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I am a young 20-year-old university student. My mother is the
eldest of her siblings and her youngest brother is my aunt, who is 29 years old. My aunt is an attractive woman with large
and straight breasts, full hips, slightly fishy brown eyes, wavy hair .
Although my aunt actually lives in Istanbul, she
came to Ankara for a job interview in Ankara at that time and
was staying with us. During the time he stayed with us, I was constantly watching him , getting
aroused by his easy movements and thinking about him.

One night, when I woke up to the sounds of my mom and dad making love,
I heard it rattling at home. I looked around for what’s going on. My aunt was crouching
, X-raying the inside of her bedroom doorway, one hand
between her legs. At first I thought of watching him, but then I went to him and
put my hand on his hips and started to caress. He straightened up and turned towards me
, and we both went to our rooms and slept without saying a word.

When I woke up in the morning, my parents had already gone to work and my aunt was
sitting at the breakfast table drinking tea. He was still in his nightgown. So I sat at the table
and after a while I asked my aunt what are you thinking for the evening. He laughed
and said it’s perfectly normal they are husband and wife. When I said that I didn’t ask her, I asked her
opinion about touching her
, she said that she was not the first aunt harassed by her niece, and I was encouraged
to put my hand on her legs and start stroking her. He wasn’t responding at all

The scent of her femininity… I pulled up her already short nightgown
and started kissing and licking her leg. As I approached between her legs,
the smell of her femininity was now coming to my nose. My tool was like a stone
. While continuing to lick and kiss, I started
to play with her femininity over her panties.

After a while I straightened up and pulled her nightgown up and took it off her head
, she was not wearing a bra and she was in front of me with her erect breasts. I
immediately took off my sweatpants and lowered my underpants in one move, along with the
bottoms. My device was completely up. My aunt
took the jam bowl from the table and poured it on her breasts and I licked it all off. Then
I took it and poured it on my dick and he licked it and by the way I ejaculated for the first time in his
mouth. He swallowed some of the semen and spat out some.

Flaming… I sat on the seat, took off her panties, spread her legs,
and knelt between her legs and licked her blazing and wet
femininity. By the way, your aunt was starting to enjoy it, I can tell from her
moaning. it was like a stake in my tool again and now it
‘s time, saying that it’s time, I placed my tool on her femininity and with a sudden
movement I entered into it.

I was inside my aunt, whom I had dreamed of, and even that was
enough for me to ejaculate. My aunt was moaning more and more as she went. After a while
, I ejaculated again, but not inside. Just when it
was about to ejaculate, I took it out and ejaculated in his belly.

But my aunt was still not satisfied. This time I sat on the chair and he
sat on my dick. Her breasts were shaking as she sat up and I
was grabbing them with my mouth and biting them. This is how we got together.
But our lovemaking didn’t end like that. I’ll tell you more another time…

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