly because I couldn’t stand it, it was too
late, and we finally went to our room. Now that wonderfully fragrant
black glowing garter was mine. After the foreplay, I was now with those wonderful
legs. My dick was like a pile, I
was holding myself hard not to ejaculate. Of course, I was kissing and licking all the way to the end of the garter
The garter smelled so wonderful, I was even more aroused, the female arch was
completing me and was making a slight groan. While he was sucking one of his feet
, he was running the other foot on my dick, it’s so perfect
It couldn’t be a pleasure. I couldn’t bear it anymore and
lay on my back. The girl arc was also pressing lightly on my dick with the sole of her foot from where she was sitting,
swaying back and forth, and the expected explosion came.
I was flying with pleasure. Girl arch socks had always been sperm. It was the
best ejaculation moment I’ve ever had. After this incident, the sisters realized some things
and I told the incident and it was natural. This is the first
fetish anime I’ve ever had. It is completely real.
In my next story, I’ll tell you how I fucked the ass over the girl arc pantyhose

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