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My wife and I have been married for 8 years. Our sex life is pretty good, but because
we watched porn movies all the time before we made love, my wife
started to be curious about big dicks. Whenever she saw big dicks in the movies
, she got soaked. Since I knew her weakness, I always chose
movies with plenty of men.
I understood that my wife wanted to fuck with two or three men now . But she couldn’t tell me. One day, I said do you want to be fucked by
two people when we make love, like in the movies. Although my wife said no, how can we find someone like that later on. I asked her to go out. It was quite late that night, on the way back to our house, two tourists visited us at the hotel.

At that moment, I turned to my wife and said, here’s the fuckers. I
offered to stay with
. she was
no underwear.
Turustler was also in shock. While the conversation was progressing in the room, my wife was constantly
opening her legs and showing her cunt, and now our guests were becoming unbearable. But
my wife did not dare, so I
told her to put my dick in her mouth first
they began to grasp.
The first thing to do was the black man and immediately went behind my wife and
started licking her cunt. The other one was sitting on the floor stroking his dick. The old one’s
dick was incredible, it was very thick and 27 cm. My wife couldn’t take her eyes off the old man
. He got up and went to the old man and took that big cock in his mouth and
started to suck it. The nigga was still licking my wife’s pussy.
I got in front of my wife and I put my dick in her mouth but my wife wouldn’t let the old
man’s cock in the meantime the black young man put his 25 cm y dick in
my wife’s cunt my wife looked like she was going crazy with pleasure the nigga almost smashed
my wife’s cunt.

It was the old
man ‘s
turn . he was trying to enter my wife through her pussy, when he succeeded in entering the room, my wife was getting fucked both in her ass and in her pussy. They couldn’t stand it anymore and they ejaculated. My wife slept with tourists that night, when I opened my eyes, the men were fucking my wife. In the morning, my wife was no longer able to get out of bed. Despite this, our guests

They left after they fucked my wife one more time

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