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Hi Deniz, I’m 29 years old, living in Antalya, not a faculty, working, do n’t be a bit shy ,
sex-loving single person, my home is in Konyaaltı, so I often
go to the sea. I went to the sea on may 19th this year. I went to the sea on may 19th . Around 13:30, a gentleman accompanied by a closed woman and a tall beautiful girl came to the umbrella next to me. I learned the name of the man later, Mr. Fikret, he is 38-40 years old, his face is wrinkled, his face is wrinkled , and he is a quiet man of 175 height, his wife’s name is elif 165, he is 50-55 kg in hijab, with long eyelashes, his very beautiful brunette ass popped out.

a sexy and horny woman with breasts the size of an orange I said to
myself, my son, sea, the woman has a job, I said to myself, elif has a sister, she has a
tall island, brown hair, she is very beautiful, a person who dresses very revealingly for
her underpants.
I was trying to measure her reaction, I
could understand that she was not angry with me. I went to the cafe, wrote my name and TL on a piece of paper , went to the
entrance of the toilet and started to wait. After about 3-5 minutes,
Elif looked at me and pointed with my head. She came to the
went in the room went to the women’s toilet and came out right away to wash your hands
He went to the tap next to me, there was no one, I
said hello, I liked you very much, I said I should get to know you, I said there is tl, I’ll
call you, I said I’ll call you, I left there, swam a little more and left there at around 15:00. I
started to wait for the woman with excitement.
I hardly
convinced her to go to her house in the afternoon, she told me that her husband was going to the hotel to work, and that her brother was going to her
mother, she gave the address, I
came to her house at 21 in the evening and had the money stolen. She went out of the house with garbage and looked around,
she left the door slammed while I was entering, I was told quickly and quietly that she
had a house on 2 floors. I came home at once because of the excitement of being caught and meeting 1
I sweated in minutes as soon as I entered, I clung to her lips, she was
wearing a tight denim skirt, a red scarf tied under her neck, a tight blouse
, she was a very sexy woman, elif lip to lip, we entered the bedroom
, I peeled her off slowly, I started from her feet and licked her pussy like that, the woman ejaculated me 2
times with pleasure I put the cock in her mouth and she licked it with enthusiasm I
started to talk smackly with pleasure I
made her dope after 15-20 minutes of blowjob I took her pussy out like a pumpkin and slowly released my boy
inside her while Elif was screaming of pleasure I started to come and go slowly
then I took her legs on my shoulders and went fast
I started to come, he said, don’t cum inside, I was at the peak of pleasure right away
I took it out and gave it to her mouth with a pleasure I have never had in my life I
squirted in her mouth we showered we washed each other and turned her
on I wanted to fuck her in the ass even though it was hard she accepted I licked her tight ass
well then I made her eat her inside out with shampoo with my finger and slowly inserted my braces my elf’s
tears came from pain
I went all the way and started to cry I went and came 4-5 times I
couldn’t stand it and ejaculated in her tight ass I took my shower and got dressed,
then I fucked her husband suspects something I’m shooting 31 his
sister is very cute I want to fuck her too if you write to your sister we will meet friends , correspondence from Antalya I want
to meet especially married couples
I’m waiting for mail from everyone h thick stay with sex

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