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I am a member of one of the prominent families of Erzurum. My name is Burak. We are not a tribe, but considering that we have 6 uncles and 3 aunts, and each of them has at least 5 children, we are not considered a small family. One of the grandfathers was the pasha governor of Erzurum during the Ottoman period, and the other was a kadi. I don’t know how many centuries we have been there and our family knew very well how to make this happen. My great uncle is now the head of the family and the owner of the companies. In other words, he managed a great fortune such as hotels in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, factories in Bursa, animal farms and taxis. First of all, be sure to read the stories of those who cheated on their spouse, cheating sex story .

Although our family does not have a bigoted structure, it is very attached to the traditions. And there is great contention among other family members as well. Almost everyone wants to prove they are alpha and have a little more say in family management. Rumors and quarrels never end. Marriages are usually within the family. When we say family, aunts, aunts and uncles are so abundant that it is a bit confused who is what. Cradle notching is also common in us. Once the children have grown up a little, the elders of the family make it seem like each other, and then no one has a say. The level of education is also high. In this age, all cousins ​​want to be successful in company business because they want to get rid of Erzurum, Istanbul, Izmir and even abroad if possible. The way to do this is to oppress others. We still look out for each other, but against others.

Luckily for me, Pelin fell while she was going to high school 2. He was the nephew of one of the brothers-in-law. I think my uncle is one of my father’s cousins. On a feast day, when we were all gathered at the hotel, first the grandmothers and then the gentlemen made the decision. His family wasn’t very friendly though. They were about to settle in Istanbul at that time and were not very attached to the family. It was passed off with words like kismetse. When I finished high school, he was in the eighth grade at the same college. In those years, I did not show the slightest interest in girls. I was pretty pissed off, actually. I had some feelings and I couldn’t even explain them to myself because I was under so much pressure. As for Pelin, I didn’t care at all.

On the contrary, she was an incredibly cheerful girl who attracted attention in college even at that age. We talked sometimes and we actually got along really well. He said that I was in a very different mind from the other members of the family, and he was constantly making fun of you by saying that I should come without taking it seriously. We were friends. How seriously could we take it at that age? We were half-verbal with him, but I was listening to my friends’ comments about him every day. He should fuck Pelin in his ass, if I put it in his mouth, he’ll lick it badly, for sure he’ll fuck himself in 2 years. I couldn’t even admit to myself that I enjoyed these conversations. Even my seldom hardened penis then hardened immediately and was actually telling me the truth.

With the spring, when the hormones were getting high, Pelin started dating Cavitle. Cavit was 1 year younger than me, but even bigger than me. She was a total bum, she. She drank and smoked. I guessed he even used marijuana, pills or something. If I said anything, maybe he would have beaten me to death. But since he knew my family, he probably couldn’t do anything and had to leave Pelini. One word was enough for my brothers. What did I do? Nothing. I was just watching my future wife from afar. Sometimes they kissed, and I knew very well that Cavit was pinching her in between, touching her everywhere. One day, I saw them sitting in a quiet corner in a park just outside the city reading a novel. They wandered around. I immediately got up from the bench I was on and walked behind the bushes. A few minutes later they got there too.

It was at the same time that they started kissing and Cavitin Pelin started stroking her breasts. He was pacing all over the son of a bitch. Their voices were a little off. At least that’s Cavitin. His voice sounded more masculine, even at that age, in contrast to my miy or thin voice. β€œCome on, you lost the bet, just keep your word. I brought you all the way here, do this,” he was saying. Pelin chuckled. He put his hand on Cavit’s lap for a while. Then came a voice of appreciation and delight from Cavit. Pelin’s head leaned on his lap at the same time. I was stoned at that moment. I was sweating unbelievably. Pelin took it in her mouth just 4-5 meters in front of me. His head was rising and falling in Cavitin’s lap. I was pretty hard.

Three or four minutes later, Cavit pressed my words to his head with both hands. “Ohhh my love, this is great, lick it, baby” I could hear her moan from where I was. Pelin was struggling in her arms. At that moment, I thought of jumping up and saving Pelin. But I couldn’t go. After a very short time, Cavit shouted like an animal and Pelin was smiling when she lifted her head. When I saw the semen flowing from his lips and shining even from afar, I also ejaculated at that moment. It was enough for me to touch it. It wasn’t just a drop or two, as usual. It was pretty sunk in front of me. Pelin wiped her mouth and then they got up and left.

I thought a lot about this moment in the days ahead. I was getting harder every time I thought about it, but it didn’t take long. After a while, I realized that stroking my hips is enjoyable. The day I creamed my finger and played with my hole was two days before the university exams. I was overwhelmed with pleasure. I was under a lot of pressure. My mother, father and even my siblings wanted me to come to a good place in the family. My school was very good. But I didn’t have the slightest greed about it. I already had zero authority. Even cousins ​​who are 1 year older are called brothers, while those 2 years younger than me were even speaking abusively, let alone calling them brother. When my finger got into my hole, my relief at that moment wasn’t just sexual. I understand some things now. I wasn’t too fond of this.

I went to Istanbul for university. Of course, I settled in the house of other cousins ​​who studied there. This was the big rule in the family. It was the red line. In the cities we visit, even in the countries we visit, we go to the family’s hotel, if there is no hotel, we stay with a family member. Otherwise, he would be condemned and ostracized, and therefore his share of the pie would immediately decrease. Cousins ​​who are 1-2 years older than me were spending their days with the girls with the advantage of their financial situation. In the face of my wimpy and shy attitude, they had a lot of fun at first. But then they took my hand and delivered a very high quality escort meat, laughing, saying that your bone is ours.

I couldn’t do it. It never happened. She tried so hard, but I couldn’t even get hard. After that, I tried with another, then another. I was actually stubborn with myself. But I knew it wouldn’t. They didn’t know anything. Of course, I gave a very important part of my pocket money to women as a share of silence. The last girl I went to laughed and licked my hole as if she understood the situation. When his slender finger entered, it hardened and I even managed to insert my 12-13 cm penis afterward. It took like 3 minutes and I could barely ejaculate. It softened immediately afterward. The fact that that girl talked to me, said fuck it, have fun, do whatever you want, or something, woke me up now. Even if we stayed in the same house, they wouldn’t call me following too much in big Istanbul. I started hanging out on the internet. I had sex with a man 3 years after I came here. I didn’t do anal but I took it in my mouth and emptied it. She had already ejaculated while she was admiringly stroking, kissing and licking her not-so-big cock.

Then I was with another one and this time I did it. Maybe I wasn’t going to do it, but the 29-year-old man I met online convinced me. He put it in my mouth as I sat next to each other excitedly on the edge of the bed. He didn’t let me play, kiss and caress, he squeezed my head and made me swallow his sperm. I had to do whatever he said. Then he wasn’t very polite either when he asked me to clean up or when he told me to curl up on the bed. He made me feel like I was under his control.

All I could do was ask him to be slow, that’s all. After fingering my hole for three or five minutes and getting used to it, he fucked me up and down. I immediately ejaculated as I moaned in pain the first time he stabbed. He screwed me into the house all day that they thought me with my girlfriend. For the first time, I ejaculated many times, even more than that, without touching my hand. When I finished university, I went to Poland for 1 year. My position in the family company was determined by my education and the family saw it appropriate. There was no one there. He was just instructed to keep an eye on a distant relative. But I didn’t care for him either. I’ve been with 5 people in 1 year. I wasn’t thinking much about the future, I was just looking at my pleasure. The men I chose were always strong and authoritative. They ejaculated in me 3-4 times during the night. They taught me many things. Last time I tried with a woman, but it didn’t work. A must read for those who cheated on their spouses >

After his return, his military service ended almost immediately. I started working at the company right after. About 2 years later, when Pelin was out of school, news was sent. Her family didn’t seem to want it, I don’t think Pelin wanted it either, but 1 summer house and 1 Mercedes convinced the family, and the kilograms of gold that were gifted convinced Pelin easily. He liked me anyway, and we were promised more easily than I expected. The engagement didn’t last a year. An apartment, a car and a large amount of money were given in the bank on the family estate consisting of 3 apartments. Pelin had me under her control immediately. She was a very cheerful, chirpy girl.

It was incredibly beautiful to see. Her plump hips, which even attracted my attention, and her big breasts, which were evident from her shirt, looked really beautiful. We got on well with him during the engagement. Of course, I didn’t even make the slightest move, but we kissed a few times and even I understood what a hot woman my future wife is. He put his hand in front of me a few times, but I made a joke of it. He had also beheaded his mother-in-law easily with his sweet tongue. The flat was furnished as he wanted, the car he wanted was bought and the wedding was held in Antalya at his request.

Throughout the whole process, I was just saying okay, okay. He did not want to live in the family estate much, but then we had to pay for the house and buy it. And most likely then I would have to find the job myself. We would probably buy the car in 5-10 years. He understood the family structure in a short time. Only he was not a wimp like me. He did not stay silent against the abundant slurs in the family, his answer was often like a slap. It was a normal thing in our family.

I didn’t even realize how that year passed. I only had the wedding night in my mind. I knew I was going to be disgraced. It probably wasn’t a girl, and I wouldn’t have been a boy anyway. I was in a state of not knowing what to do. I was going to make Pelin unhappy. Who knows what dreams he was dreaming, but they would all be destroyed. I was even thinking of taking all the money and running away, but it wouldn’t take them 2 days to find me. Even in the jungles of Africa there was probably one of our relatives or acquaintances.

The wedding was over in 10 minutes. After we went to our room..

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