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Hello, I’m a lady living in Istanbul, my name is semra
. I wanted to tell you about a memory I had 3 years ago… 3 years ago, I went on a holiday to Bodrum with a close friend of mine , we made new friends there. We were having fun at a rock bar
called BBC one day, one of the men said, “Let’s play spin the bottle,” and I already said selçuk. There was a boy I liked very much, if he was going to play, I wouldn’t have been able to play it… First I turned it to my friend named Can, he came to my friend named Can, there was a girl he liked too, I told him to kiss him, even if they had a little murmur , they kissed very passionately Can turned to me he said “I will get my revenge on you ” and grinned Can turned it the bottle came to selcuk, life came to selcuk tonight

He said that you will go to his room with Semra… We stayed, okay, I
wanted him, but was it going to happen right away, then
I saw that the selcuk murmur was swelled up, that was enough to piss me off, and I said okay…
Anyway, after playing for a bit more, we went to my hotel with Selcuk, as soon as we entered the door, Selcuk grabbed my arm and pulled
himself towards himself. he pulled and
stuck to my lips at that moment I thought I had an orgasm, he started to peel me slowly from excitement and he didn’t separate his
lips from my lips …
I put my hand on his pants and opened his way and
started to caress his dick that got out of his boxers oh my god it was so big it was about twenty
centimeters thick and it was thick just first slowly then hard. way
I started to take it in my mouth, Selcuk was moaning with pleasure, then he made me turn on
him and the room started to lick me. We were both
moaning with pleasure. We both ejaculated once, her hot children
gave me more pleasure in my mouth, I swallowed them all. Selcuk lay me down
and he was fucking me like an animal I’ve never had such pleasure in my life
I climbed on top of him I curled up in front of him many times I had an orgasm he
was bursting in my face every time he ejaculated I was drinking his semen I was
dizzy it had started…
We both made love until we were exhausted, and finally fell asleep
the next day, we tried countless fantasies for the next 7 days at the bar
he fucked me everywhere on the beach!!! But the best fantasy we’ve had is
my best friend Zeynebi first fuck in front of me and say it’s your turn and come
to me

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