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I did my military service in a beautiful dormitory in Cyprus. In the military, I went to psychiatry because I had psychological problems. On Thursdays, I had a chief sergeant whom I loved and loved very much. They got used to me so much that every evening my commander would take me home and his wife would make cupcakes and cupcakes and he loved me very much.

When my commander left, Aunt Alew, I have 2 months left. I said, I will take a charter, how are we going to put the children to bed now, I said, laughing, Aunt Alew was upset, but what I was upset about was my family or something someone from the family was seeing it, giving a lot of credit, he was trusting, he called in the evening, Aunt Flame, and hope went to Turkey. He told his family to stay at our house between nights, there was no ulterior motive in me, I feel close to them now, I feel like a member of the family.

I was seeing it, I got up, I went to their house, the battalion knew about me, I was going to sleep there for 2 weeks, I was going to take care of her family, I knocked on the door, Elif opened the door, she said, her little girl Aras brother, she jumped on my neck, we went inside, she came to me, the flame sister-in-law said she’s handsome, she said, Flame is a fake blonde like a tall model 29 She was a very beautiful year old, the first children went to bed, I was sleepy, I slipped on the sofa, someone poked me in my clothes and woke me up.

He said late, no, auntie, why are you used to sleeping on the sofa, I said can’t you sleep on the bed? he said you are crazy he got up and went to bed i was sleepy i turned on tv i was watching when i woke up i got up at 5 o’clock in the morning i went to the battalion i had breakfast and joined the division my friends die with me you are sleeping with them the commander is not at home are you doing something?

They were saying, they were putting things on my mind, I was going to die and I was letting them go. I came to the ward at 7 o’clock. I went upstairs to the ward. When I took the phone out of my socks and looked, he called 13 times, I didn’t hear it because the phone was on silent, I called sister-in-law, no, I didn’t hear it, I didn’t hear it. Aras brother Aras brother, I immediately got up and went and the aunt opened the door ohhh thank god you came, the children ate my head He said I came I came and went inside I was tired and exhausted I was singing to the children they loved my voice aunt also came and listened

Your voice is very beautiful, he said to me, after I put the children to bed, my sister-in-law said no, I’m tired today, I’m tired, I said I’m going to take a shower, I said, okay, you can take a shower here, she said no, my clothes are in my closet. Aunt Aras called and the shower is ready, I’ll bring you the laundry. He said, “Well, Aunt, I went to the shower, I was taking a shower, he knocked on the door, Aras said take the laundry, I opened the door a little and stretched out my hands. I took the laundry, I took the shower, I dried my boxer and the athlete he brought, I was surprised, I wore them by covering my face with a towel.”

I went out and auntie said with a laugh and said if there is no pajamas or something, and they are wet in the machine, I said I will stay in my room, my dear, nothing will happen, I sat on the sofa, I fix my towel every couple of times, I said I don’t know, auntie, I don’t know, I got up and said to wear the bottom of my camouflage I took off, I said no, your clothes are always dusty, it will ruin the sofa, so I don’t wear it. he didn’t let me put his hand on the towel and pulled it off he said relax, nothing will happen he said I was embarrassed I was standing with my hand covering the front of my boxer I was standing with my hand covering the front of my boxer i pulled the towel wrong don’t understand he said ok auntie I said ok aunty I put my clothes on and started to watch tv flame took a shower and sat next to me with only one bathrobe on it to dry my hair with a towel was working

The front of her robe seems to open while she’s swinging, she didn’t have a bra underneath, I was fanatical when I saw the cap of my dick under the sheets, I was embarrassed when I said you’ve set up a tent under the sheets, I turned on my side laughing and crazy. I see you every day, I’m not ashamed of you, my woman said, you’re ashamed of your man, I said, aunty, I’m not sleeping yet, she said, I don’t have sleep yet. And you think I’m crazy, maybe I won’t go to bed, I said sorry I said I was changing TV so I could watch a good movie so I could watch the flame got up and went to his room I thought he was sleepy 10 15 minutes passed I thought he went to bed when he didn’t come I thought he went to bed when he didn’t come I started watching the erotica on the satellite suddenly I heard the elf crying, i changed the channel immediately, alew got up and went to look at elif, she didn’t go to bed, she put her to sleep and came in, didn’t you go to bed yet?I said I’m not sleepy Sister, I said I was drying my hair, I said I was drying my hair, there was a tight T-shirt on it, tight shorts under it, the body lines were always in the middle.

I sat down, stretched out the remote control and said I’m going to sleep, I was trying to sleep with my back to the TV when I heard the sounds of oohhhh ahhh from the TV, I turned my back in embarrassment and he called me “Sir, I turned my back,” he said, laughing, “You were watching, not me,” he said. Whatever you just watched, that channel is out, he said, I blushed, sister-in-law, my tongue was slurring, I agree with you, you are a soldier, you have desires and so on, Aunt said I said you are right, but there is nothing to do, I got up and went to drink water, I was in boxer, but I didn’t realize it, I forgot, my dick was like a pile, did you look at me and get used to it? between

When I said to go for a walk with boxer, he immediately stood in front of me 🙂 don’t be afraid, he said I saw that I will see it 🙂 I gave my aunt a glass of water, I just went under the sheets again, I said can you give the aunt water, if you don’t mind, I said no, she said I won’t give it, she said, I couldn’t get up, I couldn’t get up, I couldn’t wait I can’t wait, she said I’ll get you a glass of water, but came to my chest she spilled consciously auntie what did you do i got soaked i said get up take off you will get sick she said i got up and wrapped the sheet around me i went to the bathroom i took off my boxer i took off my shirt wrapped in the sheet it was wet on the sheet my dick looked like a pile sister-in-law play, I saw the machine, it was empty inside, his intention was clear, but I hope

I was looking at the chief sergeant like a brother, I loved him so much, the room was trusting me, my extension was visible on the sofa, I couldn’t come down on the bed sheet, he said, I loosened the bed sheet so that it wouldn’t show, he took a glass of water and came and drink it, he said, I took the water and poured it on him, he said, what did you do crazy, I took my revenge, I said my breasts were soaked, they were stuck to a t-shirt, they looked great. I couldn’t take my eyes off your boobs he said no, you’re looking at my breasts I bowed my head I got up from the sofa I lit a cigarette the room sat next to me

He was touching my oud, I was aroused, he poured the cigarette on my dick, but I was aware that he poured the cigarette on my dick deliberately, I threw the sheet with my hand like vinegar, auntie said kill the sheet, I said nothing, give it to the machine, I was surprised, he pulled it off me, he jumped out like a pumpkin, I left the cigarette on the plate and held my dick with both hands, sister-in-law I kept saying threw the sheet to the side and said uvvvvvvvvv one call I can’t speak I can’t speak a word The woman was horny I was sure of it but I didn’t want to do her wrong she said no I said no my dick was overflowing from my palms it was almost huge He was saying how many inches is your hand he couldn’t take his eyes off my sister I’m going to be bad I said go to bed please go to bed he was going to fuck himself i won’t go without seeing me

He said, did I say I said if I showed him I said if I showed him we’ll go now he said, I left my hands, it’s twice as long as the hope, I closed it right away I said go to bed if you let me sift I said no I said no good Oz she was playing with my dick, elif cried, she immediately ran to the room, i packed up and pretended to sleep when she came, i said she’d see that i was sleeping, but i was going crazy but i was trying hard not to fuck her, it felt like 10 minutes, i was pretending to be sleeping and sat next to me

He was going up my legs with his hands, he was caressing my dick, I couldn’t stand it anymore, I lay on my back, he was caressing it more comfortably as if he was sleeping, he suddenly took it in his mouth and started to puss with one hand, he was stroking his cunt with one hand, I also have a problem, I don’t know if I have a disease, but I guess not, the doctors didn’t say a word about it, I was ejaculating hard in 1.5 hours. It was 3 hours, I woke up, auntie, I said stop, the flame stopped, we started talking, you are really as young as hope speaks, you are an honest and honest person. i wanted to do it but i couldn’t, he started stroking my dick again and put it on the sofa

I started to do her pussy apparently it was the first time he was eating so much all of a sudden he started screaming, moaning, scratching my back, it was breaking, I don’t know how many times the flame went out, but I was just getting started, it was almost an hour.

He says enough, I wasn’t stopping anymore, I was crazy I was putting it in and out of it in a dazed way I turned it upside down on the sofa and ejaculated inside, you took my pill, I said no, the girl who took you said no, I said no, the girl who took you said I would die, she kissed my lips and got into the shower, I took a shower and lay on the sofa and brought me pajamas or something. I laughed and said I already knew, it was great, it was a pleasure, the flame broke my pussy, it was an animal, and he was laughing, I think he was saying what are you?

The porn story must have been horny because the sister-in-law said enough, shut up, your sister-in-law said, “Shut up,” your sister-in-law said, “I fucked her until the morning, we fucked her for 2 weeks, we became a whole family, my military service ended, I came back to Turkey, my sergeant major had been appointed, they came to urfa, they invited me to their house and I’ll tell you what I went through when I go to their house.” lots of fucks…

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