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I am going to share with you readers of the love-loving sex story. And I continued to enjoy life until our babysitter left work.

First of all, let me briefly introduce myself to you dear readers. My name is Ferhat, I am 4 years old, I am the only boy in the house, my father passed away due to illness years ago, so I did not marry, I dedicated my life to my mother, finally my mother got sick because she was bedridden and she was afraid of me, so I had to take care of my mother. We agreed to hire a widower who was not a widower to take care of my mother, and she would be like a member of our family until she quit her job.

She took her belongings and settled in our house. She was a more conscientious and compassionate lady than our Turkish women. She took care of my mother like a baby. I started. In fact, I would open up to him and tell him that I wanted to live together, after all, I was a widowed woman and I was a single man.

Both of us had desires and wishes, so if he accepted my offer, I was going to increase his salary, after all, his right was too late for us, then I pulled him aside and presented my opinion, he said, why not, you are a widow, you are a widow, your desires and wishes will definitely come true. I said, OK, let’s try, but it won’t cause my job, I said, the relationship we had. No, there will be no reason, I promised you, I would even raise your salary, and he agreed.

After my mother’s care was over, she fell asleep, we took our babysitter to my room and we started making love, then put her on the bed, don’t be shy, everything will be better, I started stroking her breasts saying, I promise you, she hasn’t been in a relationship for a long time because she never left our side, obviously she was very little, she was ashamed and very much. she was eager I started to lick her tits then we slowly peeled off the babysitter’s shyness passed she warmed up to me she took my dick out and put it in her mouth she said what a big dick you have she started sucking and licking her balls madly she even licked me well after licking me

It’s enough, come on, I can’t stand it, and he got off me. I combed her kinky from behind and stuck my dick in her cunt hole, her hair came out like a ponytail. It was almost time for me to go back and forth a few times, I quickly turned him around and ejaculated on his face, he was not only my mother’s babysitter anymore, he was also my woman inside, he was giving it to me at every opportunity, he never turned me down.

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