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I fucked her husband sat and watched
Friends, throw a lie, fuck the believer, those who entered the last site, you made me
disgusted even with the fuck I love so much please, it won’t be that much of a lie,
I beg the editor of the site, do not accept everything and write……please.

I was a tradesman, I used to have an auto service and I had a ten-year-old customer called Adnan Bey, whom
I loved very much, and he had a beautiful
wife, Filiz, they would come to me often, we would chat and his wife would
say, what did you find in this man, you trust this man so much
. He would say, what do you know, and Mrs. Filiz got very angry, so
I would say don’t fight because of me.

I’m 75 kg 1.70 tall, not ugly, but I’m not considered handsome, but I’m a
sympathetic, outspoken person

Anyway, our lady Filiz got a license and started to drive, but don’t
start, the tire burst, Cem Bey comes and hits her, they hit her, the days
go like this, I send her friends who work with me, she gets angry and says I’m comfortable with you, she just started to say I understand
that Adnan loves you , it’s a shame for her to say I am
a female psychiatrist

One day he hit the car again and I went and bought it. A week later, the car was finished and
I said come and get it, Mrs. Filiz said, “We are waiting for you for dinner and we are waiting for dinner.”
I got dressed and got a red rose and a bottle of whiskey and left.

I handed the rose to Ms. Filiz and said it’s my free entry card to the house, and
Adnan Bey gave the whiskey. You are such an interesting man, Mrs. Filiz said, you should n’t have been a
mechanic, you must have been
in very different places. .

After the meal, we started to watch TV and Mrs. Filiz
filled our whiskey with ice and we started drinking. They asked me for their bills and I said what can I buy in a hurry
, they said get it and they gave me a lot of money, so they gave me a
gift for my nephews, said Cem, I said thank you and we started drinking, our
heads were high, Mrs. Filiz said I will wear something comfortable
She left the living room and came back ten minutes later in a maroon
nightgown with nothing in it. I was shocked.

From time to time, in our sex chats with Adnan , he asked me how many inches is your cen , but I didn’t care, I
said there are always conversations between men, 18.5 x6.
Ms. Filiz sat right in front of me and she opens and closes her legs
, I started to be crazy in every square, Oskar was like wood, I tried to hide it ,
but it doesn’t work, you look in front of me, what’s wrong with the sprout
, what is that sprout? They hit me, come, we gave a lot of trouble , he said I’ll give your reward, I’m done Adnan, relax, Cem, he said, we love you very much, and Mrs. Filiz sat on my lap.

it stuck to my lips, now my film is broken, so I
clung to his lips and I fucked his cunt with my fingers , I
don’t know how many times he ejaculated. Then he took my Oscar into his own hands
and started to lick it and I ejaculated in his mouth,
then I said can I use the shower, I said, relax like your own house.

I got out of the shower, Adnan and Fili are kissing When I entered, the sprout came to me
, please feed me fully tonight, I want yours in every hole, he said and I started to lick the
sprout standing up and I started to lick your back, your ass, your pussy all over the seat
and I started to brush it, begging please, just put it in, I said okay I said
inch by inch, barbarian screams Adnan wife Big dick
says, is it good to eat, thank you dear, shouting cem, put
them all in, I rooted them all and it started to come and go, we both ejaculated at the same
time and sprout licked Adnan’s and emptied it too

they both thanked me and said can I sit on the sprout sprout I sat down
I stroked your hair I kissed it and rested my mind was on the sprout’s 110 -hole ass
and slowly I started to lick its hole the sprout went crazy adnan
they never experienced shock and I used my fingers in the sprout’s ass
hole I said it will sting
and I started to push slowly I said hold your head.

and i spent the house collapsed, tears are flowing from their eyes but whoever listens i put
them all the way forward i said and started pumping ah oh the sounds
started getting louder the pains started to rise from the house it was pleasure

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