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I met net, we were talking with mert and we talked for a long time , then my wife introduced him to me before that he asked who I was on my yacht with and
aysun when we met, I was in Antalya, of course, the wife asked for my number, I gave her my number, someone called me from a secret
number and we were talking and having a sex
chat, 2 people say let’s do it together with 3 people, it turns me on
ban I was 31 on the road, nice mert called me to his house, I
came and we sat down while we were chatting, I have a job, I’ll come right away, you take care of
yourself, Alican said, and your wife is the moon, 29 years old, brunette or brunette,
178 tall
, full-round hips, full-round breasts, not very small.
I said, “Anyway, his wife is out,”
Aysun said, “Is there anyone?” I said, “There is someone calling me, let’s talk, but he doesn’t give his real name and
number.” i know, why is there biosundem in aysun gilde, wait i am coming, she closed it and when aysun came she was wearing a tulle-like black check dress she said who are you talking to she said again i paid and she said do you want her to come next to me she said satin will come on aysun gilde i said yes she closed yes she will close her eyes and said

i closed and felt a lip on my lips and there was a hand holding my dick
i opened my eyes aysun duve continued undisturbed undressed
and took my dick growing in my weight to a small extent and started sucking vocal yoghurt I didn’t
know what to do with pleasure I started licking and biting her beautiful body the
couch reached down and licked her cunt to death I licked it for 15 minutes
and said enough, come on, I laid it on the sofa and I went behind it and I started to
sting my 18 cm dick was hard to enter in brunettes but I wouldn’t
believe it in the volcanoes, it was really like an oven and the stings
accelerated I was going to ejaculate in 10 minutes I started to say my wife and I will cum when I
said I gave up and ejaculated I swallowed it all and my dick
he licked like a candy here man and he said let’s continue he was great and he was fucked with a mertin he was up and he was fucking his
wife in a crooked state I gave it
to a little and he was licking merin ki was small so he could take his dick easily and you wouldn’t believe how well he licked mine and he got hard and emptied and I passed i said my ass fuck and dope and the one who went got fucked before but since you were small he wanted mine their appointment is out vegiti lerama

I could not forget them, I will go to them sometime I expect all couples and
women from Antalya I will come wherever they are as long as we are serious and sincere I am
waiting for your mail come on then call me ok

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