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Hello. This story I am telling is completely lived and
you can be absolutely sure of the truth. A couple named Hacer and Berk , who live in Izmir, I received an email stating that
they were very impressed with the story I wrote and that they wanted to meet me. Later
, a few virtual sexes from
Msden said that they trusted me and that they wanted to meet at the weekend
. They reached me via the phone number 0532 …. Of course, on Saturday morning, they
came to Istanbul and settled in a hotel and called me.

We met and ate and drank. We went to the hotel where they were staying in the evening.
Berk said he had a fantasy and wanted to make it happen with
me. Berkin’s greatest desire was to
watch his wife get bored under another man. Anyway, we went to the room, Berk
opened a beer for me and herself. Hacer left us saying that she would get
ready and come. 10 minutes later, Hacer
entered the room with a red sheer nightgown over her and her thong underneath. When she saw Hacer like that, my tool immediately
stood up. she called me next to her. Hacer
looks so sexy in bed,
I can’t explain it. I came to you and immediately stuck it on your lips. Hacer is so hungry
almost ripped my lips off. When I freed my lips from Hacer’s , I
immediately attacked her orange-sized breasts. As I licked
and pressed her ends, Hacer was screaming with pleasure. I took off her
nightgown and threw it away. I started to lick her all over her. I started to lick her all over
her. Why is a woman such a sweet and smooth sex body, why is someone else like that I don’t understand. I opened the side of her thong and started
throwing tongue blows at her pussy. My pussy tasted watery and tasted so good. As I licked
it, Hacer
continued to moan and increased its intensity even more . so that you can

She was moaning. Then Hacer started shouting that I’m
. it was the turn of Hajare, she got out of bed and took off my clothes
one by one. She pushed me onto the bed and started playing, taking my dick in her hand. She was
holding my tool and kissing and licking her head for these two days
. meanwhile, Berkte was playing with his tool on his head.
When I fucked his wife, the room was coming to taste. Hacer was licking my fierceness so well that she was
like a forty-year-old whore. After licking my dick for about ten minutes , I started to ejaculate. Hacer never put my dick in her mouth as if she didn’t want to get enough
of a single drop of it.

She didn’t take it out. I ejaculated up to Hacer’s throat. She was also sucking the last
drops of my dick. After smoking one cigarette, Hacerle
continued where we left off. First I took the Sixty -nine position and she licked my cunt. Since she had just shaved her pussy, it was as smooth
as cream.
he turned his face towards me and started to
zip on my dick like a horse. I bleed me I was
kneading them on Hacer’s breasts. Hacer was enjoying it so much that it could
be read easily on her face. I took her from my lap in that way, put
her on the bed in the dog position, and continued
slowly after her.
Then I licked her ass and started
spitting. Hacer understood what was going to happen to her. No, I’ve never done it before
, it’s very painful. I beg you, she said not to do it. Even
if I told her that I wouldn’t hurt her, she said she wouldn’t. It was left to her husband to convince her . Berk convinced Hacer that she wanted her
to do this very much, saying that if it hurts, she would let it go. After I
spat Hacer’s ass well
Then I slowly started to poke her head. Hacer was having trouble getting in because she was squeezing herself, but I liked it more. It was more enjoyable for me to
fuck a tight hole . As I pressed it, tears began to come from her eyes . When she pressed it, Hacer started to scream. Berk Haceri

In order to silence her, she immediately put her tool to her mouth and inserted
it into Hacer’s ass, while her husband’s tool was going up to Hacer’s throat. Later, Hacer’s cries of pain
gave way to moans of pleasure. This time
she started to moan as I go and go, insert it deeper, my man is mine.
Hacer tasted orgasm 4
times before I ejaculated the second.
Her husband joined us and fucked Hacer in the room while I fucked her ass
. For 2 days and 1 night, Hacer could not get enough. While
saying goodbye to her on Sunday evening, Hacer said that I had spoiled the virginity of her ass and that I
would not fuck anyone else, not even her husband. They were very pleased.
And they thanked me by saying that they want to repeat it all the time
. Ladies and married couples from Ankara, Istanbul, widows, of
course, if you want to experience hours full of pleasure

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