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I am a 50-year-old woman who has been teaching for twenty years. Until last year
, I was a person with a normal sex life.
Until I was raped by the principal of the school where I was working last August . After the rape
, I became a completely different woman. Now I can’t stand without a man.
There is a vocational high school five hundred meters ahead of the school. The assistant manager here
is Figen, my girlfriend.
He is one of the few friends who knows about our sexual incompatibility with my husband . Since it was summer,
I immediately went to school wearing a blouse and a mini skirt. Since it was a holiday and there was
no one at school, I immediately went to Fige. Figen is also
a very beautiful and sexy lady around my age. Its also for years
She has been with her Manager Sedat for two years because she has problems with her husband.
Figene, three weeks ago,
I told our school’s principal Engin about the events that had happened to me and expressed my happiness. He was also happy with Sedat. While we were chatting, their
manager, Sedat, came to us. Figen introduced me right away. Sedat
is smiling. What a beautiful friend you have, why haven’t you introduced them until now?
she said and she laughed. We ate and drank at a luxury restaurant by the lake, and
because the weather was hot, we had a little fun. Serap, your house is
near here, the weather is hot, your house is cool.
We drink our coffees with you . He said and we set off. After 5-10 minutes, we came to my house . I took my guests to the
hall. They sat next to me
I sat in the seat opposite them. My skirt was ripped off. My legs
were in front of Sedat with all their beauty. Sedat can’t take his eyes off my

– You have very beautiful legs, the teacher said.

He was stroking the legs of Fige, who was sitting next to him. Going even further
, he started stroking Fige’s breasts, squeezing them.
Seeing them in this condition started to feel strange to me. I said , I’d better go inside
to my room, you put out your fire. I went to my bedroom. I started spying
on them from the door of my room.

Sedat and Figen started to move more easily when I got up and they
undressed, now both of them were naked.
To be honest, it was bigger than our principal’s dick. Sedat put Figen on the carpet
and suddenly thrust his dick in Fige’s cunt. They were so horny that they didn’t even need foreplay
. Our girl was screaming as Sedat Fige came and went
. As I watched them, I could not sit still, moaning with pleasure
, and my pussy was soaked because I was extremely aroused. I immediately undressed in my room, lay on the bed and started
masturbating to satisfy myself . My voice will be so loud that suddenly my room

her door opened and Figen walked in
when she saw me naked and jerking off like this

– My dear Serap, if you needed a man, why don’t you tell me? said.

He immediately called Sedat into the room.
Sedat came to the room shaking his big dick . Darling my friend needs a fuck can you fuck him? said.
Sadat turns to me. He happily
said, “I’ve had my eye on him since noon.” “You wait outside,” he said, turning to Figen. Figen came out. Sedat
came to me and I was trembling. It fell on me immediately.
He started stroking my breasts and cunt with his hands . The tool was so upright that
when I picked it up in the palm of my hand, it was like an ass cock. So I started stroking his dick . We
were having a great time.

Within three weeks, things were happening now that hadn’t happened in my married life.
First I got fucked by our manager. Now by this manager.
Looks like my luck was running out of the principal’s dicks.

I was moaning under Sadat. As I moaned, he got aroused,
hugging me tighter. Sedat suddenly went downstairs and
buried his head in my ass, sticking his tongue out like a dog’s dick. Tongue blows were
enough to drive me crazy. I was reaching orgasm many times already. All of a sudden, Sedat
stuck his dick in my pussy and was shoving it in and out after him over and over. What
a pleasure it was. I had given up my voice as much as possible now.
You see, I was rabid with pleasure. Sedat knew how to fuck very well.
Who knows how many times he fucked like me until he became a master. I was
trying to answer him. I was ejaculating.
I have never been ejaculated with so much excitement and enthusiasm. Sedatin is still ejaculating
had no intention. He suddenly turned around and took me on top of him. I was
going up and down on that amazing dick and I was
moaning every time that dick entered her pussy. Sedat did not sit idle, he was stroking my legs with his hands. All of a sudden
, I felt his finger on my butt. He pressed it and tucked it in.
I was startled when I suddenly felt his finger inside me.

– Sedat, what happened, are you afraid your husband never fucked you in the ass?

– My husband can’t even fuck me out of my ass so I said fuck me from behind

– Sedatta said, I guess it will be my privilege to fuck you in the ass, and

He turned me over and stopped me bent over the dressing table. My brain started throbbing as I put the cream
on my back and my butthole.
For the first time in my life, I was going to get fucked in the ass like I was de-hyped. I was both
scared and curious. I wonder if I could taste the pleasure from the front as well
All of a sudden, Sedat started to slowly insert his dick into my butthole . At first I felt a great pain, but as the dick
went back and forth, I began to enjoy it and I was moaning intermittently.
It was as if Sedat was going back and forth with hard movements, he was killing me with pleasure.
A few minutes later, I had an orgasm again. Sedat
ejaculated into my ass with a big jolt. And what an ejaculation, shouting like crazy calves.

Now I had two girlfriends.
Sedat is the second man to fuck me after Engin

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