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Hello, I am murat manisa salihli, 36 years old, single and greedy man. When a man from Izmir
whom I met on sex chat sites asked me about my search, I told him that I was
looking for unlimited sex with mature, well-groomed women . When we got married years ago , she said that she promised her husband that if I can’t be enough for you about sex, I’ll find a strong enough man for you. After talking about our profiles and mutual expectations , we added our msns .

We were hungry, the two of them are sitting side by side, their faces are not visible, but believe me , Ms. She
was saying that I am the size of her breasts, the width of her shoulders, even though she is dressed, she
said hello from the microphone E
I said hello, you are very beautiful, I did not expect this much,
thank you, she said you have handsome hard lines, and I said thank you
from the air While talking to water, he said to me what do
you like in sex, and after having sex with a mature, well-groomed and beautiful woman like you, I
have unlimited sex. My partner said, I’ll do whatever he wants. These conversations
lasted for about 1 week
. really 48
According to an old woman, her face was very beautiful and sweet like her body. 3 days later
she asked if I had a job on Sunday, and when I said I would postpone all my work for you to
Monday, she laughed and said come to lunch on Sunday, so
I said okay, I gave her my mobile number and then she
called me from a private number. We talked at around 11 am on Sunday morning , I ‘ll
call you, I’ll describe the house. I opened a number E good morning dear did you come he said yes I am in front of the pier

When I said, continue from there now, there is this workplace on one of the corners,
turn right from there, look at the balconies on the left, you will see us on the
balcony, he said okay, I said okay, I turned the corner, I
saw them on the balcony, they saw me and waved. I parked my car
in a suitable place and left at the door. E greeted me and Mr. A was
standing behind him. E was dressed in a very sexy dress and officially poured all his perfume
on him
. When he said yes, I said okay and we sat down and I was the only E in front of me and his wife Mr. A was hers.

When they said what we drink next to them, I said it doesn’t matter. I said , “Can we buy 2 double
raki each, he will be a grandfather,” and I drank 3 double raki with the meal, while Mr. A
drank 2 double raki. E preferred to drink beer. When the room
finished 2 bottles of beer,
our meal was over. I said okay and I said will you allow Mr. A. When Mr. A said
, if you don’t mind, I can watch
. said this room, Mr. A left himself
on one of the seats and lit a cigarette. We stood with E.
we started kissing and making love slowly she undresses each other
after i took her off E i was licking her body i was in panties and she was left in
thong and bra I started to lick her cunt with my tongue in it I licked it deeply ohhh she was moaning she was saying you are awesome then I turned her with my hand now her gorgeous hips were right at the tip of my nose I pulled the string of the thong aside and started to lick E’s beautiful gorgeous black hole in the back while E leaning forward a little and separating her hips with both hands

Dana helped me to lick it deeply and violently, then straightened
up, she said take off my thong, I took it off, she bent down in front of me and
started nibbling on my thigh, then she took my
kilo and started sucking to see if I could take it in her mouth. After licking it a little
, I said let’s go to bed, we went to bed and started making love
. We kissed from there I sucked
her earlobes one by one then licked her neck and then I went down to her breasts I sucked those magnificent breasts for a long time I licked
her tips I slightly bit her tips She was groaning she was passing her
arms up and licked her armpits

I was putting it in and licking its deepest part while E was screaming with pleasure ahhhs ohhhs
pulling and ejaculating on the one hand when I got up I realized
that my chin and mustache were wet with E’s cunt juice I reached down here
look these are your
cunt juices I said while kissing I licked my own cunt while kissing him my dick was so soggy I put E
‘s soggy cunt ohhhh he said I took his legs on my shoulder while pumping slowly and
doubled him officially I was
pumping on the one hand, bending down and sucking on his breasts I was kissing his
I will make you experience a pleasure that you have never experienced before
I said how she said I got up I lay down now you sit on it
and get in it but with your back turned to me I said she sat down and took my dick down to the bottom of it now bend down until I
put your head between my feet she’s screaming, she’s screaming, i’ve never had this much pleasure from being fucked, she was saying, my beautiful, where do you want me to ejaculate, she said, pour it all in my man We stayed like that for a while. You ruined me.

He said he didn’t enjoy it while he was getting fucked then E got up, hung up on a paper towel and went to the shower, I wrapped my dick in a paper towel and sat on the chair next to the brain
watching us, Mr. Murat said to me, you really fucked me really well, you melted my wife under him. He said we lit 3 cigarettes a little later, E in his hand He came with an ice cold beer, he sat on the floor in front of me, he lit a cigarette, he put his hand on my dick and you use it very well, believe me, my first husband was bigger than this, I slept with him for years, but he said I never had this pleasure before, so I said this is partly due to your beauty, I said our beers were cut in half When it came, I lifted the E and laid it face down on the bed, in this position, her ass is very

it looked nice, I went and got my beer from the coffee table, I poured it into E’s waist pit , I bent down
, I licked it, he was saying you’re amazing, then I lay on him and licked his
earlobes, I sucked on his neck from there , I licked his neck from there, I came from his
back to his waist, from his waist to his hips . After licking his black hole, I spit on my palm and wet my dick, then I bent his head E I’ve never taken it before, please don’t hurt me from there. Then when I said I need some oil , Mr. A said I’ll bring it, he went and brought a glass of oil from the kitchen so I can lick his hole again until he comes.

I tried to put my finger into the oil you bought from Mr. A and put
my finger on the hole I took out of the oil, I made the oil on my finger flow into the hole
I slowly inserted my finger until halfway E was squeezing
yourself, I said don’t squeeze yourself, I said I’m beautiful I made it
expand a little by moving my finger to the right and left, when I pulled my finger out, the hole
was a little bit open. I took more oil and leaked it through this opening,
I oiled my finger again and inserted it to the root this time I heard
a uhh sound from E when I said it hurt, he said no, please continue, I
was doing my finger back and forth, I was literally screwing the narrow hole of E with my finger
, meanwhile, a slight pleasure in E. he started to take this job, on the one hand I
While it was raining back and forth, I practiced it a lot and
widened the hole, then when I took my finger out, the hole was
open, after pouring some more oil into the hole, I oiled my dick abundantly
and rested his head, but at that time I realized that E was squeezing himself,
so I bent down and
massaged E’s shoulders with my oily hands. I started to do it on the one hand, relax, my beauty, it ‘s going to be okay,
let yourself be loose, trust me, I was saying that E loosened up with the effect of the massage,
at that moment I loaded it and I inserted it halfway ahhh he said I stopped, I
hurt, my love
. doing
I was lying down and massaging her breasts, then I took the oil glass in my hand
and suddenly I took the oil glass in my hand, oiled it and put
it to the root as I put it into the hole ahh ohhhh a mixed sound came from E when I
started pumping slowly E ohhh put it more fuck my ass
smash me first you break my ass he was screaming and
groaning at the same time, his wife A came in front of him and
put his cock in E’s mouth a little later, when A realized that it was going to come out, he took it out of E’s mouth
and started to ejaculate on his back, when I realized that I was coming, I
loaded it again quickly and put my dick in E’s asshole all the way down to its
waist . I grabbed it tight and ejaculated before my mile came out
E was writhing in the deepest part of me, ohhh, I
went straight to the shower while I was taking a shower E came in the room next to me
he washed me with his own hands bent under the water he took it in his mouth and sucked my dick
then he took my dick between his tits he
was taking it back and forth in his mouth then I rinsed and I A brain E also wore his own bathrobe, we went to the living room,
we lit another cigarette, and Mr. A, who took a shower after us,
came to us wrapped in a towel and they both thanked me for this beautiful day, and
I really enjoyed it
because I slept with a mature, well-groomed woman like E. I said E, you can come and fuck me whenever
you want, my young husband even said to you
I’ll even fuck a few horny women around me, my husband said, when I
went to the bedroom to get dressed, E came after me and dressed me with his own hands
. I said if I asked your permission , of course, but we will definitely wait again, he said, believe me, I will definitely come. When we came to the door, E hugged me. We started kissing. At that time, I felt that A. I said no, Mr. A and E no no

You’ll get it, you deserve even more than that, they said you deserved even more than that, even though I said no, if
you don’t get it, you can’t see me again . I opened a number that I don’t know, I said come on, my husband is super, this is my number whenever you want, call me whenever you want me at home, as long as I’m available, I won’t say no to you, my love said take care of yourself too, take care of yourself, believe me, we will see you very often from now on, I said, we closed the wire in my mind The envelope came when I opened the envelope I took out of my pocket.

I saw that it was 500 liras, I didn’t do this job for money, even though I did it because I like mature women
, 500 TL was a short day’s profit
to me, yes, we are meeting with E again as soon as possible . She said that if she fucks well, I will be her slave , by the way, her husband will not know about this job, I said, don’t worry, my love, yes, mature beautiful well-groomed ladies of manisa and izmir, let me fly you too, money is not a problem in your bed, I do this for pleasure.

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