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Hello, story lovers, don’t everything start with reading these stories, fortunately, I’ll get right to the point, it was an event that took place at that moment that I never had in my mind, it was 11 at night, as usual, I was spending my time at home in front of the computer, chatting in virtual sex environments on chat channels, I went to the kitchen to drink a glass of water. At that time, I saw my mother watching out of the window, I innocently went to her, mother, the weather was really nice outside, I said, my mother said, come, you should come too.

We started chatting, we were both standing, one hand on my mother’s shoulder, my gluttonous hand was getting support from the window, I was getting support from the window when I got tired, I started to let myself go towards my mother when I got tired. After 35 minutes, something inside me started to set, my penis started to harden, I was wondering what’s going on inside. when I brought it down to her waist, my mother’s skin was warm.

I started to sting and play with the elastic of her panties, I brought myself from behind to my mother’s side, this time my penis was touching the side of my mother’s hips, I was saying whatever happens now, I was lowering my hand from the elastic of her panties to her hips I was stroking with my other hand I started to go down from her belly and panties and now in my other hand I was driving my mother crazy with my other hand from behind my hand which moved from over my mother’s femininity to her lips

After this caress for about 5 minutes, my mother pulled her hips back a little, she pulled her sweatpants down, licked her back, her back hole was wet and the rope got wet, she came to her vagina, I sat with my head between her legs, your mother’s alar presses against her vagina, we were officially crazy 10 minutes after giving oral sex to my mother my mother was all wet and mad. I was behind my mother and I was walking between my mother’s hips that had come out slightly backwards. He was pushing it for 5 minutes, then he took it out and put it in his vagina, it was coming and going, I just

Porn story I was just standing there and I was thinking what a wonderful event it was while she was shaking and ejaculating with the view outside, she suddenly pulled it out, she fell on her knees this time and started giving me oral sex this time, I was watching outside and now mine was starting to come on, I was going to come out, at least I wanted to take it off it was a mana not to pull it out and at least I emptied all your sperm without removing it, I was dying of excitement, he was licking all over me, it was great, the most exciting thing was that my father was sleeping in the room, we never spoke, first my mother went to the bathroom and then I didn’t even say a word about it, we were together twice more and they too We didn’t talk afterwards, everything happens and ends at that moment, as if we were two strangers.

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