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It all started on the bus. One day we were returning by bus with him.
I accidentally put my hand on his leg. When I felt that it was not uncomfortable, I did not take my
hand away. And I slowly directed my hand towards between the legs,
it was warm and I liked it very much. Anyway,
we arrived at our destination. We met again the next day at school. And when she saw me she
hugged me so hot.
And he said, “Does it bother you when people touch each other ?” I said no. I was saying that these were very natural
and I was stroking his cheeks with my hand. One
weekend he asked me if he was coming home and if I would help him carry me his luggage
. I said I would gladly carry it.
Anyway, we got on the bus. Again, without thinking, I put my hand on his legs
. But this time I was stroking her legs without hesitation. I was
taking my hand all the way to the right when he took my hand and I
started to caress his arm with my other hand. I reached under the armpit and
started to touch her breasts with one finger. Her breasts gradually hardened, but she didn’t seem to
be bothered at all. Anyway, my other hand was free. I was still
touching her legs. I went over her arm to her breasts and now I
had them in my hand. Since we were on the bus, I was trying to do everything without showing
it. We arrived again, I wish it didn’t end, he said, “You’re so tired,
come home empty-handed, let me offer you something.” I immediately accepted. Home
We went and he said, “Can you take the suitcases to my room when we come in?”
I took out the suitcases and after a while he came in with only his underwear.
And it stuck to my lips. and he took my hand towards his pussy I started playing
and he started to undress me I couldn’t do anything everything was under his
control as soon as I took off my clothes he pushed me to his bed and
started to undress himself then he came
to me and pulled my head as if he wanted me to kiss his body I was touching his breasts with my hand and
also with my tongue i was licking the box he got on me and he started playing with my dick
i was going crazy with pleasure then his sister started taking it in his mouth i
was about to ejaculate i warned him he put it in his mouth he jumped all over him
he was driving the splashes all over him and he was enjoying it very much. He
took his brother’s condom out of the drawer and said he wanted to
put it on. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe it. He pulled me towards him and then
I started sucking on his breasts again, I took him in my lap and he put my dick on himself. It was
warm inside and it started to come and go on me. It was the first time I
was doing such a thing
. A car pulled up to the house and we were trying to pack up as soon as possible
. I got dressed without even removing the condom .

I tried to leave the house as soon as possible, I was very happy

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