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Hello, I am Tarık, I
would like to write about an incident that happened to me when the schools were closed this year. I have an older sister, Fatma. He is going to university. I am in my
senior year of high school this year. My sister is very sweet, full of life,
loves music and fun.

This year, at the beginning of the holiday, there was a wedding on the site in Eryaman, where we live .
We did our best in the whole wedding organization as it was a family that we talked to closely . All in all it was a very sweet wedding

The wedding night was a blast on the site.. songs, folk songs, halay. So
we did whatever it took to have fun in such an environment. At one point, my mother called me
, my son said, these girls drink like water, be careful with your sister

I stopped by the kitchen for a while. Indeed, the girls were
drinking like a sponge. These included my sister. I approached my sister and
said, “Oh, sister, take it easy, there will be no problem. My sister said to me okay handsome
I will be the only girl standing at the end of the night.

The fun just continued.
After a long time, everyone started to go home slowly . There were guests from out of town.
We have arranged a place to stay for them. By the way, I forgot to fathom.
Finally, when I returned to Fatma, Fatma was in a complete coma. He was so drunk
I can’t explain.

Fatma and I were going to stay at a friend’s
house, as some guests would be staying at our house. I found Fatima to go to my friend’s house, which is right next door
. I said it’s over, let’s go to bed sister. Fatma was like a soul, she was
just playing a drunken comedy. I looked like it wasn’t going to happen, I
hugged Fatima and said come on sister and took her to the next apartment. Fatma was delirious, blind and

On the way to the apartment, Fatma and I hugged each other, it
smelled so sweet that I can’t describe it. A woman, Fatma smelled like sex. Her body aroused me while I was
walking, hugging her so that Fatma could walk without falling .
We entered the apartment and took the elevator, Fatma could
not stand and she was very sweet. I hugged her to stand, her evening
dress, mini skirt, it was so cute.

I slid my hands under her skirt. Fatima didn’t say anything.
I started stroking her hips. He said, “What is the war when you go a little further?”
I said no sister. I’m straightening your skirt. My sister said gibres like haa first.
then he said no, check your hand.

My hands were on his hips when I hugged him. First I
just kept my hands just above her hips. Then I started stroking lightly. Her hips were
very cute and no matter where my fingers went, there was no
negative movement from the fatman. When I got to the seventh floor, I
had to take my hands off the fatman. I made a sudden decision to
direct the elevator back to the first floor. In the second round
, we entered my friend’s house.

When my friend saw fatman’s condition, he
showed us the right bedroom, saying if you want brother to go to bed immediately. I went into the bedroom and laid the fat on it.
My friend and I went to the living room to have a cigarette. Meanwhile, Fatma
started to cough heavily and I went to Fatma. Not tolerating
Fatma’s situation, she took a step from the kitchen and drank a few sips of water from the kitchen,
then she stayed like that. I went back to the living room and finished smoking with my friend
and wished everyone a good night in case there was a need
and went back to Fatmanan.

Then, thinking I had hurriedly put her to bed, I immediately unpacked her, yes, she was
in bed in her wedding dress. I slowly took off his clothes without disturbing him
. Fatma was now on the bed with a thong and a bra.
It was an amazing sight. If a man was not a sister at that moment, he would have
fucked himself in that state. I tried to wake Fatima to ask if she was okay, I tried
so hard, but Fatma was in a leaky state, giving no response,
only occasionally changing her lying position. I tried a little more
, meanwhile she started talking in her sleep.

Okay dear, he was talking like I love you.
I lit a cigarette at Fatma’s head and started watching her. His body was so
sweet. Her hips, which were visible with the freedom of the thong as she turned in the bed, drove
me crazy. I slowly reached up and opened her bra. A short
time later, the bra was left on the bed as she turned on her side, Fatma would now sleep without a bra
, her sweet breasts at the corner of my eyes.

The breasts were beautiful, but I did not dare to lose weight.
I placed a kiss or two on her breasts. There was no movement from Fatma. I gathered all
my courage and took off fatman’s weight. Fatma
was in front of my eyes with her radiant body.
I spent some time with little kisses and caresses . Then I decided to undress.

I undressed and lay down next to Fatma. I stroked him slowly.
Fatma started delirious again. He said some things I didn’t understand.

I lay in the opposite position and started kissing the legs of the fatman. In the meantime
, I put my penis on the lip of the fatman. It was never there.

After throwing a few cowardly and evasive kisses, I gathered myself and
smoked a cigarette. Then I gave my penis to fatman’s hand. It was never there.

I got a little more courage and stuck my penis to the lips of the fatman.
We stayed like that for a long time. Fatma was delirious for a while,
like my sweetheart. I gathered all my courage and said I love you too my love and
touched my penis to your lips. For a while, nothing happened. Then
Fatma Oktay started to say my love. I guess I don’t know her boyfriend,

My love, I’m with you, look, I put
my penis in your mouth again so you can suck it. My sister slowly discovered and took my penis in her mouth.
He crushed a little with his teeth, sucked a little. I made 69 by always saying you are so cute my love
. After a while, my sister started to suck my penis like crazy.
It was obvious that he was used to it. It sucked so well, I can’t tell. I licked his
cunt too. Oktay groaned and ejaculated.

My drunk sister drove me crazy all morning. Now
I have to wait for him to get drunk again to get into it.

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