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My name is Necla. I am 22 years old, short, big breasted, narrow waisted, full hips, sexy for myself. But because of my short stature, I am a woman who has always been out of the preference of men and runs a barber shop. By listening to women’s various fucking fantasies in my shop, my interest and curiosity in sex was increasing. I’d get boyfriends for myself, often breaking up on our first date, and at most on the second or third date, the problem was that I was always short (I’m so short, sometimes they even called me Dwarf!). This incident bothered me, but what a solution, as the ladies talked about fucking, I was getting mad, I was going to the painting room and pushing my finger… We hospitalized my father because his bleeding continued after he fell while washing his car.

Since we do not have a brother, my other two sisters are married, and my mother died (2 years ago), I was staying with my father. The room my father stayed in was a triple room and everyone had a companion. I was the only lady among them, and I was dozing off on the couches like everyone else. At one point, another patient came from the upper villages, and they laid him on the bed of the patient who was discharged. The male companion was staying with her and I was still sleeping on the sofas. Since my father’s bleeding continued, I was not allowed to quit. The nurse told me that I needed to find blood for my father urgently and that the blood in the stocks had to be added.

My father’s blood was difficult to find. I looked for everyone I knew, but couldn’t find anyone to give blood. I couldn’t find blood when I said Police, Municipality, Radio… While I was crying out of boredom, the newly arrived patient’s son-in-law (I learned his name was Ayhan, he was 1.80 meters tall, big, hazel eyes, bald, but he looked handsome despite his baldness, he was a civil servant in Samsun) and asked me why I was crying. I told my father that I was looking for blood and that it was impossible for me to find it. Look at the chance! I found it on the ground while searching in the sky! He had the same blood type and said he could give blood to my father. As soon as I heard this, I hugged him and thanked him (but I couldn’t even reach the chest because I’m so short).

We talked to the blood bank immediately. He said that his friends were those with blood type, and that he could ask for them if necessary. We went inside together. He called his friends after being told that we needed 3 more units of blood urgently. After a while, 4 more units of blood came from the blood I could not find, and I was very happy… After giving his blood, I told him that I wanted to treat him with dessert. He said, “Even if you don’t order it anyway, I have to eat it.” He said and we went to the patisserie section together. We bought some of her favorite sweets. When I was going to pay for the sweets, I said, “It is not for the man to pay the lady!” He didn’t make me pay. For some reason, this move of hers seemed to me as if she was preparing the groundwork for fucking me.

While eating the sweets, he asked me, “What does your wife do?” said. And I said, “I’m single…” He himself said, “I am married, I have two children, my wife is a teacher, she could not come, I will stay with my father-in-law, I have three son-in-laws, but I do not anticipate their future, the tender was left to me in line with the order.” said. After the desserts were eaten, we went back to our patients together. I introduced Ayhan to my father, “The person who donated blood is the father, (pointing to the inpatient) and this uncle’s son-in-law.” I said. After meeting, I was talking about traditional patient talk and it was night, and my trouble with a place to sleep started again. Everyone was sleeping on their couch, but I couldn’t sleep, most of them were peeking at me because of the tights I was wearing.

At one point, Ayhan approached me and said, “I’ll take care of your father, you go home!” said. I said that our house is in Giresunda and I have no other place to go. Ayhan gave me his own seat and joined the two seats and went out. Since I haven’t been able to sleep properly for several days, I fell asleep immediately. After a while, I woke up with a nudge on my arm. Ayhan. He told me that he had obtained the key from the staff until the patient of the private room next door arrived, and that I could sleep comfortably there. We went to look together. Inside, there was a sofa bed and a shower, except for the patient bed. “Thank you!” I wanted to hug and kiss him again, but I couldn’t reach his face. “You’re so good, can I kiss you?” I said.

He bent down, kissed his cheeks, and then as I hugged him again, I felt a bulge starting from between my breasts and extending down to my chin. His dick had hardened and I could feel his heartbeat-like movements between my breasts. Actually, I didn’t want to leave at all, but when Ayhan said, “I’ll go to my patient now…” I stopped hugging. After Ayhan left, I immediately took a nice shower and sat down on the sofa bed, satisfied myself under the shower, and slept. It was around 4 am when I woke up to shouts from the hallway. I just went out to see what’s going on. One of the patients in the other ward had died. To the noise of the relatives of the deceased patient, Ayhan also woke up and was standing. After the dead relatives left, I went to see my father. My father was sleeping soundly, while other patients’ relatives were snoring. While Ayhan was going to lie in his chair, I made a sudden decision, “Would you come inside, you can’t sleep next to them!” I said and took her hand and took her into the room. “

You sleep on the sofa bed and I’ll sleep on the sick bed.” I said. Ayhan also said, “They especially warned that no one should sleep on the sick bed, I would better go and sleep on the sofa again!” said. “Then let’s sleep together on the sofa bed, we’ll both fit in comfortably!” I said. “I don’t know how could it be?” He said something like that, but when I insisted he accepted… We lay back to back on the sofa bed. Ayhan was leaning against the wall. After a few minutes of silence, neither of us could sleep, and we both started to fidget. After turning myself this way and that way a few times on the sofa bed, we were finally left with my hips against his dick.

Ayhan’s dick was up and he was putting pressure on my ass. I was pressing my ass against his dick too. Neither of us was talking, but we both liked it. After lying down like this for a while, Ayhana said, “You couldn’t sleep too, huh?” I asked. “Yes, I’m sleepy!” she said. I turned to Ayhan and said with a smile, “I guess yours doesn’t have sleep either!” I said. “I do not understand?” she said. “Your tool!” I said. “Oh, is that it? He was excited because of you!” he said, laughing. I slid my hand down the front of his pants and ran over his dick, “Would you like me to relax?” I said. “Let’s not get caught, even if I want to!” she said. “Who would come at this hour?” I said and immediately opened the zipper (as told by the customers who came to the hairdresser) and put my hand on his dick… After rubbing his dick a bit, it was like a pile. I dislodged his dick, it was huge and huge. It was my first time seeing a live cock.

His veins were swollen, the head of his dick was like a fireball. I rubbed it back and forth well, then spit my hand out and rubbed it again. Holding my head, “Would you like to suck?” she said. “This is my first time touching…” I said. “Are you a virgin?” she said. “Yes!” act “Then let’s just play, let’s not go further!” she said. “It doesn’t matter to me, I’ll keep up with you!” I said and wanted to suck his dick, but it didn’t fit in my mouth and frankly I didn’t know how to do it. Then he suddenly straightened up and took me in his arms, kissing my lips so tightly that he was squeezing me out like I was getting my water out, and he was kneading my butt with his big and wide hands.

Within a minute or two in his lap, my raucous ejaculation became one as orgasm. When my jerky ejaculation was over, I said, “No, you just passed!” said. “What can I do, I can’t help it, I’ve been nice!” I said. Then he started stroking and kneading my breasts. He took off my combed cotton, and when he saw my breasts, he said, “Your neck is a little small, but your breasts are so plump and rocky!” He took off my bra. “I look like a dwarf, don’t I?” I said. “No, I didn’t mean it like that…” he said. “You can call me Dwarf if you want, fucker!” I said, because I was thoroughly aroused. “Did you call me a fucker?” said. “

Yes I want you to be my fucker, I want you to fuck me!” I said. “How will this work? You are a virgin!” said. “Fuck me, it won’t happen to anyone else anyway, everyone is obsessed with me!” I said. “Height doesn’t matter, honey, just get the box good! But it’s the first time I have sex with such a small person, I fucked a short friend of your lady before, but he was 20-25 cm bigger than you. Besides, my dick is a little big, it’s 21 cm, so I’m having trouble with my wife, I don’t know if you can buy it?” she said. And I laughed, “Well, you sting as much as I can!” I said. Then she stretched me out on the sofa bed and took off my tights, and when she saw my pink thong she said, “You’re not a little bit too!” she said. He pulls my thong to the right with his hand, pulls to the left, pats my cunt, ”

What a clean cunt you have, like cream! Are you waxing, it’s the first time I’ve seen such a smooth pussy.” said. “No, I use depilatory cream!” I said. He cuddled and started sucking on my pussy. I could hardly contain myself from screaming in delight as he thrust his tongue deep into my cunt. “Ayhan, if you suck a little more, I will scream with pleasure, I can’t stand it!” I once again ejaculated. Ayhan said, “Oh, we have business with you, if you can’t keep yourself from shouting while you’re licking, if I get into this mess of mine, you’ll get the hospital on our heads, I don’t know what to do!” said. And I said, “Fuck me, I’ll try not to shout, at least let’s try!” I said. “Okay then!” he said and took off his pants.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when he took off his panties as well, he was inside as much as I could touch, I wouldn’t have watered at all if I knew it was that big, I was starting to get scared… I took off my thong and wet my dick with the water from my pussy, fingered my pussy a little and brought his dick back to my mouth and said, “Suck a little, here’s the taste of it!” he said and put his dick in my mouth. However, his head was the size of my fist, I wanted to put it in my mouth, but it didn’t fit. He was leaning against my face, his height exceeding my chin. I licked his dick a little bit and spit around him and said, “Enough, fuck it!” I said. Then I took my bra and put it in my mouth, biting my bra and covering my mouth with my hand. Ayhan laughed and said, “What’s going on?” said. And I said, “Doomsday will break out now, come on, I’m ready!” I said. He pulled me to the foot of the sofa bed and, staying on the floor, folded the pillow and stuffed it under me. He pulled my feet by my feet and brought my cunt to the level of his dick and started rubbing. I was dying to get fucked now, but I couldn’t figure out how that huge cock would get into my pussy. I ejaculated again as he rubbed his dick up and down my cunt.

This time, water was flowing from my pussy like a canal… When I wet my dick with the water coming out of my pussy and put the head of his dick on my pussy, he wanted to go inside with the lips of my cock. I opened my pussy’s lips left and right with both hands. But she was still struggling to insert it. I, too, was getting used to biting the bra in my mouth and clenching my teeth, trying to push it in. After a lot of effort, he finally got dizzy and I took a deep Ohhh. Ayhan said, “Oh man, his head is gone, the rest will come!” ‘ he said, pushing back and forth with his dick, which he held with both hands, millimeter by millimeter. I almost couldn’t breathe when my pussy was hurt and a little bit more. He grabbed my crotch and pulled me towards him, lifting my waist up. My back was cramped like it was going to break, but I felt my pussy open a little. He slid it back and forth a few times and inserted it a bit more and said, “Hold on tight now, I’ll put it all in, don’t shout!” said. With the clenching of my teeth, it was one thing to press and load and the burning in my pussy started.

There was a fire in my pussy now… My dick was scattering inside my pussy, I was feeling a warm leak inside me. After going back and forth a little more, he completely smashed it into the depths of my cunt, all in one fell swoop. Finally my maiden was gone. I could feel his dick stretching in other parts of me as well. When he pulled it out after going back and forth a few times, his dick was blood red. I couldn’t understand why he took his dick off, I wanted to get more fucked, I took the bra off my mouth and said, “Is that all?” I said. “Stop!” she said and took my panties and wiped her dick and pussy thoroughly, “Do you have any cream in your bag?” she said. “There is!” I reached into my bag and handed the cream. After thoroughly creaming his dick with cream, he put it back on my pussy. This time it was getting in. “If it would be so easy with cream, why didn’t you do it the first time?” I said. “I didn’t do it so you could understand the difference and taste of the first fuck!” he kept pumping my pussy… My back was numb, “You should just take the pillow under me now!” I said. After pulling out the pillow from under me, it took my legs on his shoulders and it was so thick that I could only see the hair on the guy’s belly and chest, it was impossible to see his face. It was like he had doubled me.

I was already short, in this position I felt like I was even shorter. He kept pushing and pulling it all in and out. ‘Cork Cork’ sounds were coming out of my cunt every time he stabbed. It was heavy, but his fuck was fun. I tried to keep up with him, but my breathing was getting hard. She stopped, leaned over and kissed my lips, “Let’s try another position if you’re tired!” she said. “It would be fine!” I said. He would take me in his arms without getting out of my cunt, he would move me around the room in his lap like a doll, bouncing on his dick, and sometimes he would keep me on the bed or the refrigerator, and he would continue to fuck me. After squeezing my back against the wall and squeezing it hard and hard, he sat on the sofa bed and started to lift me up and down on his lap.

I don’t even remember how many times I’ve vacated these positions. Then, out of my ass, he lay on my back and started to lift me up and down, holding me by the waist. He made me jump so much that I felt like I was about to slip out of his grasp and fall. He then stopped raising and lowering me and said, “Continue a little yourself as you wish!” said. My legs were numb, and when I got up to change positions, water was flowing from my cunt. The hole in my cunt was huge, and he was looking at my cunt by moving his head with a cock as big as my arm. Kneeling, I began to descend slowly on the cock, sitting on top of it and lowering it deep into my cunt became one. I was walking back and forth in circles with my hips curled on it.

After a while, the shape of Ayhan’s face began to change and his body began to contract. Then suddenly, “Get up, I’m ejaculating!” He grabbed my waist and pushed me off. She took my tights from the floor and brought it to her cock and started to ejaculate. She was ejaculating so much that she was carrying the semen from the right and left of my leggings, and she was constantly folding my leggings so that they wouldn’t flow around… When the discharge was finished, that huge cock slowly deflated, she. Holding me, he pulled my face to his side and said, “Now you’re a woman, do you regret it?” she said. “Why should I regret it? On the contrary, I am very pleased! Besides, I wanted to get fucked myself! I’ve had men three or four times to fuck with, but they didn’t fuck me because I’m short, so thank you so much! And you know, no one would take me with my height anyway! When you want to fuck me, I come to you, fuck me!” I said. Ayhan also said, “

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