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I am a jeweler in Didim. Since the season is not good, my wife
brings lunch and dinner to the shop.

I had a client. My wife is a normal beauty. British customers were
looking at very expensive diamond rings. She stopped eating, sat for a while and left. The British looked after her and talked
among themselves that they had never fucked a Turk .

That’s when I thought of it. If they screwed my wife, I could
sell the solitaire they were looking at. I offered. They said they would accept if they both fucked at the same time

After I fucked my wife at night, I made my offer and told her that she would accept on one condition
that she would accept half the money because her dicks would be eaten by her . I accepted
. They came to our house, I introduced her to my wife,
we had a drink and they immediately started kissing. I went because I was going out and I
immediately turned and hid.

They took out their dicks and they put them in their mouths on the sofa. One of them
was really big, he took it out of his mouth, went behind him, started to lick his asshole
, started to stick his finger in. It was two fingers, my wife was moaning
and moaning.

He took out his finger and put his head first and slowly the whole of his big cock
. My poor wife was experiencing pain and pleasure at the same time

All of a sudden, my wife screamed and ejaculated. The other took the turn, she
started licking her cunt, twisted it, and suddenly passed it. Sit her dick for a long time
and ejaculated inside. My wife was ejaculated. Two uncircumcised dicks fucked my wife
and I watched. I sold the property. I gave half of the money to my wife.

Now our relationship with my wife is very different. It’s like there are those English men between us
. I disgust myself. I made money but lost my wife

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