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Like everyone else, I used to think that these reads were false stories and
sometimes I think there are some
.. My group adventures in swenger clubs during my trip to the Netherlands in 2004 could not go out of my mind.. It was incredibly enjoyable. Everything was different
in unlimited and reliable environments . ..but it was in vain..even though it was very reliable, unmarried people could not take part in these organizations..I met a couple once when I hung out on the net whenever I could..I am 40 years old but sex is always ready..and I like mature women..I also like younger women but there are adults in my pursuits

time..and I have a positive nature..The intimacy with the couple
on the net had improved and we decided to meet in was not very exciting..because
this was not my first experience..I was very comfortable..we met at the agreed place and went
to a cafe with 45 woman 35
they were about the age of..they had drunk alcohol before they came
to meet..I could understand that..I was content with one beer because I was driving..After
we talked about their perspective on sex, safety and hygiene issues ,we
decided to stay..when they went out, they told me that they could go to their house if I was available
. .I had to say that my time is limited since I’m
married..I couldn’t stay until the morning..even if it’s late
I had to go..I was very comfortable..I followed their car to their house..the house
was in a decent neighborhood and the site was secure..this situation
was important to me..we parked the cars and went home..the drinking table
was obviously left unfinished…as soon as I entered the house, I took off my clothes ..while the man
was preparing something for me at the table , the woman and we had already started making love in front of the door
.. she was incredibly eager and said I just don’t want it from behind..the man
was both bringing something to the table and watching
us..I was already naked..we immediately
sat on the three seater next to the coffee table. ..the man was wearing comfortable clothes at that
time..the woman was sitting around dick is normal even though it’s not too big
she was in size.. one hand of the woman was in mine and the other hand was on her husband’s
cock.. and I was with an incredible desire to make love.. I was not sitting idle, I was rubbing
her breasts and cunt.. we were kissing.. the man was looking at me with his head
as if to continue.. he was also looking at my dick but he
didn’t have any reaction. .I didn’t think for a moment that she was passive too..the woman picked me
up and said let’s be alone for the first time..her husband said it would be good to stress him
out..we went to the room and I immediately started licking her pussy..the woman was very clean
and smelled..don’t take my mouth away from her pussy I didn’t want to.. we
were 69 for a while.. and my eye was on the door. The man was watching us.. we were making eye contact all the time
.. I wanted to lick it before I even entered pussy was wet and
He asked me to go inside..he said it wouldn’t be without a cover..I respected him too..but he was moaning badly..excitement would
sometimes cause me to ejaculate early but this time it didn’t come..I was watery from sweat..the weather
was very hot and I couldn’t get enough … I went in. After
I had a good bath
, he started giving me a oral.. We went back to the living room and they were happy. They were happy
to know me.. They always say that there are few clean and decent people .. I told them my
memories of the Netherlands and my other couple
memories in Istanbul.. I got hard again in a short time.. The woman
stood on her knees on the sofa and started blowing her
husband..and they were drinking incredible alcohol..If I drank that much,I couldn’t get up..Woman oral
While she was doing it, she was preparing me to fuck her from was 6 floors of an apartment
and the curtains were open..we were making love in front of the window like crazy..I entered the woman
from behind but I
wanted to have sex in order not to ejaculate..I didn’t want the night to end..I was going in and out and
looking at other apartments… Surely someone had noticed us. This time, the three of us
got up and went to the bedroom. While the man was entering his wife, the woman was giving me a
blowjob.. And she was licking my balls badly.. We all ejaculated together and took a shower, then we went to the table. I
was ready for the third.
it didn’t bother me..we
thought it would be good to watch some porn..they put a cd but they were very nice to me..your man
I also thought it was passive but I didn’t feel any approach..but
if he wanted I would let him go there too..we were both drinking and making love..the woman was
saying please stay here tonight but it
was impossible..the woman was very hysterical but she didn’t fuck him badly fact..we were already on the third..we were not in
a hurry..we were washing clean every time and we were not disgusted at 69..I was
fucking very fast and the woman was saying more..the man was also
thanking was late and I knew to ejaculate
. .I always wanted to make love..I wish it was 11 o’clock and
it didn’t move..even if it was late..I ejaculated..I took a shower and asked for
a seemed shameful to go after all that’am, please stay
she was saying..we said goodbye after we agreed on another time..but
I didn’t want to go..the story is real and sex is good when it’s mutual I
‘m on your wing..lie won’t get you anywhere..while living these memories,I never
compromised on privacy,safety and hygiene

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