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Hello, I’m kaan from Ankara. I do not believe that these stories are true
, but I thought I would write my own story. By the way, I’m 18.

I was going home by train after school. In the seat next to me, a blond woman
was sitting and a man was leaning on her chair. I understood from their conversation that they were husband
and wife, and as the train got crowded, I went to the place where the woman

Sometimes I bumped into him and I said sorry, but believe me , I had never seen such a
soft body. When it got a little more crowded, I
started to rub against the woman of my own

Grateful for my dear, the woman said, “Would you like to come to me
?” When I went to him, don’t be afraid, he knows about
husband. They said, “We want to host you, would you come?” he also changed his clothes and
when he came

He was wearing a nightgown that fit perfectly on his height of 170. His feet
were bare and his round breasts made me angry. He was already awake at 15.
Hakan noticed this and I was excited. After eating the food, before the table was cleared,
Esra put her feet on my legs and I couldn’t
stand it and went to her and pressed her lips.

my god how he kissed. My hand slipped to her breasts and I went down and finally
started licking that gorgeous triangle. by the way, Hakan had already come and put it in
his mouth.
When I was going to drink the water flowing from her pussy, Esra had started to groan, come on

and we took the esra in the arm and twisted it. Hakan started to fuck from behind
, so I passed on him and put it in his mouth. I almost fainted from pleasure. Hakan
came out when he was about to ejaculate and ejaculated into his mouth.

I was obsessed with those gorgeous hips. I forced it slowly but it didn’t go in, I
clicked again and kept pushing. Ezra also came to enjoy while I was

and he came over me and put his cunt in my mouth. I got into the 69 position and licked my
pants. By the way, Hakan was holding his tight against mine, and I was
putting two tightly into Esran’s mouth . I didn’t get up. I didn’t get
up and Esra burrowed on me and started jumping. After a few
jumps, it emptied and remained ole.

Hakan tucked it into Esran’s gotun from the back and this time we started to harpoon the awl
. Ezra started to howl and even shout. I couldn’t stand it
and when I was going to cry, Esra shouted at me that it was empty. I emptied myself with her warmth
. More will come after this story is published. If you want to meet couples
or women from Ankara, write to me.

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