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Greetings, I will confess to you, this incident happened about 5 years ago, because I can’t forget it, I want to confess it to someone now. My name is Derin, I am 27 years old, I have been married for 2 years, I have a daughter, 1 year old, we have a happy family, but the incident that happened to me before, casts a shadow on my happiness. At first, we were like close friends with Necati, our neighbor’s son, but later on, this turned into a sex friendship. He is 2 years older than me, he changed so much after coming from the military that
he saw me as a fuck friend rather than a friend, I heard it many times from his own mouth, he took me from my house a week after I came from the military and showed me to the cinema or something, he was trying to kiss me while I was visiting, I didn’t make a sound because he had just come from the military, but to satisfy himself for a while, For some reason, it started to become close, in the middle of the night, I was rubbing against the coal burner, I was squeezing myself even though I was aroused by its friction, we started kissing on the lips or something, our closeness was increasing day by day and I was getting more and more open every day, in the middle of the night, he called me to the coal mine again, while I was coming He said he couldn’t be satisfied with the rubbing of wearing something under it, but how he convinced me with his sweet tongue, I said okay, I went down to the coal shed, I went down without a bra and panties, when he saw me at the door, he pulled me to the coal pit,he turned it upside down and started rubbing, how his hardened heat turned me on too, he was caressing my breasts and pulling him towards himself, I was wearing a pajama-style thing under me, the room was dressed in something like that, I felt like I was taking it in as it rubs, after a few rubbing like this, he took off the dress suddenly I felt his bare flesh , he said stop, stop I won’t go too far while trying to pull it with my hand, his breathing was changing every minute, he was giving and taking fast, he spat, he started to force his dick in my ass hole, I tried to save myself, if I let go, he would start to fuck me in the ass but suddenly I fell under it, my pussy is bare his dick is bare He went to my milk, he held my arms, he was slowly inserting his dick into me, he was starting to come into my ass, I was struggling under it, he kept putting it inside me until I said don’t do it,I was being raped, I started screaming, don’t do it, but he closed my mouth with his hands and started to burden me, I was devastated by contracting myself, then I surrendered myself to him, when I realized that, he started to gather my legs and fuck them all, my maidenhood was broken at that time, he started to thrust them all in and out so that my moans could not be heard. he was still covering my mouth with his hand, then he turned me over and slightly twisted and started to insert his dick into me more than 20 minutes, he finally ejaculated on my ass hole, I started crying I lost my maidenness that night I cried all night I tried to forget I got married but every now and then I remember I’m still sad, I gave it to my husband before I got married so he would know from the beginning that I’m not a virgin, when he asked I told it like it was another incident, he didn’t say anything.I will tell you another story I had with him, but see you later.

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