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In fact, everything started with my relatives saying, “Oh, I’ll eat you, this beautiful boy”. A few years passed, and my cousin was staying with us.

My cousin thought I was sleeping and was rubbing his dick on my ass At first I was very excited I didn’t know what to do on the one hand I liked it very much but the fear of getting caught by the people in the house suppressed me and while I was turning my back to see what’s going on my cousin grabbed my arm and said stop playing let’s have some fun I said if we get caught it will be okay everyone went to bed and said a little bit He put me at ease after rubbing for a few minutes when he said this, now his dick was like a stone and he wanted to fuck me I was so scared but I couldn’t help it because I was at the peak of pleasure. Then my cousin slowly took off my pajamas and brought them closer to my hole. I felt like I was going to die from excitement and pleasure.

It hurt so much, the more I said stop it hurt, the more it came on me, it seduced me, I couldn’t help it, so I released myself and my cousin got into me all of a sudden, it hurt so much, I started to moan silently, after a short while, the fear of being caught made me feel bad and I said stop please and pulled myself back my cousin, you are so beautiful He said and started kissing. After making love for about half an hour, we slept together. I felt like my maiden was gone now my cousin had become my husband, after a day or two our house was empty and I called my cousin, he came soon after and he started to undress immediately we went to my bed he started to lick me he was sucking my breasts I was starting to pass out.

Then he laid me on my face and came on top of me, wetting his dick a little bit, he started playing with my hole, it was hard to get in because I was too narrow, after playing a little more, he started to get inside me completely, I was mad with pleasure, then we changed positions, he made me doze and wet again, and he entered me, now I was completely female, he was making me groan silently. After a few more minutes of being fucked, I had an orgasm and ejaculated he was still inside me he kept trembling with pleasure I started to tremble and the room came out of me and started to ejaculate on my face I was feeling very good.

After those moments, my cousin left and I started to rummage in my mother’s closet, I found a red garter set and waited for the house to be empty, when the people in the house left, I immediately called my cousin, the room said I’ll be coming soon, I said ok and put the phone on and I immediately put on the garter set, after a while the bell rang, I looked through the hole, my excitement was crazy At that moment, I opened the door and she saw me and here is my daughter, she started kissing and licking, saying how sweet you are, we went to bed making love, she laid me on the bed and took off her pants. and he started giving it to my mouth.

I kept licking your dick, which was like a stone, then I took the baby oil at the head of the bed and applied it to my hole and my dick, it went behind me, because of the oil, it went inside me very quickly, I hurt so much, I lost my eye, I took a little trip, I’m sorry, okay, I’m sorry, she said and slowly played with my hole. He got inside me and gave me great pleasure. Then I laid him face down on the bed and jumped on top of him. I became his woman with my red suspenders and blond long hair. I was having an orgasm as he jumped and I started to tremble again.

The room was close to empty out of pleasure, he put it in my mouth and started to ejaculate, he kept hitting his dick on my lips and saying I’m beautiful, of course, I was blown away with pleasure and I called him every time our house was empty and we made love and fucked for hours. It was a great time I wanted to share with you all. I kiss you.

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