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My wife and I have been married for a few years and we got on very well. We were n’t doing it with children
, we were saying let’s live a little. Since the neighborhood we
live in is far from our surroundings, I really liked that my wife, Nura, had a low-cut and others saw her with a low-cut
and plenty of free kicks.
We were having exciting moments as Nuray loves exhibitionism.
Nuryim didn’t wear a lot of minis outside, but the number of young people peeking at our house was quite high
, as she wore miniskirts that were excessive and almost panty-sighted, and the windows were open.
I liked it when strangers
watered my wife. Since Nurayda knew this and
was open to them so that I wouldn’t look at other wives, the room was full of pleasure and excitement.
would hear. You should have thought about the situation when the mechanic who came to the house next to me saw my wife too small,
even when my wife bent over me sometimes, the tulle panties
appeared from behind and saw her wonderful hips all the way to the hole
Our bedroom was the corner of the house, which was the corner. I always used to open the window
or the curtain on the big window side. Or I would open the window
and throw the curtain on it so that it would not close completely. Since our curtains were light
in color, the street lamp right above the window would
illuminate the interior quite a bit. When we were making love, the curtain would open quite a bit with the wind blowing
and I would give my voyeurs a view as if we weren’t aware of it, my wife
wouldn’t know about it.
If he saw us
, he could clearly see a balcony from the building on the other street facing us, since there is no building right in front of us. There was also
a married husband and wife family. Because at midnight, they were the only ones
standing on the balcony without turning on the balcony light.
I used to position Nura naked on the bed so that they could always see the direction of her image. In that state, I
would curl Nura and separate her hips, caress her wonderful ass
, and then fuck her. As Nuray’s face was towards the bed, she would not
notice. Those who saw it had a good view.
On that day, when the street lamp light hit the corner,
we could not see the other side because of the reflection of the light. When I enter the bedroom
my beautiful wife was sleeping soundly. The thin rope panties that went between her delicious
ass did not cover her ass, but also made it even more sexy. In the extreme heat of the summer, the
window was open, so I threw the curtain back a little before my wife woke
up, it was halfway to the window. Now if there was a man in front of him, he
could clearly see my wife’s wonderful ass.
I went to the other side room. I pulled back the curtain and looked straight ahead.
He couldn’t see me if there was anyone on the other side. When I looked, I was very excited when I saw that the son of the family living in the next
apartment, who had just come on leave from the military, was secretly parting the curtain .
We were being watched as well as
soldiers. The soldier could see my wife’s ass clearly. I
got undressed and entered the room.
Supposedly I didn’t realize we were peeking, but I didn’t get on my wife and block her
view. I took her legs off the sofa.
I squatted down and started eating, sucking, kissing and stroking her ass . I untied his panties and
took them off and waved them like a flag. I didn’t have the strength anymore, I got on top of my wife
and fucked her, and she was only helping me in a half-asleep state
. When I finished my work, we went to that bathroom and I went to the bathroom, when we returned , I
closed the curtain and slept on the excuse of closing the window.
The next day was the weekend. We came from a night out. On that day , we
went to a close relative of Nuray.
The young girl of the house was a very beautiful girl with blond blue eyes, smiling face and slightly decollete. Even though she’s wearing a long skirt
I was very impressed by the fact that her skirt had a slit almost to her waist.
I was going to fuck my wife well at night with her influence. When I entered the bedroom at
night, my wife was again lying face down in her tulle short open nightgown.
This time she had black panties. The window was open and the curtain was slightly
open. I opened the curtain more and went to the back room to see if I had a voyeur
. I was able to select three or four heads in the soldier’s room. All of them were staring at my bedroom and my beautiful wife
in the curtain gap, indistinguishable from other parties .
I loved my wife and
I was proud of her. It was not possible for us to see them from the place where Nuray lay
because of the light reflection.
I went up to him and started stroking her legs and breasts . I
could hear it on the other side, not the window side, so that they could see my wife better
. I turned her face down and took off her bra, took
off her nightgown, then took off her black
panties. My wife
could be lying on her side and her ass could be seen through the window.
I caressed him quite a bit and this time he got on top of me, gave me a blowjob and got on his
knees and sat on my dick.
I was grabbing and stroking her breasts as I passed it from the bottom up to her . She had ridden me like she was riding astride
. Then this time he threw me towards the window from above on my back.
slept. If he could see his legs apart, his whole body could be seen clearly
Nuray said to me how my husband is, am I more beautiful than the girl at the guest house. I
don’t know about him either, but I said you are very sexy. When he said whether he would like me
to show it or not, I said I would like it if you showed it to your cunt,
I was grabbing your entire room so if you’re going
to show your wife’s pussy, take your hand from there so that the peeps can see my pussy. Ohh
sorry girl I said.
He said that yesterday, when you opened it yourself and showed it, I opened it myself
today, I thought I’m a poor soldier so that he can see. I love you too, girl,
I said I love you more as your cunt is seen, the room said to the soldier, show yourself hungry.
I laughed and said, “Is it just soldiers, there were a lot of people there?” He said, “Don’t make room
, I only knew there were soldiers.”
Let me have it girl , I said everyone should see this wonderful cunt.
That month, I was very excited, if only the soldiers were watching, go and get him , I would say that the poor will have
a little holiday, and I said as if you don’t want all the people there
. ” Of course I would, if you wanted to and I knew there would be no danger,
” said the room.
And when I said, “You’re not dangerous, you’re fuckin’ in front of all of them ,” he said, “What would you say?” I
said if I didn’t like it, I would strip you naked in front of the hungry wolves and fuck you.
Then the room said I want them all inside, so look, I’ll call you cunt.
I said it would. He said, ‘Call them to see the ingenuity of your wife’s cunt. I
said to the men I don’t know, come and fuck my wife. We
were making love again.
I started to ejaculate when I said you are my husband, do as you wish . Then I laid my wife next to me while she was stroking her
cunt, she lifted one leg up and said to me, son, if you’re going to show me a pussy, show it apart
. I was going crazy.
I asked him if Nuray could take this beautiful cunt thicker than mine
. He said he wouldn’t take the room, of course he would. I thought of a terrific faggot.
I went inside and looked left and right. A coke bottle caught my eye, I picked it up,
washed it, cleaned it, wiped it off, and came to my wife, who was lying on her back.
I started rubbing her head and rubbing her head inside. My wife laughed and said, ‘Your sister Fatma
was managing with a coke bottle after she broke up with her husband, but
here is my husband and there are people peeking at me. You’re screwing me with a coke
I said girl I’m doing it to drive them crazy.
My wife said oh oh my husband is sticking it so thick in his own hand as he
starts to cuddle towards the thick side of the coke bottle . Something else came to my mind, while I was
laying her legs out on the sofa and telling my wife to lie on her back, I fucked her up
again. It was in a congested state. The part of the coke that started to thicken
was halfway through my wife’s pussy.
I broke my wife’s ass and kissed her I spat my wife said to me what are you going to do
I said sandwich and started to put my dick in the tiny hole of her ass.
My wife didn’t give much in the ass after she got married. She didn’t object. As it was
loaded from the back to the ass, the cock wound and the bottom of the cock began to progress deep in the ass,
while the pressure from the top made the coke bottle go into my wife’s pussy more
I said to my wife, girl, what a tight ass you have, don’t you fuck when you’re single
. The room said you fucked it, or I said others , when I was single, it
happened before I met you, then I said oh sorry, my wife and I
ejaculated in her again.
We slept well that night. The next day, we sent word to the soldiers and informed them that we
would come for good. We went. The soldier was very excited to see us.
my wife wore a regular knee length skirt with slits from front to waist and
had a hook in the middle from the front. As the lady of the house and the mother of the soldier went to the kitchen
, my wife was crossing one of her legs so that the soldier could
almost see my wife’s legs from the opposite side. On the one hand, we were chatting with the
My wife said to the military, “Do you suffer from deprivation a lot?”
We were talking bullshit . When I learned that the soldier had a job like a carpenter’s repair,
my husband said to me that the handles of the wardrobe doors were broken in our bedroom,
should he come tomorrow evening when you are at home
. I said, of course, if you can get your arms, the goods should come. Then
I look at you, you always have guests, I said who was there yesterday.
In the meantime, his mother came, my son’s friends at work came , they stayed
inside until midnight, I did not understand what they were doing, he said. I
laughed too, so I said, dear, they will give morale to the soldier. The soldier
said yes, friends had come. My wife laughed and said, “I guess you had a lot of fun yesterday, didn’t you?

When her mother went back inside, my wife unhooked her skirt
in front of me and the soldier and crossed her legs. On my
side, the skirt was closed, but when viewed from the soldier’s side, it was open to the waist. The soldier swallowed when he saw
my wife a few meters away, down to her panties .
Tomorrow the soldier would come to repair, but what to repair?
we haven’t decided yet

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