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1 year passed after this event that we faced together Aysula. We were on a trip
. We were going to tour the Aegean and the Mediterranean. We stayed overnight at the places we visited
. Our tire blew while we were on the road at night, it was
around 01 o’clock and there weren’t many cars passing by. We parked the car and
started looking for a place to stay. hotel, motel, we were okay with everything.
Fortunately, we came across a teacher’s house.
We were devastated when the gentleman at the reception said they had no available rooms. We were very tired.
When we said that there was only one person staying in a 3-person room upstairs , we could stay there if we wanted, and we
agreed immediately.

The man was asleep when we entered the room. It was dark inside.
We slept like that without turning on the light . Aysu said I can’t relax, it’s too hot, I’ll take off my top
and started to undress. I said there is a stranger in the room so that he should not see you like this in the morning
, he said, I will cover myself, dear, and he lay next to me with panties (thong) and a
bra. I got undressed and covered ourselves. There was a noise around 4 o’clock
and we woke up. The man was still asleep.
My wife was like an idiot, she was looking for the toilet, she was hitting everywhere, so I went to
bed. When Aysu did not come to me even after a while, I looked around
. Aysu was (accidentally) walking
towards the man whose beds were confused in the dark. I just stood there without saying anything.
entered his bosom. He hugged the guy in a nice way, then he turned his back and
started to sleep, when I was saying exactly what to do, aysu started talking. “Hold on
, I’m so tired,” she was saying.
Apparently the man was touching my wife, very aroused, I was
watching what happened. I saw the man’s hands wrapped around her, groping her breasts, the
other rubbing her legs and cunt. Aysu said “don’t expect anything from me,
do whatever you want to do, will you do it, my dear”, she said and pulled her ass
out towards the man. The man got up on his knees and pulled off his shorts, revealing
a cock that was at least 20 cm long and as thick as an arm. Now that you’re burned, aysu
, the man took a cream from the table and rubbed it liberally on his dick. There was no salvation for the moon
Then he lay on his side and settled behind my wife. He was rubbing his dick in his pussy.
There were squeaky noises. Aysu let out a small “ahhh”
scream as the man pushed her hips forward. The guy hit the target. Then he turned the moonshine face
down and put a pillow under it. Aysu was
still saying “my husband, but you are horny”. The man straightened his dick and took his place and slowly
began to enter. In the moonlight pouring in from outside, I could see her cunt entrance. When the man
loaded, my wife screamed again and said “who are you, this is
not my husband’s dick” and was shocked when she turned towards the man.

When he said what’s going on here, he couldn’t take his eyes off the man’s dick. He looked at me
and lay on his back, legs wide apart. The man
entered that moment. My wife was biting her lips to keep from screaming.
My wife was freaking out as the guy went in and out like a piston . The man made him sit on the moon as he embraced it,
now the moon was jumping on the man’s dick.
His eyes were drooping. Aysu was pouring out jerkily.
The man’s cock was appearing and disappearing in my pussy. They went on like that for 10 minutes
. This time, the man made a mess of the moon and started to enjoy his cunt
. Finally, when Aysu said “I’m not in a good mood anymore”, the
man laid him down again, opened his legs and went inside. so much pleasure
it was taking 25-30 minutes that the man went in and out like that. Aysu
kept saying continue. Finally, aysu got on top of the man again and
started to sit up quickly.

My wife was jumping on it…

Finally, the man began to ejaculate, wheezing. Aysu collapsed on the man
, and he too had an orgasm. The guy fucked it for 1.5 hours nonstop
. I closed my eyes and started pretending to sleep.
I’ve been asleep. I woke up at 7 am and what do I see Aysu just fell asleep on the man
. They both sleep snoring. What can I see when I go near them
, the man’s cock is still in the moon’s ass and
although it is down, it still fills him tightly.
At that time, when Aysu started to move, I immediately ran to the bed. Aysu
rubbed her eyes and looked at me, and when she thought I was sleeping,
she started kissing the man’s hairy breasts. The man woke up grinning, immediately
snuggled into her breasts. His dick has grown to an animalistic dimension again.
He was jumping on my wife . It was obvious how much her pussy had opened up.

The man made such a mess of my wife before my eyes and got into it that
even I was hurt. He was quickly inserting and removing his gigantic tool. Eventually
it exploded so much that sperm squirted
out from the sides as it went in and out of my wife. My wife clung to the floor again,
and without saying a word, she took her clothes and went to the bathroom. He then got dressed
and left without saying a word. My wife got into the bathroom, cleaned up, and
lay next to me.
After 10 minutes, I pretended to wake up and asked, “Did you rest well, my wife?” He said
, “What’s the rest, the man on the other hand
fucked me with your giant cock until the morning, you go to sleep”.
We laughed when I said “I think so too, I watched all of them” . I went inside right away, but it was so abundant that it took 2 days.
We couldn’t make love, but she came to her senses. my wife still says she misses that dick

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